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She's A Dual Angel

She's A Dual Angel

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Caddlih glanced over her shoulders, her hair flowing in the air. She had to think so fast, she was a dual angel. Did she belong to hell or heaven? She couldn't guess, she sighed clasping her hands together. She smiled broadly, she was going to stay in heaven no matter what. Caddlih was a dual angel, a combination of evil and good. Her full name was Caddlihmmicess, which was given to her by her father. Her powers differ from other angels in heaven, she was stronger, energetic and a great warrior. Her life had been based on what she wanted, she hated rules and regulations. She wanted freedom of choice and loved to do whatever she wanted. Other angels knew better than to annoy her, she was a princess of both kingdoms but the thing is. Does she know this? Does she know her identity? Will she always be a good angel of heaven or will her evil side take full control of her? "I don't know what you are talking about, Get the fuck off me you looser." She yelled walking away. She stopped, turning around and she smirked, "I don't need you telling me anything, I'm myself. You should know me, I'm Caddlihmmicess." "I know you're Caddlihmmicess, we need you back home." "And I don't need you dummy." She whispered and walked into the darkness. He glanced at her as she left, even though he wasn't able to shake her through her dreams. He was going to find a way to get to her in person, no matter the cost. "Did you get her?" The question came ringing. He glanced over at the mirror, "No I didn't, she didn't give me time to speak." "Don't worry, come home."

Chapter 1

Getting Punished For Swearing.

She yawned, waking up, the clouds felt so warm and puffy. She glanced round the place, her eyes trailing as far as it could, the heavens were quiet, the place looked deserted.

She sat up dusting some clouds off her body, holding up her hair. She flipped her long, soft wings that glowed most of the time.

"Still asleep, I thought I would not have to wake you up since I didn't want to disturb you." A voice said right beside her.

She glanced at him frowning slightly when she saw his face. He was laying on the clouds with his hands holding his chin, he had a smile on his face and his eyes were gazing at her.

"I was laying here and you could have woken me up." She grumbled.

"I could have but you also warned me not to disturb you whenever you sleep."

"I said that Osciaer." She said standing up.

He smiled at her, "Well it's all in the past now Caddlih, remember there is a Moljin going on now. We should be there, we are already late because you were sleeping and dreaming."

"Amn't dreaming." She replied almost immediately.

She flapped her wings again, the wings hit Osciaer's face who yelped immediately.

"Hey! I don't want to get hit okay." He ranted rolling his eyes.

She bent down to face him, she had forgotten about the Moljin. The Moljin was a meeting between the guardian angels and warriors.

Seems there was something they had to protect from the dark angels, she smiled it was easy to secure it as long as she was here.

"We have to go now unless we will be late." Osciaer said.

"Get your dried up ass up and let's go." She replied, flapping her wings at his face again.

She laughed when he flew up almost immediately, she raised her head staring at him as he descended landing on his foot.

She stood up and stood beside him, he glanced at her with an odd look on her face. She knew that look, he was going to scold her for something now.

"How many times do I have to tell you Angels don't swear?" He asked.

She smiled, "Well I don't know why the goddamn word comes out of my lips."

He glared at her, her eyes met him. She stopped smiling.

"Well I don't know why the words pop out of my lips." She corrected.

Osciaer seemed satisfied she had corrected the statement, they were already walking towards the hall of the Moljin.

"I wonder what they want us to protect." She said slowly gazing at Osciaer who was looking forward to the path.

"I guess a person, a gem or even something that would harm a lot of people."

"A gem would be better to protect."

He glanced at her, "I won't like to protect a gem so you won't go saying you want it,

that it would totally make a cute necklace."

She smiled at him before answering, "Those gems are so cute, cuter than anything else."

Osciaer rubbed his hair softly, he licked his lips.

"Have you seen something really cute?" He asked her.

"Me?" She asked, looking confused.

He gave her a look that said yeah I am talking to you.

"I already saw something cute everytime I look down the clouds, there are things really cute that you haven't seen too Osciaer."

"Impressive." He nodded.

They reached the hall, Caddlih glanced down. They had to use their wings now, other angels had gathered around waiting for Angel Meiguael to come give them the orders and plans.

Her eyes trailed towards the chair on the stage, it was Angel Gaebreeal sitting there. She sighed, he was going to give her the hardest tasks because she swears a lot.

She frowned when Gaebreeal's head turned and he met her gaze.

"We have to go in now." Osciaer told her.

She was still gazing at Gaebreeal whose lips curled into a smile, she couldn't help but scoff. 'Why was he smiling?' She thought. He was probably thinking of a way to punish her again.

She wished Meiguael would show up soon and give everyone their tasks. She smiled as she was not going to try not to swear in the hall.

She turned, nodding at Osciaer, and they both flew into the hall. Immediately they got there, her half wings began glowing black. Osciaer noticed it earlier and shielded it with his wings.

Caddlih sighed in relief, no one had seen her wings glow black. She was safe all thanks to Osciaer.

Her wings do that whenever there was a huge task coming before her, she guessed this task was going to be hard.

Her wings took back their normal color, Osciaer stepped away from her.

"What's going on?" Gaebreeal asked, standing up.

"Nothing." She replied.

Osciaer glared at her, "You don't lie to Angel Gaebreeal."

She pushed him away, "He's a jerk and he knows it, I cannot believe a dick…" She trailed off closing her mouth.

She had swore again and Gaebreeal heard her, she glanced at Gaebreeal who stood smiling at her. She stopped covering her mouth, whatever her task was she was going to get it completed.

"How could you swear again?" Osciaer whispered.

"I didn't do it on purpose." She defended.

"Angel Caddlih come with me, you will be given a different task to complete and failure to do so. I won't tell you what will happen next." Angel Gaebreeal said.

Caddlih and Osciaer glanced at each other speechlessly. Osciaer nudged her shoulders, whispering it was going to be an easy task.

Caddlih stared at Gaebreeal, "Okay, I'm coming with you even though I don't wanna."

She pushed Gaebreeal aside and began walking towards the room where Meiguael was.

Gaebreeal watched her go, he turned to face Osciaer who was still staring at Caddlih.

"You do keep bad company Osciaer, I wonder why you haven't influenced her or she haven't influenced you."

Osciaer glanced at the other angels, they were all sitting and minding their own business. Some of them were scribbling something on a sheet of paper, others talking to each other.

"Caddlih isn't a bad influence, she swears because she has it in her blood. It's not like she did it on purpose." Osciaer said trying to defend her.

Gaebreeal smirked, "I will wait for a day I will hear you swear."

With that he turned leaving Osciaer who pondered on what task was going to be given to Caddlih.

Caddlih took a seat in front of Meiguael who was glancing at her like she had so many stains on her face.

"What brings you here?" He asked.

She ignored him, refusing to answer, there was no way she was going to answer for Gaebreeal. She was going to keep quiet until he had showed up, and she began playing with her fingers to keep herself busy.

Meiguael repeated the same question which she didn't respond to either.

"You are always stubborn, aren't you?" He asked.

"You already know, why ask?" She responded not sparing him a glance.

He took a deep breath looking indifferent, he had known Caddlih since they were little. She should have been in their position also but she never wanted it.

"Just to be sure." He replied.

Seeing she made no reaction he decided to continue talking.

"Did Gaebreeal send you here?"

"Yeah." She responded in a low voice. "He sent me her for swearing at him."


She stared at him, she placed her fingers on the table and began drumming with them.

"Like if I care, sending me here won't stop me from swearing." She said, smiling a little bit.

Meiguael couldn't believe she was going to swear again and he was sure she was going to swear at him.

"What did you say to him?"

She looked away from him, she removed her hands from the table and placed them on her thigh instead.

"Maybe I called him a jerk and a dickhead." She answered. "But I swear I didn't mean…" she paused, looking at him again.

"You meant it right?"

"I did mean it." She said with a sigh. "Can't you see he always finds a way to punish me or give me a hard task all the time." She continued raising her voice.

Meiguael chuckled, he looked away from her. His gaze landing on a diamond laying on the high table, her gaze also followed him too.

"Does Gaebreeal do that?" He asked even though he knew it.

"You don't notice it? You must be…" She trailed off when she realized she was going to insult him.

She looked back at her finger, she was going to get herself into trouble with her mouth.

"I'm dumb?" Meiguael laughed softly.

She nodded, "Yeah you already said it yourself."

She glanced back at the diamond again then back to him.

"I haven't seen it here before, what is it?" She asked curiously.

"We got it yesterday." He answered.

"But I was here yesterday." She muttered.

"It's a precious diamond, I'm not the one to tell you the answer." He responded warily.

Chapter 2

Caddlih twirled her hair with her fingers, she looked down at her fingers before looking back at him.

"If you don't tell me, who would?"

She stared at him for answers but seeing he wasn't going to give her one. She couldn't ask anymore.

"What's the task you are going to give us? What are we going to protect this time?"

Meiguael took out a folder, he scribbled something on it. She watched him as he wrote, she wondered how it was going to look like.

She glanced at the door, she was expecting to see Gaebreeal but he wasn't there.

"You all are going to protect a magic ancient staff."

"Ancient staff? How much magic does it hold?" She wiggled her hands creating a big beautiful butterfly.

Meiguael was done scribbling, he handed the folder to her. She collected it with her left hand, the butterfly she had created was resting on her nose.

When she opened the folder, there


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