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Caddlih glanced over her shoulders, her hair flowing in the air. She had to think so fast, she was a dual angel. Did she belong to hell or heaven? She couldn't guess, she sighed clasping her hands together. She smiled broadly, she was going to stay in heaven no matter what. Caddlih was a dual angel, a combination of evil and good. Her full name was Caddlihmmicess, which was given to her by her father. Her powers differ from other angels in heaven, she was stronger, energetic and a great warrior. Her life had been based on what she wanted, she hated rules and regulations. She wanted freedom of choice and loved to do whatever she wanted. Other angels knew better than to annoy her, she was a princess of both kingdoms but the thing is. Does she know this? Does she know her identity? Will she always be a good angel of heaven or will her evil side take full control of her? "I don't know what you are talking about, Get the f*ck off me you looser." She yelled walking away. She stopped, turning around and she smirked, "I don't need you telling me anything, I'm myself. You should know me, I'm Caddlihmmicess." "I know you're Caddlihmmicess, we need you back home." "And I don't need you dummy." She whispered and walked into the darkness. He glanced at her as she left, even though he wasn't able to shake her through her dreams. He was going to find a way to get to her in person, no matter the cost. "Did you get her?" The question came ringing. He glanced over at the mirror, "No I didn't, she didn't give me time to speak." "Don't worry, come home."


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