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Royal Chess

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The goddess Selene created Queen Aliya with the purpose of becoming King Ethan's partner. Aliya's growth was delayed until her 18th birthday since she was promised to Ethan from the moment of her creation. Together, they were destined to rule the supernatural world with strength and grace, bringing prosperity to all under their reign. However, Ethan fell in love with Aliya and couldn't wait for her to turn 18, despite the promise he had made. He tried to suppress his feelings, fearing they would weaken him around Aliya. One day, he heard a small heartbeat that drove him crazy. He tried to ignore it, but after three days, he decided to follow the sound that led him to a nursery room in a castle. Ethan promised himself to stay away from Aliya and only visit her every day without being seen until she grew into a beautiful young woman. However, when Aliya was only 17 years old, Ethan accidentally revealed himself to her. Aliya confessed her love for him, but Ethan knew he couldn't let it stand and had to confront her. It was then that Ethan realized he had fallen in love with the woman created for him. Despite not wanting to wait, Ethan's love for Aliya grew stronger, and Aliya eventually got pregnant. Little did they know, this was all that the Dark One wanted. He wanted Aliya to bear a child who would be his future queen, and they would rule the underworld with their dark army.



Review after half of the novel

Love this story. And how the character being described is amazing. What I like about the story it keeps you on your toes. It is not just like any boring live story, there is action and drama. I would give it a 10. Because I could feel the characters emotions in this story. And how long you read this story, you began to grow with the characters. Like Aliya, in the beginning was she just a normal teenage but more I read about her, I found out she is very strong. And Ethan is so romantic. I want a person like Ethan. His character in the story is so amazing. I love this story and cannot wait to see what happen to Aliya and Ethan. ❤️

May 18, 2024

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