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Raze Zyler is a famous assassin in the human world, who incidentally reincarnated to the world of immortals as a son of the royal family that ruled the world where he was reborn. He thought he'll gonna experience a tough life, but they're lovely. They accepted him and help him to become powerful as they are. Until it changed one day, his parents force him to come to another world. He meet a lot of people and became friends with noble ones. Got betrayed. Lose important persons. When he wanted to leave, he can't come back to her world. Despite having a hard time, Raze continued living in Deivuera World. Every century, he changes his name to cover his identity. Later, he encountered the king of the Norem Kingdom, who become a bridge to achieve his goal to become an official adventurer. Under his consciousness, Raze becomes the greatest tamer. He tamed the devil, whom he named 'Seji,' slimes, moonlight wolves, elves, and even the rarest skyzar dragon. And the new guardian of the Forbidden Land, but change into 'Zyber Land.' Even though Raze hides his true abilities, and live as a normal adventurer, problems arise. Foes looking for the tamer and kingdoms seeking the Zyber Land. Can Raze protect the land till the end?

Chapter 1: Appearance Of The Ageless

"Don't ever show your face in front of the king, understand?" The manager of this orphanage had a warning word while still poking my forehead with his left index finger.

I didn't speak. I just kept staring at him and glanced at the children I was in this place. The intense excitement was evident on their faces.

All of them want to get out of this orphanage. I won't wonder why they don't like this orphanage. Just by the tone of his commanding voice, things were not going well inside.

But I know that the person who comes today will only take one. So even if this skinny old fat man doesn't tell me, I won't show up. Because I don't want to leave my companions with the administrators of this orphanage.

Even though I can take them out of this asylum. It's just that I have no knowledge of the kingdom that was brought to me. All I can do is help them with difficult tasks.

"Mr. Yang, the king of the Kingdom of Norem is here!" I heard Madre Dorie scream as she ran to where we were.

So I noticed this skinny fat old man looking at me again and then I felt the rough soil with small stones on my back. It hurts. Only then did I realize that he pushed me away.

He gave me an evil look and gave me another warning expression before he walked away to go outside the gate to meet the emperor's arrival.

I stood up slowly from my crouch on the ground. My eyes turned to the large tree to my left. Its leaves are fertile. Even though I was far from where they were, the outside of the orphanage was still a sight to behold.

I didn't think twice, I climbed this tall tree without making a sound so that no one would notice that I was up there.

When I had obtained a proper position, I sheltered myself from this branch with many leaves, and only my eyes could be seen.

I saw how the king gently disembark into his elegant carriage. He was wearing a luxurious outfit for a royal like himself. But its color is blue. Unlike others whose fabric is red or black.

He's not wearing a crown which is usually seen on the kings of every palace. He is holding his thick blue robe in his left arm.

He has two companions on his left and right side. They were wearing a white tuxedos, even the necktie is also white. The one on the right holds the task folder. And the left one has a weapon on his waist. A sword, exactly.

"Are these all the children in your orphanage? Do you have anyone that you hide?" Serious opening of the man holding the folder while observing the environment and even inside the gate.

I noticed the shaking of the two nuns and two assistants, together with the person in charge of them, who warned me a while ago. A sign that they are not hiding anything even though they are.

'Deceptive,' I said to myself. I watched the children introduce themselves to the king one by one. It was obvious to their face that they were very embarrassed, unlike a short time ago when they were eager to meet the emperor.

It is also noticeable that the king does not seem to have an interest in my colleagues who are more than ten. He even turned to the left where the holder of the task folder was and said something that stopped everyone. Except for me which I couldn't hear because he said it in a low tone of voice.

But I know what it means...

He didn't choose anyone.

"E-eh... b-but, King Morzen, keep an eye on the children. Maybe they have what you're looking for, they're just shy and that's why they are—" Fatty Old Man immediately answered, rather loudly.

He even approached the youths but he was behind and simply pinched their flankers. Those in front can't see that but because I'm on top of the tree, I can clearly see the violence it's doing to my colleagues. They wanted to wince but they couldn't because they knew what would happen to them when the guests disappeared in front of them.

I can take the lives of these people, otherwise, I'm not allowed to get involved in the problems of this world. I'm just socializing.

"It's the King's decision, Mr. Yang. That's why we need to say our farewell." The seriousness on that man's face still didn't disappear before closing the task folder that had been open earlier.

They walked first to open the carriage door for the king. While the king caught a glimpse of where I was. I immediately averted my eyes from this leaf to hide.

But I don't even feel any trembling in my chest. Only surprised because of its sudden turning.

I knew that the king would immediately know that someone was watching them. Especially I felt the strong mana coming from him. That was no longer surprising to the king of the Norem Kingdom. So it is impossible to make a problem if there is a big obstacle in the middle.

I stayed in that position for a few minutes before I heard the king's carriage driving away. So I quickly came down from the tree to go to where my colleagues were.


"Tsk. The h*ll's with that man." I snorted in disgust after I got up from the ground and started to walk.

The white long t-shirt I was wearing was very dirty, it was even taken from the jar of the nun's dead brother in that orphanage. It was so long that it reached my feet. It also has holes because of wearing it for a long time.

I turned my back again. I still don't lose sight of the orphanage.

"What are you doing on this night?" Asked someone with a tone of authority. He was a man because of the voice I heard.

I quickly turned my eyes to the front and saw the king who went this morning to the orphanage.

'I thought he had left? Why is he here?'

"Aren't you the one I should be asking that? What are you going to do at the orphanage?" I asked him back.

"Aren't you afraid of me?"

"..." I didn't answer his question. I just kept staring at his serious face with amazement but his expression didn't show it. It's only in his eyes.

"What's your name?"

"Raze Zyler."

"Do you want me to adopt you?" He suggested then raised his right palm in front of me but not that high. Only up to my head.

"L-Lord..." His assistant to his left snorted in disbelief.

It is obvious that he wants to stop the king but cannot because he is afraid of what is in front of him. It even turned to me and carefully observed my entire being. That's why I stared at the king even more intently.

"What's with this child?" He murmured. But I can hear it and maybe the king too.

"No. I can live myself without the help of anyone. I don't like owing myself to someone." I answered directly without taking my eyes off the king.

I could feel my neck stiffening from looking up. But I still don't stop what I'm doing.

"How can you save the kids in the orphanage? Once you become my son, you can have all you want. The freedom of them, of you, and power to rule everyone." It convinced me.

What he offered was not bad. He's also the king of this place so it's easy to help those kids. Then this is a chance too! Yet, I don't want to become the next ruler of this kingdom. Becoming a king is the biggest mistake of your life.


"You're dangerous. I don't like ruling someone. If I become your son, can you promise one thing?" I noticed a strange smile on the king's lips when I said that.

He even turned to his assistant who was now just shaking his head at me. Maybe it thinks that I'm crazy to accept the king's offer. But I don't have any choice.

I need to earn this king's trust so that when the day comes I can use his skills as well. I know I can get a lot of help from him.

"Sure thing. What is it, Raze?"

"When I reach my teenage period, never interfere with my business."

As if.

"What business?" He asked.

"Going to the Kingdom of X," I answered.

"Why?" I can sense the exasperation in his words.

I remembered how angry the king of the Norem Kingdom on that realm, because of the rumors that his citizens were being killed. Therefore, he ordered to forbid all entry and exit of people who do not belong to this kingdom.

The former Kingdom of Norem who could freely enter and leave has been replaced. This became the Forbidden Kingdom. Once you sneak in, a threat will follow you.

"BECAUSE I WANT TO BECOME AN ADVENTURER!" I have a determined response. I clenched my right fist which was already raised to convey what I wanted.

Chapter 2: The Norem's Palace And The Traitor

"How old are you?"

"I don't know." Raze shrugged his shoulders at the king's question because even he had no idea how old he was.

When his age reached 100, he decided to stop counting. For him, no matter how many times he counts his age, he will still not die.

His status as a youngster is his sole issue.

Even after several years of residing in this world, he has not yet developed. Every kingdom he visits requires him to adopt a new name.

However, he has only visited three of the world's five kingdoms. He was now in the Norem Kingdom, and all that remained was the X Kingdom, which housed the long-standing Guild Houses.

When Raze said what he did, the king turned his attention away from him. If he knew his age, he wouldn't assume that he didn't. Why couldn't the youngster recall anything, the monarch pondered. Raze is probably six or seven years old, judging by his appearance and stature, and we can


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