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QUICK TRANSMIGRATION: The Grim Reaper's Mission

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Pearl
  • Chapters: 99
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 563
  • 7.5
  • 💬 3


After being imprisoned in the dark tunnel for 500 years. Rose Blair, a grim reaper was sent out on a mission against her will to find the Soul fragment of the lord god, which was scattered in different worlds. With the help of her system she went through different worlds so as not to be annihilated. But the problem is why does the invincible lord god keep chasing her around, professing his love in every world. First World- You belong to me and no one else Second World- You dare to run away from me! Third world- I will tie you to my side and make sure you never leave Several worlds past by as She and the lord god experienced times together, But then will every world go without obstacles from those trying their best to stop god from awakening? Or will the law of heaven let them be Together? How will Rose Blair get her revenge against those that caused her to be imprisoned in the dark tunnel of 500 years? But what if the identity she knows now isn't really who she thinks she is? Will the love continue and will they be able to overcome all odds!?


The realms which has always been lively suddenly had a solemn atmosphere. The clouds which has always been busty and rusty with children was empty.

The Six main Elders of the heaven who are known as God's closest subordinates that always sit in the high place and watches over the whole heaven has been in a closed meeting for the last six days

But feel inside a very dark place where no one knows a Figure sat there lazily with her eyes closed.

Her Red Hair draped in her back and rested on the floor behind her.

A few chains which looked ordinary but powerful were tied to her hand and her legs. Most importantly her neck.

It is obvious that she is imprisoned but even so her temperament didn't make her look that way

The place that was filled with peace and tranquility was suddenly disrupted by another presence.

Rose Blair opened her eyes Sharply the moment she felt the presence and closed it when she saw who it was.

"For what do I owe this Visit, First Elder?" She muttered and moved her legs a little bit to change her sitting position to a more comfortable way.

"You were summoned go the six halls, why did you ignore the summons of the Six Elders?" The first Elder asked as he released a full pressure towards her.

Rose Blair's face turned pale immediately but she didn't want to succumb by any means.

"The Six Elders are God's closest subordinates and I don't have any business with any of them" She stated their differences with one sentence.

"You know the consequences of disobeying the orders of the elders" His voice carried a trace of killing intent.

"I've experienced so much punishment, I don't think adding another one would make a big difference"

"Your resistance isn't necessary " He waved his hand switching on the teleportation array.

Rose Opened her eyes and looked at him coldly, but the First Elder ignored her and took her by the chains into the teleportation array.

The both of them appeared again in a magnificent Palace.

Rose Blair didn't even bother to look around the palace instead she stared at the six persons in front if her.

The first Elder has already let go of her and is seated in the throne.

Rose scanned everyone of their faces as her eyes gradually stopped on the throne which is not occupied.

It looked more exquisite and pure than the throne occupied by the six Elders, and most importantly it's in a place where no one can ever reach.

"Grim Reaper Rose!" A voice sounded through out the whole palace filled with endless pressure.

Everyone was unaffected except from her, causing her to spit out a mouthful of Blue Blood

"Does the Second Elder derive joy in humiliating me?" Rose raised her head from where she knelt and looked at the man dressed in an overall green apparel.

"You dare not salute the Elders when you see them" He stated her crimes but Rose only chuckled

"Maybe, Second Elder does not understand the fact that I don't care. I'm already a person with a grave sin, so why should I care about provoking one more person or receiving more punishment" She stated her stand.

The second Elder wanted to say something but the first Elder help him and stopped him from acting rashly.

They couldn't provoke her, After all...

"We summoned you here for a reason" The Fourth Elder who seemed more mature than the others stated their reasons.

Rose Blair looked at the fourth Elder dressed in a purple apparel and glanced at the other Elders

It is really known that the Elders are the most Handsome men in heaven but why wasn't God placed in that rank.

Because he has never shown his face to anyone he is always on a sliver mask.

So the Angels, and the smaller gods could only think about the Elders whose beauty they say can share the entire world if shone

"Not Interested" Rose didn't even bother to ask what the purpose of calling her was.

"You haven't listened to us yet" The Third Elder felt headache.

"It's never a good thing!"She said lazily but suddenly the chains on her body broke.

"You are free!" The fourth Elder announced before Rose could even react.

"I never asked to be freed" She didn't know what the six Elders were playing but she knows that it is never a good thing.

"I told you guys she is not the best choice, See she never follows common sense" The Sixth Elder who dressed in a striking Pink apparel and the most childish one didn't hesitate to say the things that were in his mind.

"Shut up" The Second Elder reprimanded him.

"What plan does the Elders have for me" Rose raised her head and asked.

"God fell asleep and his souls is scattered amongst the small worlds" The first Elder explained the situation to her.

"Oh~" Rose reacted in a way they didn't expect.

"Oh?" The sixth elder looked at her bewildered.

"Grim Reaper, we are talking about God" He felt the need to remind her.

"I don't care about whatever happens to him or don't you understand my reaction " She said coldly to him leaving the Sixth Elder speechless

"You have been chosen to go to the small worlds and find the soul fragments of God" The first Elder told her the mission while waiting for her reaction.

Rose Blair stood up as her legs wobbler but she stood up straight in seconds.

"Firstly, I want to tell you all that I'm grateful for setting me free.

Secondly, I as a grim reaper would go back to my post and continue my job.

Thirdly, I don't give a fuck of whatever is happening to god"

"Grim Reaper, you are not allowed to cuss in the palace " The second Elder reprimanded.

"Whatever " She mouthed and turned to leave but suddenly her body was bound with a chain making her unable to leave.

"Grim Reaper Rose, This is your mission you are not allowed to reject it. Accepting it guarantees your freedom." The Third Elder dressed in a blue apparel suddenly spoke.

His voice was gentle and could make anyone listen to him but unfortunately the person is Rose Blair.

"I never asked for freedom... Why me?" Rose felt like there was a need to ask this question. After what happened 500 years ago she didn't expect anything from this realm.

"Because you have the purest heart in the whole Heaven" The third Elder said causing her to raise her head.


"Yes, which shows that your mind has never been corrupted" The Third Elder explained.

"Then what about what happened 500 years ago! and what about the most gentle goddess of light" Rose felt ironic

"You can prove your innocence" The Third Elder threw the olive branch at her but the other party didn't want to catch it at all.

"Thank you but I pass" Rose muttered lifelessly. She couldn't help thinking of the bad Memories.

"I can only ask the elders to return me to the dungeon" She said lightly.

They all looked at each other helplessly and didn't expect that none of the things they said moved her or even made her change her mind.

They didn't know what else to say so as to convince her.

"If you don't agree, you will disappear from the world, even the soul will be destroyed " The fifth Elders who has never Saud anything threatened.

Rose looked at the man in a black Apparel.

"Go on, I'm tired it everything" She raised her chin at him.

"Then I have no other option" He said and waved his hand.

The other Elders tried to stop him but it was already too late as Rose was swallowed up by the Black hole.

Author's note: The female protagonist will go through different worlds, The male protagonist is only one but with different identities because of the different worlds.

And there will be several Arcs and Worlds.


When Rose Blair opened her eyes again, she found herself in a strange room with exquisite and beautiful furnitures. The the pink design in the room almost blinded her.

"Host you are awake." A tender and soft voice sounded in her head.

"Who are you?" She asked vigilantly.

"I am AI3, The six Elders sent me to accompany you on your mission to every world" The tender voice said as Rode suddenly recalled.

Those Despicable elders actually sent her here despite all her protest again.

"Host, Should I transfer the world plot and memory to you?" AI3 asked cautiously as he detected that her mood was bad

"Not interested" Rose Blair replied simply and lay in the bed which seemed Strange but very soft.

"If you don't have the plot, you would fail the mission!" AI3 yelled anxiously.

"Oh~" Rose replied him lightly and drifted off into her sleep.

The system felt his code ri


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