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Prince Of Pirate : Journey Of Revenge

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Kenway is a prince of the Sun Kingdom After the death of his parents, he leaves the kingdom and goes on a long journey to find his parents' killer. During his journey, he gets information about the identity of the killer. Based on this information, the killer of the King and Queen of the Sun kingdom is on a mysterious island called Skull Island. Since Kenway really wanted to get his revenge, he decided to sneak onto a pirate ship and hide his true identity in order to sail the vast ocean with the pirates. The ocean was vast, there were many unexpected things in the middle of the sea, and together with the pirates, Kenway faced the dangers that threatened them. But after reaching his destination, the throne was taken from his sister. This led Kenway to return to the kingdom to reclaim the throne.

Chapter 1 Sun Kingdom

The roof of the palace looked shiny in the sunlight that had just risen. The chirping of the birds around sounded melodious as if enlivening the morning atmosphere with enthusiasm. The large royal wooden gate began to open slowly after two soldiers pushed both sides of the door with all their might. Once the gate was fully open, the two soldiers stood proudly on the left and right sides of the gate, performing their duties as the gatekeepers of the Sun Kingdom.

Horse caretakers hurriedly transported the feed that would be served to the hundreds of horses lined up in neat rows in the stable. The horses in the stable gobbled up their food as soon as the caretaker placed the feed in a nearby container. "Eat a lot, so that you become a reliable horse." One of the caretakers said this while stroking the horse's head. Some of the other caretakers did the same, talking to the horses affectionately, as if they could understand each other. Some didn't really care about the horse they were feeding and chose not to pay any attention to the horse.

Soldiers were seen practicing on the grassland at the north, next to the royal library building.

They were eagerly swinging their swords at each other to test their partners' skills. The sound of dozens of clashing swords mixed with the shouts of enthusiasm of the soldiers sounded quite loud in the cool grassland.

A commander walked among the soldiers who were busy practicing. His stride was steady, his eyes glancing around, scanning the surroundings for his eager men. Often he would stop his steps to correct a move that didn't seem right to him, or to give them feedback on a move he knew. "You can swing your swords lower, aim for the lower body if there is a gap." The commander said to the two soldiers nearby, then continued walking again after receiving nods from them.

Meanwhile, at the royal altar of the Sun Kingdom, King Joel and Queen Veronica were sitting next to each other on their respective thrones, waiting for a report that they would receive this morning from the advisors.

"Are our children awake this early?" The king suddenly asked the queen sitting next to him.

"Of course they are," The Queen then sighed in surprise, she looked at her husband with a frown on her forehead.

The King and Queen of the Sun Kingdom were blessed with twins, a boy and a girl. The boy was seventeen, while his sister was sixteen, a year older than her brother. The boy was named Kenway and the girl was named Sarah.

Kenway was taught by his mother to be a master swordsman. Almost every afternoon he practiced with the commander of the royal soldiers. He often received special training portions from the Soldier Commander on his mother's orders. Although still young, Kenway's fighting skills were on the same level as adults.

Then Sarah, learned a lot about strategy. She is often invited by her mother to go to the annual royal meeting so that Sarah is familiar with such situations. She also often took notes on what things were discussed at the meeting table. Sarah was also invited to come to a meeting that discussed the strategy of liberating the people of the Sun kingdom who were captured by the enemy, and there she also ventured to try to provide a strategy that she thought of, Sarah was allowed to convey ideas and ideas of plans that she thought of herself in an important meeting to risk people's lives. Sarah is full of authority despite her youth.

"So, where are they, when walking through the corridor earlier I didn't see them at all. Usually this early in the morning they would be seen over there."

"According to the schedule I made, this morning they must be busy reading books in the library." The Queen replied.

The king is very busy with his activities, ranging from signing documents, attending invitations from other kings, inspecting development in the regions, providing assistance to the poor, and hearing the complaints of the people and so on. So it's only natural that he doesn't pay much attention to his children.

Unlike the queen who is not so busy in the palace. Rather than doing less and staying idle, the queen chooses to educate her own children.

Meanwhile in the peaceful library, the twin children of the king and queen of the Sun Kingdom were busy with their own activities.

Sarah sitting on one of the benches, struggling to understand the book she was reading. "This book is too difficult to understand, I've read it over and over again but still don't understand the content." Sarah who was sitting on a chair while reading a book muttered. "Hmm... I think I need another reference book." She continued, then moved to one of the bookshelves among the dozens of other bookshelves in the royal private library.

While Kenway seemed to be sitting on the window ledge, looking out over the nearby green meadow, he gazed at the soldiers who were still busy practicing. Kenway focused on watching them, while studying every movement of the sword techniques that the soldiers were demonstrating.

The library is located within the Sun kingdom, the building is to the north adjacent to the meadow where the soldiers train. The library has an area of about 1.5 hectares with a built-up area of 20,000 square meters. There are thousands to hundreds of thousands of book titles, a small garden in the center, and several private rooms for readers. The air circulation from the top of the library is very good, making the entire spacious room cool.

There were also about six servants ready to serve Kenway and Sarah if they both needed food or anything else.

Over time, Kenway felt bored with what he was doing, he was tired of just sitting at the window watching the soldiers train. His hands itched, wanting to hold a sword and swing it at something, or even swing it at someone. He really wanted to join the soldiers in sword practice, but it wasn't time yet. The mother had instructed him and Sarah to learn about war strategy and politics from some books in the library. Since this morning, Kenway had actually learned about grille attack strategies from a book, he also had a good understanding of the things he learned, but still he could not leave the library because of his mother's order for the two of them to study there for two hours, while it had only been an hour since Sarah and Kenway entered the library.

Kenway was restless because he had been holding back his desire to practice swordplay, pacing by the window wishing that time would go faster. He really wanted to get out of the library and join the training.

Sarah who was sitting quietly reading a book was suddenly distracted when she saw her brother pacing by the window, to her it was quite a strange sight.

Chapter 2 Invitation

"Weird, why is he pacing around like that? What a waste of energy." Sarah said as she watched her brother who kept pacing near the window.

"He's supposed to be reading a book, learning about war strategies, it's not time to rest yet. Did he find the material difficult to learn? That's why it made him pacing like that?" Sarah was still muttering, looking at her brother who was still pacing incoherently.

Moments later, Kenway realized that he was being watched by Sarah. But he chose not to pay much attention to her and kept pacing back and forth because he was anxious to get out of the library room that he was getting sick of.

Kenway couldn't take it anymore, so without saying a word, he opened a nearby window and took a few steps away.

"Prince, what are you doing?"The nearby servants were puzzled as they seen Kenway walking backwards, as if taking a position.

Kenway just looked at the servant silently. He


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