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Persephone: Leonidas' Domina

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Leonidas Aetos is the future ruler of his realm, and as such, he is supposed to be a tough and domineering man but for some reason, he enjoys staying in his room and reading a book or having his cat in his arms which are not seen typical for a man. So he planned to hide for the rest of his life so no one would know the truth, but all of his plans at doing so is thrown into the wind when a certain woman appears into his life and threatens to rip his whole world apart while also promising to show him how powerful love can really be. Should he ignore the strong attraction he feels for her and do as duty commands him or fall deep into a hole that will lead him both to heaven and hell?


"What are you doing?"

Leonidas had his eyes on her as he knelt, sweat creasing his forehead to show he was unsure of this, but his body was not fighting.

Kneel to her, bow, she can save you, she can redeem you.

Her hazel eyes stared daggers at him, and though it brought fear into him, it also brought a sort of pleasure that he only got from pain.

It made shivers run up his spine, up to his Forbidden tattoo.

She might not be the one, if this goes wrong and she rejects you, you will be an Outcast, your Father will disown you Leonidas, you will be everything less than a man.

Leonidas still felt his body go on both knees, his head hung low as he stared at her feet, feet he desperately wanted to worship "I am Leonidas, son of Dimitris Aetos, and I ask that you accept me as your Submissus, and you, my Domina."

He was met with silence, but he could also hear his heart, pounding and scared, pitiful and weak.

He could hear the gods laugh and jeer at him, being their usual sarcastic and yet playful self.

Yet, when he felt her hand dive into his hair, as if massaging and a small moan escaped his lips before she tugged hard on it and made him look at her, a muffled groan now from him as her brown eyes smirked brightly at him in the darkness.

He knew that it was worth it.

"Took you long enough."


Years ago, when the world was plunging into more cases of war, famine and diseases that led to the death of millions of the worlds population, people began to panic and seek for a way to survive, or a path of redemption, calling unto the old gods, as fear was what pushed them into the remembrance of them.

They did not get an answer.

It took years, years after the world was nothing but a little speck of dust in space, the population already diminished to a terrible rate that the gods answered.

The Twelve Olympian gods namely Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo, Ares, Dionysus, Hermes, Hera, Aphrodite, Athena, Artemis, Demeter and Hestia, all came down from Mount Olympus, saying that the cries of their children had reached their ears and had come to help.

They divided the world into two sections, the male and the female. When each gender was born, a tattoo showed on its skin.

This tattoos were of two colours.

Red, for the men, to prove that they are Dominus, meaning Master of the women that had to submit below them, and Blue, for the women, to show that they are Submissa, under the men.

This tattoos as well come in various animal shapes because as each Familia married the other, the gods picked among them, who they wanted to bear their names.

In other words, if a Zeus familia and Athena familia have a child, this child if male, could be a Zeus familia, and if female, an Athena familia, it was always very rare for a god to let his or her familia change into another.

The Men were allowed to have pets and slaves of both genders, the slaves being only from the Hermes and Hestia familia as they were the lowest, but must be married to one female, for the sake of procreation.

The Hermes and Hestia familia were the only ones not allowed to marry other familias.

But after years of the world being in perfect bliss and harmony, the gods got bored and decided that they needed a little game to begin amongst their children.

A game that could lead to bloodshed itself.

The Twelve Familias

From the Familia that wields the greatest impact, to the lowest of them all.

Dimitris Aetos, as the head of the Zeus Familia, god of the sky and lightning, the red tattoo on a Zeus familia being an Eagle .

Michalis Laskaris, as the head of the Poseidon Familia, god of waters, horses, seas and earthquakes, the red tattoo on a Poseidon familia being a Horse.

Charilaus Diamandis, as the head of the Apollo Familia, god of archery, healing sun and light, music and prophecy, the red tattoo on an Apollo familia being a Swan .

Gerasimus Eliades, as the head of the Ares Familia, god of bloodlust, the red tattoo on an Ares familia being a Snake.

Panag Mikos, as the head of the Dionysus familia, god of wine and pleasure, the red tattoo on a Dionysus familia being a Panther .

Alcaeus Chloros, as the head of the Hermes familia, god of travellers, robbers flocks and trickery, the red tattoo on a Hermes familia being a Ram.

From th


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