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Mystic Quest of the Lone Hero

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: SBWGR
  • Chapters: 59
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 93
  • ⭐ 7.5
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In "Mystic Quest of the Lone Hero," readers embark on an enthralling journey through a mystical world of cultivation and martial arts. Amidst a realm where cultivators are as common as the stars, one individual rises, determined to tread a path less traveled. Facing insurmountable odds, our hero navigates a labyrinth of challenges and discoveries, delving into the complexities of power, perseverance, and the human spirit. With each trial, they unravel the intricate tapestry of a world governed by martial prowess and arcane secrets. As alliances form and rivalries simmer, the protagonist's quest for ultimate strength becomes a beacon of hope and a testament to the unyielding human will. This tale is a captivating blend of action, mystery, and the age-old battle between good and evil, set against a backdrop rich in lore and intrigue.

Chapter 1 Life in Baiqi Town

Dragon Peak, the most renowned mountain in Yinzhou, stands majestically with its steep slopes and verdant rock formations. These rocks, smooth as jade, are traversed by a rugged path hewn out of the mountainside. Winding and twisting, it ascends through nine bends and eighteen turns to the summit, leading to the Ciqing Temple.

Ciqing Temple, the third oldest monastery in Yinzhou, is home to a revered incarnation of the Bodhisattva Guanyin. Believed to be extremely efficacious, it draws scores of devotees from across the Yinzhou continent on holy days, who travel great distances to offer incense, make vows, and fulfill them.

Despite the numerous green rocks on Dragon Peak, life thrives robustly. Orchids grow tenaciously in the crevices of these rocks, blooming en masse at the season's peak. The sight is breathtaking: rocks glistening like jade, orchids sprawling like a sea, their vibrant colors painting a magnificent tapestry of the natural landscape.

At the base of Dragon Peak lies a vast bamboo forest, marking the mountain's entrance. It's the only path leading up the mountain, around which the small village of Baiqi Town has gradually formed. The residents of Baiqi Town, living in the mountain's shadow, rely not on farming but on the pilgrims and tourists who come to visit the temple, crafting a life unique to them.

Some open inns, others run taverns, brewing tea and selling incense to attract patrons. Street vendors hawk snacks and trinkets, while porters carry loads up the mountain, earning their livelihood with sheer physical effort.

At the village's edge, just a step away, begins the stone path up Dragon Peak. There lies a Taoist temple, modest in its incense offerings. Although Yinzhou's faith does not distinguish between Buddhism and Taoism, and it's common to find a Taoist temple beside a thriving monastery, most devotees prefer the arduous climb to Ciqing Temple, leaving this small temple often quiet and unattended.

This Taoist temple, spanning merely thirty square feet, is exceptionally clean and houses two Taoists. One, an elderly Taoist, sets up a fortune-telling table, offering divination services to those who seek it.

On this Buddhist holy day, the 19th of September, while the mountain is teeming with visitors, the Taoist temple remains desolate. However, the two Taoists are unfazed, and at this moment, a pilgr

im enters. The pilgrim, short and portly with a wealthy merchant's appearance, enters the temple with a tremulous gait, looking around apprehensively as if stepping into the hall of the king of hell. He hesitantly places a pouch of coins on the fortune-telling table, along with a slip of paper.

Then, he draws a fortune stick, reading its seven characters softly yet fearfully: "Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill!" As he recites, his voice grows louder, fueled by an invisible, enticing force, transforming him, his voice burgeoning with a burgeoning sense of hatred and murderous intent.

The elder Taoist, examining the pouch and the paper, speaks slowly, "Liu Jincai, the town chief of Houtun Town, offers fifty taels of silver. Very well, his life will end before October. We, Tianjue Killing Hall, accept this task!" The pilgrim, his eyes alight with a trace of insanity, turns and departs, confirming the rumors: the feared Tianjue Killing Hall, known for its merciless assassins across Yinzhou, indeed operates from here.

After the pilgrim's departure, more clients enter, each seeking assassination services, offering silver in varying amounts. Yet, for the fortune teller, these mundane tasks offer little interest; they lack challenge. Nevertheless, they serve as training for the disciples of Tianjue Killing Hall.

As the sun sets, another pilgrim arrives. Tall and clad in a black robe that conceals his entire form, revealing only a pair of military boots - a symbol of a high-ranking military officer. His imposing presence suggests a seasoned warrior. Approaching the elder Taoist without a word, he places a bundle and a slip of paper on the table.

Drawing a fortune stick, he utters the same seven characters, each word resonating with an endless murderous aura. The elder Taoist's eyes brighten, sensing the weight of the bundle - a thousand taels of gold, a significant fortune. After examining the slip, he announces, "Marquis Xinling, he shall not live past the first of October. Tianjue Killing Hall accepts this task." The military officer nods and leaves, his steps as mighty as a dragon, vanishing into the distance.

Seated in contemplation, the elder Taoist eventually strikes a copper bell thrice. Its soft sound, though barely audible, sends invisible ripples across Dragon Peak - a legendary magical instrument. At its sound, the plump innkeeper at Yunlai Inn pauses his accounting, gazing into the distance; the aged abbot of Ciqing Temple, Master Ciyun, smiles serenely down the mountain; in a cave within the mountain, an old cripple looks up, taking a fierce swig of his drink.

In the grand hall within the mountain's belly, these individuals gather, deliberating in hushed tones. After half an hour, the bell chimes again, five times. This time, the sound resembles a call to arms. Immediately, over thirty people vanish from the town, unnoticed by others who continue their daily tasks. Unbeknownst to most, the town is a stronghold of Tianjue Killing Hall, its residents primarily its disciples.

The military officer, having left the temple and ridden a horse far from the town, hears a faint bell sound from a copper bell at his waist, echoing the distant chimes. His concealed face reveals a smile as he continues his journey. After traveling twenty more miles, he dismounts in a secluded forest, meeting another man waiting with a horse.

He begins to change clothes, his body transforming, shrinking in stature as he sheds his military garb, the aura of a battle-hardened warrior disappearing. His dark skin becomes fair and delicate, and in moments, he transforms from a formidable general into a graceful, white-robed young master.

The other man meticulously collects the discarded clothes, handling them as if they contain dangerous toxins, and carefully packs them away. "Brother Luoli, don't worry, I'll

take care of this," he says. "You should return to the main hall quickly."

Now transformed into the elegant Luoli, the young master secures his sword at his waist, instructing, "Xiaoqi, be careful with these robes. They bear the spiritual scent of our sect, designed to lead to Liu Junmen's wardrobe. Our sect will investigate to identify the one who hired the assassin. Make no mistakes."

Xiaoqi nods in understanding, mounting Luoli's former steed, continuing the journey originally undertaken by Luoli, while the latter sprinkles a peculiar powder on himself, erasing the scent traces from the Taoist temple. Mounting a different horse, he changes direction, heading back to Baiqi Town under Dragon Peak.

This return journey presents a stark contrast to his earlier demeanor. Before, his appearance and aura bespoke a hardened military man; now, he embodies the leisurely air of a young nobleman. This transformation is not merely a change of attire but a fundamental shift in demeanor, a quintessential skill of an assassin: the art of disguise.

Luoli, known as Tian Dao Sha, is one of Tianjue Killing Hall's top assassins. Renowned throughout Yinzhou for his prowess, he is feared and respected from the ranks of dukes to commoners. His emergence three years ago with the slaying of the Black Tiger Gang's leader, Ma Laohei, a notorious criminal with extraordinary agility, marked his rise to fame.

Tian Dao Sha's method of assassination is unique: he only targets the guilty, sparing the innocent, and always publicly denounces the crimes of his targets before executing them. This approach, more akin to public execution than covert assassination, is both audacious and unprecedented in Yinzhou.

Those slain by Tian Dao Sha are invariably heinous criminals, leaving many grateful victims in their wake. His actions, perceived as serving justice, earned him the moniker Tian Dao Sha. While many admire him, others, mostly the wicked, await his downfall.

Despite the animosity, Tian Dao Sha's record remains unblemished, having successfully eliminated thirty-one tyrants over three years, earning him the title of the agent of heavenly justice.

As Tian Dao Sha enters Baiqi Town, he dismounts and proceeds towards the entrance to Tianjue Killing Hall's underground lair beneath Dragon Peak. The town, unbeknownst to most of its inhabitants, harbors many of Tianjue Killing Hall's assassins, with only a few ordinary people left unknowingly as cover.

Among them are beggar children, drawn by the promise of alms from the numerous pilgrims. Over time, they either join the hall or mysteriously disappear. Two such beggars gaze longingly at steamed buns from a distant bakery, their stomachs growling with hunger, having earned not a single coin today.

As Luoli passes by, a piece of silver inadvertently falls from his person, rolling towards the children. Their eyes light up with excitement, and they hurriedly collect the silver, rushing towards the bakery. Luoli watches their retreating figures with a smile. His subtle act of kindness, though minor and unnoticed, at least spares them hunger for a few days, though he can do little to change their ultimate fate.

He continues onward, entering the bookshop of Lianyou Society, which conceals the entrance to the underground passageway, and disappears into the depths.

Such is the world - a crucible of fate, where all endure the relentless trials of life. Few can truly master their destiny. As Tian Dao Sha vanishes into the shadows, he embodies the complexity of a world where justice, mercy, and the inexorable hand of fate intertwine in the endless cycle of life and death.

[End of Chapter]

Chapter 2 The Watchful Eyes Above

In the fleeting moment of Luo Li's disappearance, upon a distant brothel, beneath a slanted window, two figures watched in silence. They gazed upon Luo Li until he vanished into the Lian You Bookshop.

One, a figure of formidable build, muscles rippling beneath his skin, with hair as red as fire cascading over his shoulders, exuded a raw, untamed ferocity akin to a wild beast. This man, the same porter who had vanished on the mountain, crushed the wine jug in his hand with fierce resolve.

As he clenched, the bronze jug crumbled like tofu, bereft of any metallic

hardness, shattering into a thousand fragments, scattering in all directions. The porter, consumed by a wild rage, roared, "Secretly giving alms to a beggar, are you? Oh, how noble! Upholding justice and punishing evil, huh? Ha! Acting as the hand of Heaven? Ridiculous! Why do I harbor such intense hatred and fury every time I see him?"

His voice thundered through the room, imbued with an


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