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My Little Fox - The Heir

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Frost
  • Chapters: 127
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 10.1K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 28


Mia always knew she was as ordinary as a girl could be living a life of bliss along with her mother until the day she died. On her deathbed her mother let her know that she was the illegitimate daughter of the ruling Wolf Clan king of the East. But that was not the end of it all.The curse that was chasing her was because of the baby she was carrying in her womb from her husband about whom she knew very little, except the fact that he worked at the Wolf embassy in the mortal world. Something was not right. The curse could only be evoked if there were any illegal 'blood-ties' formed between the Wolf Clan of the East and Fox Clan of the West. Scared, alone, afraid and running from inevitable doom, the only logical conclusion her mind could come to was that, her wolf was in fact a fox in wolf's hide.

The Runaway lady

The rain poured down heavily, matching the beat of the waves crashing against the shore.The orchestra almost silenced the hurried footsteps. A few miles back some hundreds of men with artilleries scouted right after the direction of those footprints. Luck was on her side that her scent and trace got wiped by the heavy shower, or else it would be impossible to escape those hunting hounds. As her hurried steps took her to the highest peak, she could clearly see the search party narrowing down on her. She took a glance at the approaching barks, then looked below the splashing depths. With one hand over the foxtail ring she was wearing,and the other on her heart, she closed her eyes shut and jumped.

As she fell visions from what seemed like a distant life flashed before her eyes. Mia in a bright blue floral dress, running around in the woods beside the hills. A laugh was ringing in her head. The one searching for her and running behind calling out her name "Mia.Mia... I got you this time".And they both topple over the stream in each other's arms. Lost in the dreamy hazy eyes that sometimes changed colour. Sometimes to purple, sometimes azure, often olive, at time ochre and more. She knew the love of her life was no ordinary man. He was an immortal, from the wolf clan, or so she thought. He kissed her head as he pulled them both out of the stream and then soared right upto the clouds with her in arms. All she cared about back then was to be in those arms and giggle like she often did like a little girl. Her mother had given them her blessing. She couldn't wait to be the beautiful bride to her handsome husband.

She remembered the night they got married. She even thought how could her life be so perfect. She felt like she was in a dream and never wanted to wake up from it. But things started changing soon after their marriage. She hardly got to see him untill one day he vanished with no trace. One mountain after another has been falling over her ever since. She had almost lost count of all her problems by then, it were just too many.

As the thoughts passed, tears rolled down her cheeks, but before it could fall ,a familiar hand with the familiar scent wiped it away and pulled her up close. She was so relieved, shocked, confused and angered at the same time that she dared not open her eyes. But she held onto his robe with all her might.

A flash of brilliant light appeared at that instance engulfing the darkness and the girl within it. For few seconds the pursuers went blind with the brilliance. By the time they uncovered their eyes it was all gone and once again darkness enveloped them along with the downpour.

"Wasn't that the signature escape light technique of the fox clan? " One of the men shouted his lungs out.

"The hunter was right. Immediately go back to the castle and report the incident" The lead horseman commanded as another galloped their way away at full speed towards the rulling mortal kings' castle.

"We must look around a little bit more for anything that might seem useful. Keep your minds and eyes alert. Anything could be an evidence. Nothing can be missed" He instructed the rest on foot.

"Remember we have immortals involved here. The ancient curse cannot be allowed to reign loose. The peace between the West and the East, if broken, will toll the heaviest on us mortals. " Observed the elder in the group reminiscing.

"Yes sire" Echoed through the ranks as they got busy with the crisis at hand.

The foxes and the wolves

Centuries have passed in peace with the Fox Clan domineering over the West and the Wolf Clan ruling the East. The lines have always been strict between the borders. Not even an inch of foot was set on the other side without permission.The rules were set crystal clear. The human world in between was the exchange place for trade and other official affairs. There were some rare ceremonial gathering between the two Immortal Clans . But they were numbered and happened after ages. There were no regular contact between the members of the two clans unless official or urgent. It was basically due to fear of the Law of the Land that forbade them from forming any sort of 'blood-ties' between the clans. It was no ordinary law. It was the law written on the Seal of Destiny and whoever dared to disobey, would be afflicted with a terrible curse that would haunt them for eternity. Even the people from the human realm were cautious enough to uplift and guard this law as nobody had forgotte


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