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My Best Friend

My Best Friend

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Sometimes people you call friends are not really your friends but enemy in disguise. Jane would bring me series of l All I wanted was to focus on my studies hence I decided to keep few friends.. 'Jane' that was my best friend's name. She would bring me series of 'love letters' from my admirers but I never gave it a second thought..I had warned her severally not to accept anything on my behalf from people I don't know If only I could read people's mind I would have probably known what was in Jane's.. It was a bit too late to realize she was an enemy in disguise...

Chapter 1

Jane was the only friend I had,there was never a dull moment with her.She had told me earlier about seeing her to her boyfriend's house which didn't sound so well to me but she assured me we wouldn't spend much time

I agreed after so much pleading..... Smiles, I didn't tell you I was the shy type right? Well,I was shy,bold intelligent and a very beautiful girl....But,I never had a boyfriend,Just wanted to focus on my studies.

I remember Jane bringing me series of love letters from my admirers but I never gave it a second thought, I don't even get to read them.

" Please Jane,stop bringing me letters from people I don't know." I would always tell her.

Back to the main gist!

So,i reluctantly followed Jane to her boyfriend's place. It was a one room apartment, well furnished for a student. We finally get to her boyfriend's place but I realized it wasn't just John in the house but one other guy sitting comfortably at the edge of the bed.

"Hi" I replied to their greetings,I wasn't too comfortable but I tried not to be noticed.

Few seconds later,they both stood up with the excuse of buying bottle water from a shop that is just a stone throw. I tried following them but Jane insisted I sit back as she needed to talk to her man privately too. I quietly sat back twisting my fingers..

Looking at the other guy,he seem careless as he was so glue to his phone " thank goodness he isn't even looking at me" i said while relaxing my back on the wall..

Chapter 2

" Do you have a boyfriend?" I heard him muttered looking directly at me

" Me? Yes I do, of course no" I said paying no attention

"Well,I don't do single ladies"

"Excuse me?" I replied feeling irritated by that statement

" You heard me,i don't fuck single ladies."

this time around,he stood up pulling the jean trowser he had on.Then,I suddenly remembered it been a couple of minutes Jane and her boyfriend left.

" Please why are they not back yet,I thought they said it's just a stone throw?" I asked him, even if I was already tensed,a question he never answered but busy pulling his trowser. ' Maybe he wants to bath or something, ' I thought.'

" Oya na, let's do it" he said with a loud tone walking towards my direction

I wasn't sure what he was saying or if he was talking to me or himself but I never cared...

I stood up a


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