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I’m the alpha princess

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Adrian Scott is the princess of blue eclipse She is 18. And graduated high school last year at the top of her class. She is soon to find out that she is not who her grandma says she is and what she finds out about her grandma will break her heart. The last 18 years I’ve been in shady moon though grandma said that I wasn’t born here she said the night I was born are pack was Attack and my parents were killed. She won’t tell me anything else I have ask around to see if the alpha and Luna of are pack knows anything but they must be under something because they say that I was born here

Chapter 1

I hear the loud beeping of my alarm going off as I reach for It I roll off my bed onto the floor.

I hate training I say as I beat my alarm and curse at it for waking me up at 4 in the morning.

holly dear are you ok

ya I’m fine grandma

ok get ready we have a lot to do today. I hear grandma from down the hall.

I’m up grandma what are you making for breakfast I ask going to the bathroom to take a shower.

pancakes, eggs, bacon. She yelled back from the kitchen.

ok thank you

your welcome dear

ummmm. That sounds good Athena my wolf say to me

yes it does

I get in the bathroom and take my clothes off and get in the shower And wash my hair and then my body I finish my shower and brush my teeth I head back to my room and get dressed in a sports bra and legging for training and head down stairs to eat.

good morning grandma.

good morning dear are you ready to eat.

yes ma’am I’m starving

we’ll grab you a plate and I’ll put your food on it.

ok do you have a plate

not yet I’ll get mine in a minute

it’s ok grandma I’ll grab it for you

well thank you dear

your welcome grandma

I get the plates and grandma makes are plates and we sit down to eat when I get done I put my stuff in the sink kiss grandma on the forehead saying goodbye and head out the door to training.

my name is Holly and I’m 18 i graduated one year ago from high school I finished top in my class. I have bright blue eyes and long white hair that goes past my thighs My skin is tan I have all the right curves in all the right place’s so my friends say. The last 18 years I’ve been in shady moon though grandma said that I wasn’t born here she said the night I was born are pack was Attack and my parents were killed. She won’t tell me anything else

I have ask around to see if the alpha and Luna of are pack knows anything but they must be under something because they say that I was born here that my dad was a Guard and was attacked by Rogies and killed the same night my mother was giving birth to me and couldn’t handle the pain of losing her mate and having me and passed away before I was born they had to do an emergency C-section on her to save me. I asked my grandma about it but she said that they must have thought of someone else that it wasn’t me they were talking about. I let it go after that.

Half way to the training ground I see my best friend Megan waiting for me.

Megan I yell out while throwing my arms around her

Holly she yells back hugging me back

we have been best friends since we were five years old we clam each other as sister.

So how did yesterday go I asked Megan

it went ok I guess.

that’s good have they said anything yet

nope not yet what about you anything yet

nope same as you.

Megan and I have put are Applications in for University in Florida we both had interviews yesterday at the library on the big screen but we didn’t get to see each other all day so I had to wait to ask this morning How her interview went. we talk a little more before we get to training. As we go separate ways to are assigned sparring partners. and of course I get Joyce as mine. Joyce is jace’s girlfriend the soon to be alpha he hasn’t found his mate yet so he choose to mess with the sl*t of the pack that spreads her leg for any one. she even try’s to get mated men.

A couple months ago I walked in on her in the girls bathroom at the library and jace ended up Breaking it off with her now she says it’s my fault.

(flash back)

i step in the bathroom at the library and hear a loud moaning as I walk a little bit more I see Joyce having s*x with two guys. I walk out slowly and close the door as I turn around I bumped in to someone falling on my *ss I look up to see jace.

watch we’re your going

I’m sorry I just got shocked is all

shocked from what

ummm... nothing I get up and go to walk away as I’m leaving I hear a loud growl and I run. I stop at the library door and look behind me and I see jace and the guy‘s going at it and Joyce trying to stop jace from killing them. I turn away and walk out of the library to go home half way there I hear jace behind me and stop. I slowly turn around to him

what do you want

umm... nothing I just want to say thank you

for what I didn’t do anything

I know that’s why I want to say thank you because if you would have told me I wouldn’t of believed you and I would have walk away. but because of you not saying anything I had to look to see what was going on and when I seen what you did it opened my eyes to realize that I can’t make just anyone my Luna that I need to wait for my mate and that’s what I plan on doing so thank you

ummm. I guess your welcome

(end of flash back)

Coming back to the present I look up to see Joyce coming at me with her claws out as she gets closer to me I Dodge her attack i grab her by the throat and slam her down on the ground before I can pick her up I am pulled off her and pushed back as I look at jace to see what he is doing he steps in front of me.

joyce what are you doing attacking a pack member?jace yells

she started it! joyce cry’s out

well that’s funny because I didn’t tell anyone to start there attack yet and from what I seen you ran to her with your claws out.

ya well she needs to keep her mouth shut. she yells back

keep her mouth shut about what me walking in on you with two other guy’s when you were suppose to be with me.

you wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for her. she is the reason you left me. she said with venom in her voice stepping closer to jace trying to get to me

and why is that he asked with the same venom in his voice

because she told you what happened and it was none of her Business

well she didn’t tell me anything after she walked in on you she was shocked and came out of the bathroom she was still so shocked that she couldn’t say anything and walked away. and when she did I got curious and went into the bathroom to see what was going on and seen you and the two guy’s that’s what happened she had nothing to do with it. it’s all on you.

after looking around and seeing the crowd of people joyce looks at jace with fiery eyes

you b*st*rd you just told everyone.

well it’s not like you haven’t f*ck*d everyone here. jace says back as Joyce starts getting closer to him. as she try’s to lunge at him I step around him and jump at her tackling her to the ground as we roll around on the ground slashing and biting she shifts into her small brown wolf I smile at her and shift into my big solid white wolf. we start growling and circling around each other waiting for the other to charge first as I wait I see jace looking at me funny he has never looked at me like that. I look back at joyce and she see’s jace’s face and growls at me as if saying he is hers. my wolf smiles at her and she attacks. it doesn’t take me long to pin her to the ground as I make her submit. i stand back up on all fours and she wobbles getting up as soon as she stands I growled at her she bowed her head and showed me her neck showing me that she submits. I am brought out of my happy place when I hear jace’s voice

shift now he yells

we shift back and Megan hands me some clothes I put them on and look at joyce. she still doesn’t have any clothes on. she walks towards jace with a small smile like she just won this

what do you think your doing ? jace asked her

baby I’m sorry can you forgive me I was just mad I didn’t mean any of this.

You are not forgiven and why do you act like you just won jace said

baby I did win did you not see her back off me she submitted before I did

no she didn’t she stoped so she wouldn’t kill you without permission from me or my father.

as jace and Joyce argue about her losing I start walking away as I turn to Megan

hay I’m going home Meg I’ll see you later I say and start to the house but before I get to far I hear jace calling for me

again I say in my head

I turn around to face him and he is jogging to me as I wait for him to catch up to me

what do you want now jace I say A little irritated at all of this

hey look I’m sorry about her-

why should you be sorry for her it’s her that should be saying sorry not you I cut him off still irritated and turn to walk away

hey please talk to me holly. jace says as he grabs my arm gently and turns me back to him

why jace there is nothing to talk about

ya there is jace says before slamming his lips to mine.


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