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What if I'm invincible?

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In "What if I am invincible", ordinary teenager Xiao Yun unfortunately traveled to a world full of fantasy and mystery, but became a handyman disciple. However, when he felt hopeless, a system prompt changed his fate: "Ding! The 10,000-fold income return system is at your service!" This system not only allowed him to obtain all positive income, but also increased his realm limit by 10,000 times. From then on, Xiao Yun's growth path became stronger than ever. The body tempering limit power is 10,000 catties? He easily reached 100 million catties! The spiritual sea realm limit is 100 feet? He found that he has a million feet of "spiritual sea". However, when he was immersed in the endless power, the Devil Dao power suddenly attacked, and the Sun Dynasty was in crisis. Xiao Yun, who had reached the Divine Palace Realm, was not afraid. With a palm, millions of Devil Cultivators instantly turned into nothingness. "What Should I Do If I'm Invincible" is a fantasy novel full of miracles and thrills, telling the story of an ordinary teenager's fantasy adventure in another world. The system, cultivation, and mysterious forces will be intertwined in this world, and how Xiao Yun will deal with the rise of the devil force and defend the Dahi Dynasty is an anticipated journey of cultivation legends. Follow Xiao Yun and embark on the adventure of this mysterious world together!

Chapter 1

Tianyuan Continent.

Xuanyang Sect, Iron Wood Forest.

Xiao Yun leaned in front of a giant tree with his back. He looked at the sky with dull eyes, and his mind was almost blank.


After a long time, a long sigh came from his mouth.

He, Xiao Yun, has crossed into this Tianyuan Continent for seventeen years.

From an orphan living on the streets to successfully joining the Xuanyang Sect and becoming a handyman disciple, it can be said that all his efforts have been exhausted!

It's a pity that Xiao Yun has been practicing in Xuanyang Sect for three years now, but he still can't perceive the spiritual energy between heaven and earth. His cultivation base... is only at the third level of the body tempering realm.

Although the people of Xuanyang Sect never made things difficult for him, they even helped him in every possible way.

However, his talent was too poor.

No matter what, it is difficult to break through in the slightest.


After taking a deep breath, Xiao Yun slowly closed his eyes.

As a handyman disciple, if he couldn't sense the spiritual energy of heaven and earth within three years and reached the seventh level of the Body Tempering Realm, he would be sent back to his hometown and lose the qualification to continue practicing in Xuanyang Sect.

"Why can't I have the golden finger that a traveler must have?"

At the thought of being sent back down the mountain, Xiao Yun could not help but clench his fists, and a strong sense of unwillingness appeared in his heart.

In the past three years, he has almost put in several times more effort than others!

Even the countless disciples and elders in the sect were moved.

But in the end... he could only withdraw sadly!

Xiao Yun's face sank slightly, and he picked up the axe at his hand, looked at the giant tree in front of him, and gritted his teeth and shouted angrily:



Like venting, Xiao Yun slammed his axe down fiercely, and in an instant, there was a loud bang, and the giant tree was also chopped down with a shallow mark.

Cutting down this iron tree is his sect task today.

As a handyman disciple, he must complete various trivial tasks assigned by the sect every day in exchange for some items needed for cultivation.

During this year, Xiao Yun would chop down an iron tree every day.

Swinging the axe tens of thousands of times a day is also a way to exercise the body and increase the power of the physical body.




Xiao Yun's face was expressionless, just axe after axe fell, stirring up dust in the sky.

The iron wood were incomparably sturdy. Xiao Yun swung his axe more than ten times in a row, barely allowing it to produce a crack.

If you want to cut it down completely, you have to swing your axe from early morning until sunset.


Even so, Xiao Yun had never chosen any other mission. Day by day, he kept chopping down iron wood!

Since he was unable to induce Reiki to temper his body, he would use this simplest method to temper himself and sharpen his body!

"Sigh, Junior Brother Xiao's diligence and hard work really makes me feel ashamed..."

In the distance, the two white-robed disciples who flew over with swords shook their heads and sighed.

Xiao Yun's diligence, even in the entire Xuanyang Sect, is rarely seen.


However, his talent is extremely poor, and the harvest of hard work is completely incomparable to the effort.

"Count the time, after a month, Brother Xiao will be sent down the mountain, right?"

Seeing this, one of the young men whispered with regret in his eyes.

His name is Zhou Tong. Three years ago, he joined the Xuanyang Sect with Xiao Yun and received a lot of help from the latter. His relationship is quite good.

Now, three years later, Zhou Tong had successfully broken through body tempering, arrived at the Spirit Sea Realm, and became an outer court disciple of Xuanyang Sect.

On the other hand, Xiao Yun......

However, he was still stuck at the third level of body tempering, and was even about to be sent down the mountain, with no chance to practice again.


As soon as he thought of this, Zhou Tong flew down and arrived behind Xiao Yun.

"Phew... Phew..."

Xiao Yun panted with sweat, turned his head, and looked at Zhou Tong behind him.

His arms were sore, and his skin was covered with injured scars, which looked extremely shocking.

"Brother Xiao..."

Zhou Tong calmly took out a storage bag and slowly placed it on the surrounding boulders.

"There are 50 low-grade spirit stones, 100 Body Tempering Pills, and three Spirit Gathering Powders."

"No matter what, I, Zhou Tong, am your brother. Even after you go down the mountain, I will still protect you!"

"Thank... thank..."

Looking at Zhou Tong in front of him, Xiao Yun's lips trembled. He put down the axe in his hand and suddenly hugged Zhou Tong.

Xiao Yun was alone in this world, without any relatives.

Fortunately, coming to Xuanyang Sect made him many friends and brothers, which made him feel at ease.

"Junior Brother Xiao, since there is still a month left, I will also help you."

"After all, we are all disciples of Xuanyang Sect, so we should help each other..."

Another white-robed disciple also took out his storage bag and handed it to Xiao Yun with a smile.

"Okay, Junior Brother Zhou and I still have to submit the task, so let's take a step first..."

While speaking, the two glanced at each other and waved away.

"Thank you... two senior brothers!"

Looking at the two people who gradually disappeared, Xiao Yun's heart was also filled with warmth and murmured.

Immediately, he picked up a storage bag.


[Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining fifty low-grade spirit stones, and the income will be returned ten thousand times... 500,000 low-grade spirit stones!]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining one hundred Body Tempering Pills, and the income is returned ten thousand times... One million Body Tempering Pills!]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining three Qi Gathering Powders, and the income is returned 10,000 times... 30,000 Qi Gathering Powders!]

Several cold mechanical sounds suddenly resounded in Xiao Yun's mind, startling him and instantly widening his eyes.

Ten thousand times... income return?!

Could this be the legendary... system?!

Xiao Yun took a deep breath, forced himself to calm down, and looked at the storage bag in his hand.

And among them......

Spirit stones and medicinal pills were already piled up like mountains, almost bursting this small storage bag!

500,000 spirit stones! 1Million Body Tempering Pills! 30,000 Qi Gathering Dispersion!

The huge amount of resources made Xiao Yun's eyes red and his heart beat violently!

The handyman disciples could only obtain one Body Tempering Pill every month, and as for spirit stones... Even for outer court disciples, there were only five low-grade spirit stones in the middle of a month!

That Qi Gathering Dispersion could increase the chance of Body Tempering Cultivators breaking through the Spiritual Sea by 30%. Its value surpassed the number of a hundred Spirit Stones!

But now...

These pills and spirit stones presented by Zhou Tong turned out to be ten thousand times the number!

Chapter 2

"System! When did you activate it?"

After he confirmed everything, Xiao Yun suppressed the ecstasy in his heart and asked in his heart.


Soon, the system replied without any waves:

[Hello, the 10,000 times revenue return system was officially launched five minutes and 53 seconds ago!]

Almost six minutes ago...

That was just the right time for Zhou Tong and the others to arrive.

"System, what function do you have?"

Although some doubts appeared in the system silently, Xiao Yun still suppressed this idea and asked about the functions of the system.

After seventeen years of wandering in another world, he finally... got his own golden finger today!

Xiao Yun's heart was burning, and he only felt that all the hard work he had experienced before was worth it.

[Ding! The system has only one function for the time being.]

[That is to increase all the positive benefits obtained by the host


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