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I'm a PUBG killer god

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Su Li bound a system, but the activation condition was quite strange: he needed to stream playing the training ground for three thousand times. Thus, a peculiar streamer emerged in the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) section, diligently streaming the training ground for a year. Until this day, when he successfully activated the PUBG Enemy Killing System, which granted various rewards for eliminating enemies in the game. Wei Shen said, "With Su Li's ground 98k, this round is secured." Tuan Tuan complained, "I've already started whimpering, why do you still need to kill me?" Dai Mei pleaded, "I just want to eat some chicken and end the stream. Please don't kill me." Yong Yuan yelled, "Su Li, you're crazy! Why are you running outside the safe zone to kill someone? This is a competition!" "..." In the world championship, Su Li transformed into a PUBG assassin, creating various one-man show scenes. When he stood on the highest interview stage in the world, the host asked how he achieved this. Su Li smiled and replied, "Very simple, just play the training ground for three thousand times."

Chapter 1

=== Chapter 1 Live training field three thousand put me out of the mountain ===

Shark Live platform.

The Jedi survival plate is a popular broadcast room of nearly a thousand, and the screen is a game character with various pressure guns and chaotic body.

However, such a gorgeous operation, there is no audience in the studio buckle 666.

Because it's not a game match, it's just a training ground.

In the barrage.

"D*mn it, the anchor is still on the training field!"

"I like to call it the best training ground master."

"Dude, I graduated, is the anchor still playing on the training field?"

"Brothers, I'm crying, what about you?"

"The anchor was so show? It's a training ground, that's all right."

"Has anyone counted how many training fields the anchor has played?"

Game over!

With the thirty minute time limit passed, the training field of the inning also ended.

Sue took a look at the bullet screen and smiled.

Bullet screen is right, after he became a Jedi survival anchor a year ago, he did not rush the list or bring fans like other anchors.

There are naturally reasons for the lack of strength, but the main reason is because he was bound to a system a year ago.

Like the Traverser, he has a system of his own, but one that needs to be activated before it can be used.

Moreover, the condition of the system activation is also very strange, that is, he should play three thousand games in the Jedi survival live training mode, and can not leave early, to play until the end of the time.

As a result, this year, his studio has become one of the most bizarre Jedi survival plate.

Other people's live content is real survival, killing enemies, scoring and so on.

The live broadcast of Sue is a variety of chaotic show in the training ground, boring and boring.

Occasionally it will attract some curious passers-by to come in and have a look, but it will not be long before it leaves a few question marks and leaves.

Not many die-hard fans remain.

Therefore, even if the live broadcast for a year, Su's live broadcast room did not improve much, and its popularity was barely maintained at about one thousand, which was still based on the heat of a few die-hard fans in the live broadcast room from time to time to brush a small gift.

Fortunately, Sue is still only a high school student, temporarily do not need to make a living, otherwise this year sooner or later have to starve to death in front of the computer.

"Ding, task completed, system activation successful."

"It's finally over."

Hear this crisp electronic sound after a year to ring again, Sue from the eyes flashed a light, ten fingers buckle, push forward, loose loose bones.

In the game that just ended, it was his 3,000th training ground.

The year-long pattern, which had seemed boring to him, was finally over.

Now, the system is finally activated, Sue from the look is becoming very excited, eyes are also full of expectations.

At this time, the introduction of the system all poured into his mind, a moment later, Sue away digested the information, and soon had a general understanding of the system.

Pubg killing system.

As the name suggests, in the Jedi Survival game, he can get a certain reward in killing the enemy, the higher the fame or strength of the enemy, the better the reward.

In addition to this, there is a newbie package available.

See you.

Sue left without any hesitation, directly opened the gift package.

"Ding, successfully open the gift pack, get the skill book reward, God level sniper."

"Ding, get a monetary reward of 10,000 yuan."

Then his phone vibrated. It was a text message.

"Dear user, your xxxxxx1234 account has just received 10,000 yuan, please note that check."

Is the bank card to the account of the SMS prompt, Sue from the eyes of a joy, there is a feeling of happiness.

10,000 yuan is a lot of money for him, and that's just the beginning.

Temporarily digest this joy, Sue from the eyes fell on the first reward.

In the space of the system, there is a golden skill book.

Divine sniping!

If you take a survey and ask chicken eaters what their favorite gun to shoot in a game is, the vast majority of players will say it's the sniper.

The so-called romance of men, especially the Jedi survival bolt sniper, is fascinating to countless players.

Landing 98k, is also a lot of people's mantra.

Sue from nature is no exception.

So, without hesitation, just put the skill book to use.

"Ding, successfully use the skill book, get the God level sniper."

Just after the speech, Sue's body was flooded with a warm stream, and the next second, he had a lot of information in his mind, all about the skills and experience of using various sniper weapons of the Jedi Survival.

In other words, from this moment on, it's fair to call him the world's first sniper.

Back to the live feed.

Sue quit the room at the training ground and clicked on his first competitive mode.

One man, two rows!

"Is the anchor going to start again...... Halt! This is not a training ground, this is competitive mode?"

"When it's true, it's in competitive mode."

"What about my training ground? Is that it?"

"Really, the anchor actually does not play the training ground, live a long time."

"Just telling a joke, the anchor plays competitive mode...... I can't believe the joke came true."

"Wha? Am I in the wrong studio?"

"I've been watching the anchor's training ground for a year, and finally I'm waiting for this day."

"F*ck, f*ck, how is this a competitive mode!"

"The first competitive mode of the anchor dares to single and double row, too dare."

In the broadcast room, the water friends looked at the live screen of Sue, originally thought that as usual, it would open a training ground again, and spend 30 minutes of suffering in it.

However, this scene, but to everyone's surprise, Sue began to play competitive mode.

Even in competitive mode, it's still single and double platoon.

You know, these are the only options that people with skills would choose.

As for Sue is there any technology?

The training ground is really showy, but anyone who comes to the training ground can be showy.

As for the competitive bureau, then we really have not seen how Sue from the technology.

But if you can play on the training field for a year, your skills are not much better.

After all, even if you practice the gun and body method for a long time, you don't go to actual combat in the middle, it is also white practice.

Obviously, Sue left in their minds belongs to this situation.

The water friends were surprised and talked about it immediately.

Sue from the eye barrage, and did not answer.

Everyone's reaction is also in reason, he played a year of live training ground, suddenly did not play, whoever came to see the reaction will be like this.

The game filled up quickly.

Quality square, Sue found that there are many people around a role in there, the heart suddenly understand.

He's probably got a high profile player for this game.

Chapter 2

=== Chapter 2 Landing 98k This game is stable ===

Sure enough, when he turned on all the mics.

"Tuan Tuan, we are your fans."

"Can Tuantuan make a pig cry on the spot?"

"Toot toot."

"Tuantuan, I'm watching you live."

"Tuantuan is so cute, like a pig."

"Tuantuan jump where, this game I protect you."

It turned out that I met the anchor of the same platform.

A little ball.

Sue from this ID is not unfamiliar, in this world, but also the Jedi survival of the popular anchor, belongs to the kind of not eating chicken is the second sister level.

Sounds like a lazy goat, gets a ton of fans.

There must be a great reward for killing an anchor like that.

Sue from the eyes of a joy.

In the barrage.

"It's a little one."


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