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Her Ex Her Fated Lover

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Love can be hard and it could be harder when you can't be with the person your heart and soul want. That's the case of Nora, a thousand-year-old witch who had lived in self-denial waiting for that man destiny had kept for her. In her loneliest time, she met Benjamin Singh and both fell head over heels in love with each other. But it was wrong for a full-blooded witch to have anything to do with humans so she ended the relationship, little did she know that Benjamin was the one destined for her. How then can a human be her fated lover? Was destiny making fun of her or there was something she was yet to find out? Read to find out in this thrilling journey of a lone Witch in search of her fated Lover(Mate).

Chapter 1 Miserable Soul

Author's Note: Hey There 👋, This is the second book of the Witches Series and I know not all readers of this book will come from book 1, so I will just say this. As the story progresses you will get acquainted with the characters. You can choose to read book 1 of the series ( A NIGHT WITH THE HANDSOME STRANGER) to understand the characters and their relationship with each better or you can go with the flow, and with little time, you all will become friends. (😃 I mean readers and the characters). The book is standalone, that I can assure you.

Happy reading, Y'all.

Nora's point of view.....

The sun was starting to rise when I woke up from sleep. I have been feeling so lazy these few days. It's been one hell of a week for me, not to mention how terrible my emotions have been.

Back in Beverly, trying to find my life back. I kind of miss Gina and now that she is no longer on my watch, I missed her the most and to worsen the situation, I can't reach her on the phone again, all because she is in the past.

Her wedding made me wish for mine too but there was nothing I could do other than wait for fate to find me.

I am back here with a shallow self, drowning in my own miseries, blaming Nature for how it left me, what can I do? I could do absolutely nothing.

Sometimes we are unlucky but I need to get a better hold of myself and maybe find my mate( fated lover) myself, like Gina said; mate hunt. She has promised to help me but how long will I continue to let her help me with everything? Maybe I have to make a move myself and everything will follow in place.

And besides, waiting for Gina to help out will be a mission impossible because being the witch princess requires more than can be given, it's tasking and I am making intercessory every day for her and the lord. Peace is back in the South and the people are happy.

I stood up from the bed and made my way to the bathroom. I needed to prepare for work at least to get my mind off things, staying here will keep reminding me why I should get a mate.

I stared at the reflection of the girl I saw in the mirror and it didn't look like the Nora I know. The baby girl I knew had more life the last time I saw her reflection. Now she looked more like the shadow of herself and I wondered what went wrong.

"Nora, what happened to you dear?" I murmured to myself. Who was I kidding? Was I expecting an answer to an already known answer? I exhaled and put toothpaste on my toothbrush. I brushed my teeth and ran a bath for myself.

Stripping out my nightie, I went into the bath. Few minutes I got done with my bath and stepped out of the bathroom.

A lot has changed about me, I so much drive joy in pampering myself early in the morning before going to work. It gives me the energy I need. But since I returned from the south, all I did before, I didn't find joy in doing them again.

It's been one week since I returned but this one week I spent it unknowingly, no one can imagine that I have not gone to work. Gina's mom had been here several times to cheer me up. She tried but after she leaves, l will return back to my shallow self.

I have tried on my own to come to this state. I have given myself a reason to forge ahead, to live for myself but no, my inner witch will not let me be, she had been restless lately and it gave me concerns.

I sighed and dried myself, creamed my body, and picked a dress to complement my dark mood. Though gray has always been my color, it felt more appropriate at the moment to wear. So I picked trousers and a gray top together with a pair of flat sandals to match. I put them on and checked out how I look and it was the definition of a miserable soul.

I picked up my purse and left the bedroom heading to my kitchen. Some breakfast will do, even though I didn't feel hungry but I need all the strength I could get for loads of work await me at the office.

I made a simple breakfast of toast and a cup of coffee. I settled down at the counter to eat and within a few minutes, I was through with my breakfast. I headed out of the house after putting everything in place.

It was a new day and I hoped to achieve something today for my customers though not for myself. If I was to do what I like, I could stay at home for one year without giving a d*mn.

I didn't wait for long before a cab drove by and I hailed it down, I gave the cab guy directions and hopped in after settling in, he drove off.

I was so restless while I was in the cab and I did not know why, l occasionally glanced at my time to see if it was moving or not because it looked like it was on a standstill.

Finally, the cab driver drove into my office

driveway and I got down, paid my fares, and entered my office not without taking a careful look at the surroundings. It's been a week since I came to work.

I opened my office and walked in and I met everything the way I left it. The painting I made for Chris and Gina was still here. l will find a way to take it to them. It was supposed to be their victory gift from me but since I could not deliver it, I will wait for any opportunity to come and I will deliver it definitely.

I cleared my table and sat down to start work. I put on my system and relaxed back on my seat waiting for it to boot. My system has been off for a week now so it will take time to boot. It got booted and I began working.

There was this photo I have been working on for a while now. The client had specifically told me how she wanted it and she would get it the way she wants it. All my clients have not ever complained about my work and I want it to remain like that.

Being a photographer has given my life so much meaning, it wasn't about the money I make from it but the joy that comes from it. When you are passion-driven, success will be your attach name, so learn to love what you do.

I did not just start photographing, I was born in an era where you don't keep memories through photos. I have always longed for what will remain memorable without fading and I discovered how to.

I had missed my way home at age five and got lost in the middle of nowhere. In my means to find my way home I stumbled on something that I later learned to be a camera. I did not know who or how it was left there but as a child who was so curious, nothing got past me without me knowing what it was so I picked it up and later found my way home.

Chapter 2 Life Without You

Up till now, l still think that the reason I have to get lost was for it because my curiosity led me to my passion and the first photo I took after I learned how to operate it was Glamorous, when she was still my sweet little niece and I still kept that photo until now.

So from time to time, I got better and looking after Gina had given me enough time to discover my passion and I made it as a means of living because living in the human territory will swallow you and spit you out so one needs something that will keep the mind and body together.

I was done with the editing and I went in search of something else on my system, l continued scrolling through until I found it.

It was a picture of Glamorous, the first photo of her. I was nineteen and she was five, that was fourteen years after I found the camera. It was one lovely afternoon and she was running around. I thought of keeping the memory alive so I took a photo of her and it stayed there for a long time, late


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