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Her Cursed Obsession

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Ozzy
  • Chapters: 75
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 7.5
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Genesis was s*ck*d into a completely different world from her own and embarked on a quest to return to the one place she could call home. But how could she accomplish that when the one person who could assist her was none other than the Devil herself—a being who has a long history of refusing to give anything away for free? Some said the son of the Queen of The Dark World, was incapable of desiring anyone, but the ruler of Hell never gave that thought. Others claimed the devil never intended her son to be betrothed to anyone. But what Genesis didn't know, is that she will be given that task– a task considered by many as the 'Impossible'. "Why? You smell different. Your eyes seem a little off. How in the world did you get here? Say something, or I'll kill you!" With eyes that demonstrated his homicidal intent, Zachary angrily yelled at the meek woman, tightening his hold around her neck. "Y… you can choose t… to hurt me all you want but that won't change the fact that all I see is a heart that desires love." Genesis used what little strength she had to utter.

Her Dream

"Run Genesis! Run! They are right beside you. You need to run faster!" There it was again, that voice. That voice seemed to pop out from a random corner, but again, she cast her gaze to the darkness behind her while her legs did the only thing they knew best- take her as fast as she could go.

Of course, she expected it. The source of that outcry was never to be known, instead, all she could see were numerous shadows in human figures. Their white eyes did no justice in making the situation look less extreme as they approached her with horses that were too big to be called animals.

She knew things were not adding up, else, what could explain the strange white long silk dress she had on? What could explain the obliviousness to what she was running from and why she was being chased? But if there was one thing that she knew, it would be that they were surely after her life.

What could explain this déjà vu feeling? What could explain that she knew just right that there was something that awaited her presence? Something much more powerful than the 'peasants' behind her but still, her legs chose to find comfort in whatever it would be.

The silence was intoxicating, seeming like she was making an endless run in a void. But she was no fool, her eyes weren't failing her. Her instinct never failed her. She could feel their aura. She could feel the cold that never fails to accompany their presence.

But it was all useless. Her feet were no match for the troops behind her. The faster she seemed to go, the closer they got.

"What do you think you are doing? Is that the fastest your legs could carry you?" Again, that elderly masculine voice echoed from the sky which seemed to be its source. And what followed suit was another round of stacked silence while her legs kept running for her survival.

At last, she chose to ignore the outcry and focus on the only thing that really mattered– finding a way to escape whatever was coming after her.

Seconds turned to moments and moments to minutes until she found herself in that similar badland. That same place that her instinct had mysteriously hypnotized her to go, only for that déjà vu feeling to strike her again.

Ignoring the strange crowd behind her, Genesis halted in her tracks and began to make slow steps towards a greater darkness possessed by the badland with eyes that seemed to be in search of something but what?

That was a question she kept asking herself. Little steps turned out to be long walks until there it was– The Red eyes that dwelled in the darkness.

Fear traveled down her spine as goosebumps took over her skin. The heavy wind could only add to the exaggerated scene. Still, her legs refused to stop. Her curiosity was at its peak. She knew this was not a one-time experience. She could have sworn that she had come across those eyes or it would be better to say she had come across the bearer of those eyes.

Finally, the moment arrived- the moment where the shadow behind that darkness revealed itself, only for Genesis to breathe out the air she had too long stored in her lungs which was accompanied by a loud gasp.

No words could describe what had blessed her sight. Her rationality refused to make an attempt to compose a thought. All she knew was that the view before her was just too clean… too perfect… too beautiful to be true.

"It's you again." She said more to herself than the male before her who had only revealed so little of his face. But it was enough for Genesis to grasp fully, the beauty behind the darkness.

"You shouldn't be here. I won't protect you. I will only hurt you. You should leave." The strange male uttered, more like a whisper but her ears were sharp enough to pick his words.

Those words were like a little gush of wind that could only flow past her ears and was never to be taken into consideration. Instead, this lady chose to continue her steps but just before she could make her second step, a sharp pain pierced her lower body.

Taking a deep sigh and averting her gaze away from the red eyes, Genesis, with a slow pace, cut her glare over to her stomach, only to see a long well-polished silver-plated sword decorated with blood– her blood, pierce through her stomach from behind.

She needed no one to tell her who must have done this. She had let her guard down and had allowed her pursuers to meet up with her. Still, she didn't dare to look behind her as her gaze went back to the red eyes.

She tried moving her mouth, wanting to say something but the task was too much for her weak body. The pain was unbearable.

She cursed inwardly.

"Sleep!" Again, the bearer of the red spoke. The next moment, she began to lose consciousness while her thoughts could only be focused on the fact that she was going to die this way. In the hands of an unknown entity.

"What the heck is wrong with you?! How many times do you need to be told that sleeping at work is not permitted?!" Out of the blue, Genesis jolted up from her deep slumber the instant her boss's voice managed to penetrate through her ear after the seventh attempt.

His eyes showed nothing but murderous intent as he stared at the black-haired lady trying to bring herself back into reality.

"Is this what I hired you to do? To sleep during office hours?" He yelled, in case she didn't get the fact that he was d*mn angry but hell no! His words were useless.

Genesis's thoughts were nowhere close to this man as her consciousness still seemed to be in that strange dream… a dream that seemed too real to be false.

Questions began to dwell in her head. Why did her dreams always have the same occurrence? Who was that red-eyed man? Who were the people with hazel eyes? Why did they wish to hurt her? Why was she dressed in such a manner? What the heck was she doing in such a place?

The moment realization dawned on her, she took her hands to her stomach. Of course, to be sure that it was a dream, to be sure that her stomach had not been damaged.

"Are you even paying attention to me? I don't think I can do this anymore. You have been relieved of your…"

"No sir. I need this job. It was my break and I didn't know when I overslept." Without letting her boss finish his words, Genesis took to her knees and made an outcry. Her eyes dared to dash out tears as her palms rubbed against each other in a continuous back-and-forth motion. All put together to get the mercy of her black-haired boss.

"You shouldn't be here. They know you are here. He won't protect you. They will only hurt you. You should leave. Now!" Out of left field, the boss exclaimed, going off course p to the issue they had at hand.

His angered state was nowhere to be found. The look on his face portrayed someone who had been remotely possessed.

Yes, she could remember those exact words from her dream. They were the words of the red-eyed man.

"Sir, w… what do you mean?" She asked, her eyes searching for him, wanting to get the slightest tone of 'it was all a joke' but nothing was shown.

Instead, with no emotion in his eyes, her boss said. "Leave. They are coming and he won't protect you. The risk you are about to take is not worth it."

Confusion was at its peak at this point. The boss still possessed the look of someone whose mind was nowhere at Genesis. To add to the awkwardness of the situation, his eyes were no longer fixed on her and were now at a random corner.

Of course, Genesis had the same thoughts as every other normal would have. Questions came after questions but she could only repeat the same question she had earlier asked her boss.

"Sir, what are you talking about? Who's coming and why do I need to be protected from them?!"

The Information

What followed was a wave of dead silence as Genesis still had her confused gaze glued to her boss.

Seconds passed, but still, there was no response from her boss; instead, he continued throwing his sight into every random corner of Genesis' little office as long as it wasn't her face.

Genesis didn't want to sound like a mad woman, and neither did she want to think that she was getting insane, but wouldn't it be right to say that things weren't adding up? Why the sudden change of attitude from her boss? Why does his face scream that he has said something that he shouldn't have uttered?

She said nothing, though. She was not going to waste any more of her strength questioning her boss. He wasn't going to respond, of course.

"You know what?! I am giving you one last chance to redeem yourself. If I see any form of incompetency, then you are leaving!" Suddenly, her boss exclaimed. The anger in his voice was back, and his eyes were now focused on her.

Any othe


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