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God of Apocalypse

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In a parallel dimension, a global catastrophe unfolds, shattering order and reducing the world to wastelands where only a fraction of survivors cling desperately to life. Carrying a fragmented Supreme Deity, Ye Zhang traverses from another realm. Armed with railguns, thunderous fruits, electromagnetic storms, and a titanium-gold body, this is the apocalyptic rampage journey of a true man amidst the chaos.

Chapter 1 Crisis, Vitality!

Cold, piercing, as if countless ants were gnawing at his flesh, Ye Zhang's consciousness drifted alone in the ocean of pain. In the midst of a chaotic consciousness, there seemed to be a faint and distant laughter:

"Subject 416, I really appreciate you. Electric shocks, drowning, high temperature, low temperature, sleep deprivation... You managed to endure all these rounds of high-intensity experiments, and these, not many of my elite soldiers could accomplish."

"...I remember the initial records in the experimental file. You were just a yellow trash without any training, with physical fitness slightly below the average standard of ordinary people. It's surprising that someone like you could survive until now."

"Unfortunately..." The voice disappeared for a moment, and after a brief silence, other vague voices, as if from a far distance, drifted into consciousness:

"416, how are you?"

"...He actually made it through again. It seems that the b*tch doctor hasn't grown tired of playing."

"...Really can't believe this kid has such willpower."

"Too bad, the more he's like this, the more that b*tch finds it interesting."

"Maybe a clean and simple death is the only relief. Like this, sigh..."

Various indistinct and blurry voices seemed like whispers in the darkness, causing waves in Ye Zhang's scattered will due to extreme pain. still alive.

In Ye Zhang's mental world, it was as if the first ray of light in the world had pierced the darkness. A milky-white sphere, like the gentle winter sun, gradually dispersed the darkness.


Cold, piercing, itchy, numb...various maddening sensations spread throughout his body from the void of the spiritual world, making him emit a rapid, bellows-like breath.

Eyelids twitched slightly, gradually recovering a faint perception of the body, Ye Zhang slowly opened his eyes.

Cold concrete floor, dim light. Rusty steel railings surrounded him tightly, forming a cramped and oppressive steel prison. Through the gaps in the railings, one could see a dark space filled with dozens of such cages.

In the cages, one after another numb-looking prisoners were confined. The air was filled with a mixture of dilapidated and unpleasant odors—blood, sweat, excrement—various scents mingled, stimulating the sense of smell.

"Ha, stinking b*tch, I won!"

In the prison cell, Ye Zhang lay on his back, gasping for breath as if a drowning man reaching the shore. At this moment, his body still felt like it was being gnawed by countless ants. This was the aftermath of being subjected to high-frequency bioelectric currents on the experimental table—his muscles and nerves were paralyzed, some even atrophied and necrotic, causing excruciating pain akin to a torturous ordeal.

This pain, like flames engulfing him, like a thousand knives cutting into him, manifested as a tingling, aching, numbness, and itching that would make every inch of skin and every pore tremble—indescribable agony.

As the numbness began to recede, Ye Zhang moved his limbs, and upon realizing that he hadn't lost the ability to move, a twisted smile appeared on his face due to the pain:

"This d*mn hell mode at the beginning..." "I wonder if there's a transmigrator luckier or unluckier than me?" "Why am I not a useless young master of the XX family? Why don't I have a cute maid? Why am I not reborn to rectify regrets?" "Even if I could go back and buy some Bitcoin..."

Lying on the ground, Ye Zhang's mind was filled with strange thoughts, attempting to divert his attention and alleviate the pain on his body.

This wasn't Ye Zhang's first time experiencing this unbearable hellish ordeal. As an unfortunate member of the transmigrator lot, Ye Zhang simply watched a meteor shower, then, without warning, was struck by a stream of light and found himself in this unfamiliar world.

As if fate had directly chosen the hell mode for him, when Ye Zhang opened his eyes, he was already the "experimental subject" in this mysterious and cruel underground research facility, with no room for resistance.

From a mediocre office worker in his previous life, he had turned into an experimental subject akin to a lab rat. In the three months since his arrival through the transmigration, he had undergone more than one torture-like potential development experiment.

High temperature, high pressure, low temperature, low pressure, various frequencies of bioelectric current stimulation, continuous sleep deprivation for seven days or even longer, prolonged sensory deprivation in absolute darkness and sealed spaces... the pain endured during these experiments, meant to explore the potential of life and unravel the mysteries of human awakening, was unimaginable for ordinary people.

Including Ye Zhang, all the prisoners in this prison were like helpless mice. Most prisoners who entered the laboratory either died on the spot or suffered nerve necrosis or complete mental breakdown, turning into lunatics, idiots, or dementia, and were dissected on the autopsy table once they lost their research value.

For many, complete death in the experiment would be a kind of relief.

With a death rate of over fifty percent, Ye Zhang's life and willpower, against all odds, displayed a miraculous tenacity, wavering between life and death time and time again, persisting until now!

Now, Ye Zhang himself couldn't remember how many times he had survived from the hands of the "b*tch" who conducted the experiments. He was no longer the panicked, weak, and despondent office worker from three months ago.

"...Are you awake?"

At this moment, a hoarse inquiry broke the silence. It seemed that the other prisoner noticed that Ye Zhang's consciousness had awakened. In the cage opposite, a gaunt prisoner couldn't help but ask in a low voice:

"416, how are you? What experiment did that b*tch choose for you today?"

In the dim and cramped prison cell, Ye Zhang propped himself up with both hands, veins bulging on his forehead. Gradually, he sat up, enduring the pain.


He sat leaning in the corner of the prison cell, slowly turning his head to look at the cell opposite and said slowly, "My name is Ye Zhang, not some 416!" Meeting Ye Zhang's gaze, the prisoner opposite felt a sudden palpitation in his heart. What kind of gaze was that? It was like flames burning fiercely in an icy ocean, resembling a dying beast in despair—agonizing and cold, silent yet fierce, crazy yet resilient!

This prisoner was startled by Ye Zhang's beast-like gaze and dared not speak again. Ye Zhang ignored the prisoner opposite, slightly closed his eyes, adjusting his breathing, like a lone wolf licking its wounds. In the cell diagonally opposite, a thin man heard Ye Zhang's words and spoke with a desolate expression, 'It's not just you; we all have names, but now they're meaningless. Since we entered this place, the outcome has been predetermined—whether we die early or late is the only difference. What does a name or number matter?'

Ye Zhang glanced at the speaking prisoner, leaned against the railing, and chuckled, "Don't you understand this principle? Remembering your name also allows you to remember that you're still a person, giving you hope to get out."

"Hope to get out?" In another cell, a disheveled prisoner seemed to be provoked, laughing bitterly, "41...Ye Zhang, there are over thirty fully armed guards in the entire research base, and that b*st*rd Di Ruisi is a powerful Awakener. He can slaughter all of us bare-handed. Tell me, where is the hope?"

"Indeed," another sunken-eyed prisoner said in a low voice, 'Even if, by some chance, we escape the base, what then? Outside is an unknown wilderness without maps or the location of gathering places, without food and water, without sufficient weapons, ammunition, or transportation. How far can you go? The mutated creatures roaming the wilderness will show you what true terror is. Compared to becoming a miserable pile of excrement in the wilderness, quiet waiting for death in the base might be a better choice for us.' He chuckled self-deprecatingly, 'At least here, there's food, clean water, and a chance for a peaceful sleep. No need to fight for a meager amount of food every day or worry about radiation monster attacks. Even if we die, we'll die well-fed, right?'

Most of the prisoners in the prison were scavengers from the lowest rungs of society before being captured. Compared to the perilous life in the wilderness, where they fought daily for a little food and water amidst lurking dangers, the prison life with twice-daily food distributions seemed more acceptable.

"True, 416, give up unrealistic fantasies..." Several seasoned prisoners remained expressionless, silent, showing no sign of opposition. Obviously, they had long given up all hope.

"What you say makes sense, but I'm different from you lot." Scanning these lifeless beings, Ye Zhang sneered, then fell silent. This world seemed to be another Earth in a parallel timeline. The prisoners in the prison were all East Asians with black hair and eyes, and language posed no obstacle to Ye Zhang. However, even without contact with the outside world, Ye Zhang roughly knew that this strange parallel world had undergone an unprecedented catastrophe, filled with unimaginable cruelty and danger everywhere. The Awakeners and mutated creatures mentioned by his fellow inmates were dangerous entities that ordinary people could hardly contend with.

This also meant that Ye Zhang, as an ordinary person without mutations or any special abilities, had an almost zero chance of escaping the base and surviving in this world! However, while these prisoners were willing to silently wait for death here, Ye Zhang had no intention of doing so.

"With this one, it should be enough..." Paying no attention to the outside world, Ye Zhang's eyes seemed to have icy flames burning deep within them. As he muttered softly, his spirit became extremely calm, and his consciousness suddenly plunged into a vast white spiritual world. At the center of the ethereal spiritual world, a pale, lifeless sphere floated silently, motionless.

"Database list!"

"With Ye Zhang's mental invocation, an unimaginable message suddenly appeared in his mind:

【Manifestation Power Unit】: 1024

Database List:

【Super God Water】: Grade D. From the world of "Dragon Ball," a divine item owned by Master Roshi, containing a potent poison. If consumed by a creature and they resist the intense poison, it can trigger the untapped potential, enhancing the user's combat power. The degree of enhancement depends on the creature's race. (1000/1024)

【T-Virus Variant】: Grade E+. From the world of "Resident Evil," it recombines genetic factors, gradually achieving controllable biological evolution. Ordinary people have a 30% chance of turning into zombies when used. (800/1024)

【Muscle-Tendon Cleansing Pill】: Grade D+. From various martial arts worlds, it cleanses muscles and tendons, eliminates impurities from the body, alters the user's physique, endows cultivation aptitude, and slightly increases the user's lifespan. (1500/1024)

【Senzu Bean】: Grade D. From the world of "Dragon Ball," it rapidly restores stamina and certain injuries, ensuring the user won't go hungry for ten days. (Information missing, unable to manifest)

【Golden Cloth of Pegasus】: Grade A. From the world of "Saint Seiya," it is an artifact with the protection of the goddess Athena. Only those with a strong cosmos and the Seven Senses can wear the Golden Cloth and unleash its true power. (Information missing, unable to manifest)

【Gauss Sniper Rifle】...【EVA Unit-01】...【Xiongbing Tiger Soul】... Over a dozen pieces of information flowed through, but except for the first three, all carried the tag of missing information.

The vision now appearing in his mind was the culprit for Ye Zhang's transference to this world. It was also his hidden trump card, cultivated through enduring in this cruel underground base, serving as his sole lifeline in the face of this deadly crisis!"

Chapter 2 Cellmate

Although it was a hellish beginning, like many in the vast army of transmigrators, Ye Zhang was not entirely without support.

Since finding himself in dire straits after the transmigration, he had, by chance, discovered something in his mind beyond his understanding.

A peculiar 'light sphere' and inside it, bizarre information.

This thing seemed to be the culprit responsible for his transmigration into this parallel dimension. According to the information in his mind, Ye Zhang speculated that the mysterious light sphere in his head seemed to possess the ability to materialize fantasy items, much like a famous big light sphere.

Ye Zhang couldn't be sure if the mysterious light sphere in his mind was the legendary main god. However, the contents exchangeable by this light sphere in his mind were quite limited. Despite his extensive exploration, he could only find a meager list of about a dozen items, and apart from the 'Ultra God Water,


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