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Game of Lust: Cursed to be blessed with amazing ladies

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"Ahhh!!!" I was horrified when I saw the seductive monster, whose beauty couldn’t be described with words, trying to s*ck my blood with her two sharp fangs. Feeling that I had woken up, she stopped for a moment, surprised; then, her monstrous captivating face turned into an immaculate face when her two fangs shrunk. "Is my food still alive? In short, it won't be for long." She spoke to me before starting to erratically sniff while licking my neck... -Bite!! Hell! What world did I land in?! ------ After he awakens his hybrid powers... caused by an attempt at turning, Kasel, who has barely yet mastered his mysterious powers, suddenly finds himself involved in chaos; following Scarif’s invasion by fanciful races that are hostile to their planet’s natives. On which side will he stand to ensure his survival and that of his loved ones while being abhorred and hated by everyone? His thrilling hell is just beginning.

Thus, my hell began.

"Ahhh!!!" I was horrified when I saw the seductive monster, whose beauty could not be described with words, trying to s*ck my blood with her two pointed fangs.

Feeling that I had woken up, she stopped for a moment, surprised; then, her monstrous face turned into a flawless look when her two fangs shrunk.

"Is my food still alive? In short, it won't be for long." She spoke to me before starting to sniff while licking my neck erratically...

'Tsk, it's probably because of one of Mike's assh*le's jokes.' I say to myself, remembering Mike, one of my friends who is the only one who knows my strange secret; I am obsessed with vampires.

Yes, since I was a child, I have dressed up as a vampire during Halloween parties. Even now, my cupboard is filled with manga and anime only on Vampires. But with age, Mike, who is now the captain of the university basketball team, calls me a kid who could not give up his childhood dreams.

This d*ckhead! However, he knows that I have fragile health with my heart that had been operated on following a major accident. Sigh, keep calm, Kasel, and above all, don't panic. You will make the video they are shooting in secret more ridiculous if you ever panic.

I say to myself while enjoying the sweetness of this celebrity girl who is so gifted in acting that it becomes scary. Her mint breath and the contact of her body against mine make me peaceful. Even if it seems a little strange and hard to believe, I still prefer to mention it; I'm not a perv!

I mean, who wouldn't be excited to see one of the Hollywood actresses make such scenarios? Even if I exaggerate a little, I must admit that Mike is f*cking lucky~; I even envy him sometimes. Even if I'm not as handsome as models, I'm surprised myself sometimes when I stop in front of the mirror. When I see this handsome man with blue eyes and curly black hair staring at me, only one question constantly comes to mind...

For the love goddess's sake, how is such a man single even after high school?! Even if I don't have an athlete's body like Mike's, my charm is far superior to his! Tsk, Tsk, girls nowadays are too calculating. I even once wondered if the goddess of love cursed me.

"Sigh, he dared to drink it!" After being satisfied with sniffing me like a cute little puppy, she spoke in a cold tone that left me indifferent.

My sweety star, who do you think you're bluffing? If I hadn't drunk this d*mn tranquilizer, do you think I would have let myself be sexually harassed by you? No chance! Even if you are so... no, it will never happen! I am a man, not a degenerate, who will let you go to the end!

But even if I couldn't see her clearly, I could always see the fake anger that seemed so natural to the point of making me shiver; she's... cute? Too cute, to be exact. That's why I'm convinced that she is an actress, an average person will not be able to simulate such expressions; it's impossible.

Mike, that's a f*cking lucky guy. It is not because you were born with a diamond spoon in your mouth, an athletic body that makes university girls salivate... that it gives you the right to show off your girlfriends in front of a friend. What a ba*tard!

I couldn't scream or make a rough move, but I could always talk. "Hey, how long do you plan to last this stupid game with me?" I asked in a fly voice.

It was because of the tranquilizer that I used to think it was one of the strange mixtures that Mike had left for me. Because this d*ckhead constantly harasses me with the new creations of his family's companies that are sellers of the most famous wines in the world.

But how could I have guessed that he would make me such a bad-taste joke? And why does this girl, who wears red lenses on her eyes to better play her role as a vampire, ask me this stupid question when she already knows the answer?

"Tsk, my luck was terrible today. First, I was pursued by these hunter dogs, then my 200 years of hard work to get my hands on this potion that everyone thinks was nothing more than a legend was consumed by a cattle that escaped from his cell." She replied with an ironic smile that carried malice in it.

Even if I know it's just staging, I swear I had uncontrollable chills all over my body. My instinct now forces me to trust this girl no longer. I mean, is it even possible to have such a threatening presence while being apathetic? Only the experienced assassins I had seen in movies could do so. Do I want to go home now? No, I absolutely have to go home. Having this kind of chills once again will probably kill me; my heart is not at its top.

Having concluded this thought in my subconscious, I had not even paid attention to what it meant when talking about "cattle escaped in a cell." First, I'm not a cattle, and secondly, if you hadn't drugged me and brought me here, I wouldn't be in this medieval room that is only slightly lit by candles...? No, they look like magic stones that have been seen in fanciful films. You have to be crazy to have such hobbies; precisely, I think this girl is a psychopath!

And then, Mike knows my heart's fragility; he won't dare to go so far with me.

That's why,

I tried to move my hand to help my frail and numb body, to get up on the black and white tiles to get away from her. Even if I wasn't convinced, my subconscious kept shouting at me an even crazier sentence than my current fear: what if it wasn't a joke in the end? Is she really...a psychopathic killer who likes to dress up as a vampire to kill her prey?!

I was always convinced that she was not a vampire; I mean, is it even necessary to ask me this question?! But one thing was for sure, the Frisians that had cooled my veins were real! In other words, this dangerous; I could confirm it by hearing her subsequent actions.

When she saw me struggling to get up, she seemed to have understood that I was afraid of her; as a result, she giggled softly like a seductive demoness before helping me stand up. But just when I thought everything would soon return to normal, she pushed my frail body, which did not have the slightest strength, onto the king-size bed that had pure white sheets, like a princess's bed.

"!" Ohhh, my goddess! Did your curse finally break down? Why is she pushing me onto the bed? Isn't it supposed to be the opposite? Sigh, I may not be a virgin, but I would be happy to give you my tenth time without any problem.'

I would have liked to say these words if the situation were otherwise. But my fear really got the better of me after seeing her actions. Such a woman will never invite a person into her princess bed in this way.

But I didn't have time to think about it too much when I saw her join me on the bed! She approached her perfect face mine and murmured to me with an erratic tone that resembled the voice of someone thirsty for lust!

"Hah~ hah~~, you won't go anywhere as long as there is a drop of this potion circulating in your veins. I will empty you of your blood and reduce you to the state of the dried mummy as punishment."

Hearing her melodiously seductive voice, I wanted to be her Maestro to learn to sing, but it was at this precise moment that my hell in this new world began!

Her two beast fangs resurfaced as she lasciviously tore my white hoodie with a skull drawn on it in white-black, and above all, which had cost me a fortune! Then, she began to lick my neck once again before I suddenly felt an electric tingling in my neck!


"Huh? ...Hell! Has she truly bit me?" I wondered with disbelief at a low voice that could not be raised. But strangely, I was quieter when I realized she was sucking my blood rather than opening my stomach to sell my organs. You would surely understand this feeling of tranquility if you were in my place. The feeling of the knife blade under the throat or two fangs? I'll let you choose for me.

I don't know if it was because of my hobby for vampires and fantasy creatures, but for the first time in my life, I felt like I felt what girls felt when they were r*ped while being conscious; by their kinds of guys on top of that!

It could be a good experience, but the frustration she will feel for having trusted the wrong person will certainly become hatred. So I absolutely advise against trying this!

Frustration gradually regained me when I noticed that my body was under the effects of an aphrodisiac. After every sip of blood, I felt leaving my body towards hers, accompanied by an intoxicated feeling. Is it really because of my hobby that makes me react like that? Obviously not! It was probably a similar thing I had read before in my cupboard, which is now a fantasy mini-library. But it didn't matter to me; for now, I must fight for my survival! I must resist and not die like an idiot who commits suicide in the Pacific sea just because he likes to swim.

But when I tried to free myself from her grip, I was frustrated by my disadvantage. My books were partly true about this species, who are the gods adored by mosquitoes; no matter how many times I applied my little strength, which was also weakened by the potion if I relied on what this girl had just told me, I could not make her move an inch.

So I made a decision that broke my male pride. But it was only to survive; everyone would do the same thing if they were in my place, maybe.

Had she sunk her fangs in my neck? Very well, I also slowly opened my mouth with the last remaining stamina and showed my white teeth, and bit her on her shoulder by putting everything I had left of strength and will! Since she was wearing a purple fantasy sundress, her silky white skin was exposed in front of my mouth. I know it may have been a little strange to do this useless action since I was not one of them, but it was the only option for me to surprise her so that she would not empty me of my blood; I had to survive at all costs! I am convinced I have a better and more exciting future ahead of me; after all, this is only my first year of university. But more importantly, I'm only twenty years old!

But the most frustrating and unhappy thing for me was to see that my actions did not have the expected effects I expected. She was certainly surprised to the point of strangely shuddering when she felt my la 'fangs' against her pulpit, but she didn't let me go! On the contrary, I could swear that my resistance only excited her and pushed her to the end of her 'cannibalism'.

Soon, I could feel that the last moments were near. Even if I did not feel extreme pain (because of the effects of her fangs), I could feel my consciousness sink into darkness following indescribable dizziness that had targeted me because of my excessive blood loss.

'Hah... I hope to meet a goddess who will grant my wish in my other life.' I wanted to say these strange prayers granted to my only goddess, whom I began by worshipping as soon as I knew of the curse she had thrown at me.

In the end, it was just an excuse; I just didn't want to die. Doing such prayers would mean that I accepted my death, so I prefer not to pray to show this terrible and hideous reaper that I was not ready to meet her!

That's how I met the dominant vampire who only wanted me for her, but above all, that's how my hell began

Thus, I became a monster even to the monsters’ eyes!


After an inexact moment, of which I did not know how long it had lasted, I regained consciousness. And unlike before, I had neither vertigo nor physical weakness. I felt like I was waking up in an awful nightmare, and above all, I was convinced that the effects of this tranquilizer had now faded. 'In short, I will burn all my novels after resting; it was a little traumatic!' I addressed myself by slowly opening my eyes.

But instead of being welcomed by the gray ceiling from which I had hung a logo of the Dracula of the fantasy world, it was a grayish white ceiling with drawings of ancient flowers; a Gregorian ceiling that seemed to be the Dracula ceiling of the real world! D*mn, it wasn't a dream!?

I then looked around, and, fortunately, the model-looking monster was not in 'my room'; it was my chance. Yeah, my only and last chance to flee!!

Then, I got out of bed, under the blanket...? Why am I mistreated? She sucks my blood, a


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