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For My Family: Retribution

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Amillia just wants to be a normal girl. She’s had to live in the mortal world and pretend to be a normal person for seven years. After fourteen years of nothing but fighting and trying to help win the war, the break in the mortal world has been a nice one. But much like everything else, all good things must come to an end eventually. She is the third generation of her family, created by the mother goddess, or as they call her majka bozica. She has three sisters, but they have been separated from each other, cursed to not remember who they are due to the Lord of Darkness trying to prevent a prophecy from coming true. A prophecy that is believes to be about the sisters and their three cousins. Since the beginning of time there has been a war of the God’s. The Lord of Darkness not liking the mortals that have been created and rebelling causing chaos everywhere to prove his points that the mortals aren’t worth the time and space that they take up. To prevent the Lord of Darkness from doing too much damage and to attempt to prevent the war from reaching the mortals the other deities all created their own beings with their own purpose, the main one to protect the mortals and the world where the mortals live. A prophecy given states that the four of the third will be the beginning to the end of the darkness all together, inciting the Lord of Darkness to try to prevent this prophecy from coming true. To him, the prophecy is speaking of Amillia and her sisters, not considering the fact that she has cousins as well. At the age of eight Amillia’s parents, who had spent the majority of their time together in hiding, were murdered by demons that are controlled by the Lord of Darkness. Amillia was sent to live with her aunt Gloria and her cousin Taylor. It’s here that Amillia learns that everyone has had some sort of memory spell cast on them and the truth is unknown to everyone, except one, someone who isn’t supposed to be in the world that Gloria lives in, Erik Wyatt, son of


Everything has been so peaceful, it’s been nice. It’s almost as if it’s been a small vacation, but all good things must come to an end eventually. That’s just the way that life has to be. No, it’s not fair, but then again since when has life been fair?

I had been young when everything happened, too young. Much younger than I should have been to be going through and seeing what I’ve seen. Sometimes that happens. This is my life though, there’s no escaping it, sadly my destiny has been set by choices that weren’t my own. 

For the last few years here, I have played my part, kept my head down, been the good little girl that I’m supposed to be, and yet, everything is still changing. Isn’t change just so much fun? The only thing that can be considered normal and yet so unpredictable and understated. 

This place has changed, a lot. This doesn’t seem as if it’s the same place I had once lived, and yet, it is. Luckily, this place hasn’t changed as much as the rest of the world has, I’m actually ashamed of the way that everything has turned out, and I honestly can’t state my opinion about the rest of the world and how it has turned out. Mostly all I do is shake my head and avoid the news to be completely honest about it.  

But this land, it’s majestically beautiful and peaceful. This is the place where I born, in a different time of course. When I first came back here and noticed that even though the population has grown, the land here has remained the same, I was shocked. It’s natural and the people live off of it and all the life here is as it should be. Maybe not all is lost yet. 

Before I decided to finally settle here, I explored the worlds. I had to see what all there is out there other than the place that I grew up, and that I did. I’ve only ever been to this world twice though, once from the time I was born until my parents had been brutally murdered, and now. It’s been seven years of peaceful bliss here and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it. 

It's taken some time to adjust to living among the mortals. See, where I came from is nowhere near like this world. Isolation, that’s the key, trust no one because no one can be trusted. Everyone lies and everyone has skeletons in their closet that they don’t want anyone else to know about. Honestly, I don’t even trust some of my family, well most of my family to be exact. They haven’t exactly done much to gain my trust but have done plenty to lose it, that’s for sure. 

I have a tendency to go against the grain. What is normal anyways? I’ve never been normal and I’m not about to start now. Even here, I’m different from everyone else in ways that they would never be able to comprehend. It’s just who I am. 

There’s a reason for everything that happens, just as there’s a reason that I came back here, and it isn’t for a vacation. It’s just been so nice and peaceful while waiting, all though it seems as if I’ve been on a vacation. I’ve made a home here, again, and it’s one very, very comfortable home that I have right now.

This town is a small town placed in a valley surrounded by mountains and trees. There’s only but maybe three ways in and out of the town, and one isn’t even a paved road! Everyone here knows one another, it’s quaint though, and the people for the most part all get along and help one another. There’s much drama, or much of anything for that matter, that goes on in this lovely small town.

Everything that is bought and sold here is made here. The shops are owned by the residents of the town, each one being a “mom and pop” store. It works though because it leaves the people here to be free from the greed of the corporations. Everyone here has a job, a purpose, has a meaning to life and a reason to live, and that’s probably one the main things that is keeping this magical town alive.

I have fit right in with everyone from the moment that I got here. It helps having the same last name as one of the founding families of this town. Of course, I’m not the same Amillia Black that lived here all those many, many years ago, I’m named after a great, great grandmother, or something like that, supposedly. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. How would I ever go about explaining that yes, my family founded this town and help get it established, and yes, I’m the same child that was caught in a tragic battle that happened here. That battle happened just a little over a millennium ago.

See, this is the place that my parents had come too once they found out they were expecting my oldest sister, Sonja. In fact, all my sisters and I had been born in this place, in the home I’m currently in to be exact. Although I must admit the house has been upgraded quite a bit since we last inhabited it. 

When I first returned home I found the spot where my childhood home once stood. Surprisingly I found the foundation and parts of the frame still intact. This truly surprised me considering how long ago the battle happened and all of the damage that had been done during the struggles. It seems as if the people here cherish their history and their past and have therefor kept the origins of the land in pristine conditions. 

No one here ever talks about what actually happened during the battle and on the land where my house, newly renovated and remodeled, is setting. Not that there’s anyone left here that actually knows what happened, the legend has been passed down through the generations. Most people here believe there’s a curse on the part of the land where I live due to the battle that took place, but that’s just not true. Now, if you want to talk about this town and why it’s stayed safe from the influences of the outside world that would be a different story. But where I live, it’s not haunted or cursed. Due to the rumors though the towns people were amazed when I came here and took up my family’s old land (surprisingly we still owned it!) and started rebuilding and making my home here.  

If only the people here could grasp the truth of how horrible what happened had actually been. It’s beyond anything I could ever give justice to try to describe. What happened here is what caused everything else in my life to fall into place, it had been the worst day of my life. It also has made me who I am today. It was the end and the start of a new beginning. 

It Begins Again

I’ve known since I’ve been back that all this peace and tranquility wouldn’t last forever. It’s all been one long waiting game. It’s been nice though because here I’m not who I am, instead I’m just a normal person who grows their own vegetables and herbs and has a small farm that like to sale her homemade goods in a local store to help assist one of the owners to gain some business. 

I’ve come to like the owner of the general store quite a bit, which is surprising considering I hadn’t been a fan of her when I first arrived her. She’s too bubbly and happy, like walking Prozac all the time. It’s annoying. Her store was failing, and it’s a family-owned store she had inherited. After seeing her cry and heartbroken about the failure I decided to help out. I knew for a fact that the stuff I grow and make would be the number one best sellers in this town. No one can do it quite like me.

In all honesty though, Renee is so not the business type of person. The only reason she


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