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Fated To The Elf Princess

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The 18-year-old orphan in her quest for strenght transit's to an enchanted world where her destiny is to save and deliver a supernatural race from the damnation of an evil God, "God Of The Strange". she accepts her fate in this daring adventure that comes with pain and suffering, fighting together with her supernatural friends, Kar and Curl, young Meivs from the Tribist and Biac clans. And in keeping focused on her mission, she falls in love with an Elf Princess which only becomes a struggle when Kar and Curl confesses their love for them.


Old On The Soil,New On The Mind:

    Patches of dark clouds hung as if suspended by the fingers of an emerging, crescent moon.

Drums, throbbing in the heart of the land,a cast of round thatched abodes crowned with unexplainable symbols of peace, but with the impressions of horror.

  Pradai laid offshore,with the winds of the earth blowing like whistles, making a rhythm of no life. The young girl only knew what her mission was and was only concerned with the fact that she had accomplished her mission.

 But then what? How does she get out of the unknown place? she doesn't even know where her journey had brought her to, all she could remember was getting down the mountains after taking the book of the santacas, and of course one which was still with her, but right there on the island she knew not of how she got there, perhaps it must have been the mystic power she had just obtained—she concluded.

   She couldn't sense nor seem to know where the road to home led,"I am certainly lost in this wilderness" Pradai said trying to get up from her laying spot, thinking that it was all a dream and when she got up she would be coming out of her illusion.

She didn't believe that she had left her home, peaceful and full of life, to an obsolete island, more or less a deserted village. 

Her thought of defeat brought along a realization that something was wrong. There was no way she could finish the finals. Poor girl—couldn't even feel herself. 

"I must be going insane, perhaps I should look around to see if I could get anything for a shelter first,and wait for the morning light before tracing my way back home" 

She strolled around in search of woods and materials of shelter and warmth, for the night seems to be dominated with the mocking and ruling of the Queen Moon which mocked the warmth of the night.

   A few steps away, and she seemed to have realised something peculiar, yet weird. The moon was just some meters away from the land!,

"ummm this must be a dream, certainly, what in the world is this? How come the moon is just some meters above my head,wait,this is not the world I know, whoa,is this an enchanted place?" 

   Pradai yelled her dog's name as she became most frightened, even if it was an enchanted place, she failed to acknowledge that. For all that rung in her head was danger. 

"I am dead! No way this is the land of the dead, or is this heaven?" She remembered what she heard about death. When someone died they were either going to hell or heaven, but in her case it doesn't seem to be heaven nor hell, and for a moment of silence she thought that she was in the "upper universe".

"No, that's insane, yes, yes, I am going crazy and crazier right now,God are you there!!!??, Someone answer me... huh? Yes? No? Okay cool this is certainly a joke, but…I remember clearly leaving home, meeting the monk, getting to the mountain, and taking the book of santacas…oh wait did the cave beasts kill me? Maybe they did, but I left the mountain safely with the book,and then here is making sense now, this is a curse!"

   Pradai took off swiftly and without consciousness, like a bear who had just heard her cub scream for help in the face of danger, as she ran deeply and more deeply into the village, just as if she had been hearing sounds but didn't recognize and bother to know what sound it was, the drums throbbing in a distance seemed to be close and more audible, she stopped to observe and listen with her ear instead of continual running and panting.

   She sights a small thatched houses, each separated with fire that harmed not, but burned like a glowing diamond, everything was visible and she didn't have to strain her vision or move closer for the queen moon seemed to be her guide and not just staying and being static, everywhere, all the parts were dominated with the lights from the moon.

It only took a moment of favourable doubt and a touch of fact to realise that the moon was not just some meters above the ground but also lit her path and unrelentlessly followed her lead and covered her track. 

"I will be better off waking up,I swear I will never have to go into a fight that I know very well defeat is on, by the way where are the beings playing the drums, oh another nightmare,or is the universe playing tricks on me, if I am dead, straight up i should know, and not making my soul miserable here!, perhaps it will be wise to go check things out myself".

   Although she had gathered enough courage to go in to check things out in the empty but filled and enchanted territory, she entertained doubts, but something else kept pushing her back, but still, it seemed that another entity, yet stronger than the former, was calling her through just like a magnet.

   Pradai went on limping as if her leg had been damaged in a fight, and taking one step at a time… then she noticed she had been going unwillingly, and all the time something else was pushing her there! 

"Oh Terrible! Why do I feel like ….not normal?......" Just before she could finish her statement, wandering and talking to herself all through, a voice a bit similar to hers, but with a different tone, missed with double voices spoke to her

"Because you're not normal right now, hahahahaha" …with all the energy she could muster up, Pradai began to run, not looking back and not giving consideration on where the voice came from, or whether it was someone who had been following her, because certainly, she was in a different world, but still within the earth she knew, but another dimension– she deemed worthy of belief.

She could be totally wrong, but with her recent encounters she knew she was in danger, and insane indeed!, Because if not she wouldn't be hearing voices from different people– she thought. 

   As she wagered her way through the bush and leafy trees, tall grasses and tall high shrubs, she couldn't stop running even though everything had changed from the time she started running, not only that she didn't see the bush when she was hiding and surveying the whole village surroundings,what she thought she had been seeing very clearly and closely had suddenly disappeared.

No there was no village with thatched roofs, nor was there any with fires raging and glittering like diamonds and the beats of drums. But were they illusions or something that had just disappeared from existence just in a moment, or was she really dreaming?


Long Way From Home

"A whole enchanted world is this really, thank Goodness, no weird voices again" as she stopped in the middle of the green bush to take a rest, she could clearly hear her heart beat like the drums of ancient China, as if she'd been inside the biggest empire drum and the drummer continued hitting the drum with his mighty logs with all might and strength, and it was all going directly to her body then to her heart. 

   She held her chest as it made loud sounds “gbu ghumm, gbu ghumm, gbu gbhumm” She thought of ripping open her chest skin and taking her heart away so she could finally rest in peace. She bent down to get a view of where she might be running to, but nothing except tons of another green bush. She cheered up, for the first time, since the run. 

   She felt peace and life, finally it was like she had seen hope. If she was dead her heart wouldn't be beating. She was alive. And as she wandered on it, the voice that had seemed to depart her c


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