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Dragon Rider

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In the realm beyond, a dragon knight gallops through the skies dominated by state-of-the-art fighter jets. Transformed into a steel-clad aerial war machine, the colossal dragon soars through the heavens, weaving a tale of two worlds' sky knights in pursuit of their own glory. Picture the romance unfolding at an altitude of 30,000 feet! Beneath the vast expanse of the firmament, who shall vie for supremacy? Meet Lin Mo, our protagonist, embarking on a thrilling odyssey where the boundaries between man and machine blur. In a world where high-tech fighter planes reign supreme, Lin Mo transforms into a dragon knight, a formidable fusion of ancient legend and cutting-edge warfare. As the steel-clad dragon takes to the skies, a symphony of thunderous roars and supersonic winds follows in its wake. Lin Mo, a seasoned warrior with a name echoing through the annals of two worlds, embarks on a quest for glory and honor. In the ethereal expanse, where the boundless heavens meet the Earth, the clash of titans unfolds. Brace yourself for an epic tale of valor, rivalry, and the relentless pursuit of greatness. Who shall emerge victorious in this celestial duel? The answer lies beneath the azure sky, and the saga of Lin Mo, the dragon knight, is about to unfurl with unparalleled grandeur. Prepare to be swept away in a riveting narrative that transcends realms and beckons readers into a world where the clash of swords and the roar of engines converge. Beyond the clouds, a thrilling adventure awaits, and the question persists — under the vast firmament, who will seize the pinnacle of glory? Dive into the immersive world of Lin Mo, the dragon knight, and let the skies bear witness to the unfolding epic.

Chapter 1

**Chapter One**

The protracted war between the Tesi Empire and the Sylan Empire had transformed newly recruited soldiers, initially recoiling at the sight of severed limbs, into battle-hardened warriors indifferent to life and death within a matter of days.

Here, the term "veteran" merely applied to those who survived for three months without succumbing on the battlefield. Soldiers conscripted from the empire's provinces relentlessly gathered in the central Helar Mountains, charging headlong into a zone where blades and death danced in unison. [Latest updates available at...]

Months invested in the conflict had turned surviving veterans into true human killing machines. Eyes now cold and devoid of empathy, these warriors, upon retreating from the last enemy line, collapsed in exhaustion before reaching the barracks, only to awaken, eat, and eagerly await the trumpet's call to charge back into the fray. Some, lost in the heat of battle, forgot everything, failed to retreat safely, and met their eternal demise on the battlefield.

High-ranking commanders from both nations grew weary of a war that lingered unresolved after five or six years. Countless battles, diverse tactics, and legion after legion entering the fray had devolved into an uncontrollable war of attrition. The ebb and flow of attack and defense had lost all semblance of order. Daily commands from headquarters became mechanical, requiring no enforcement, as soldiers reflexively, and hoarsely, followed orders to charge into enemy territory. Pain and death became imperceptible in the meat grinder of battle until an enemy dealt the final blow, granting ultimate release.

The elite mages, once haughty nobles, now wore the grime of relentless spellcasting and meditation. Precious magic crystals, once marvels of beauty and wonder, now flowed continuously from the rear, extravagantly squandered. The air behind the battlefield was permeated with the special aroma of magic spices, enhancing focus and stability without needing their expensive dispersal. A mere incantation could successfully cast spells, even without the lavish sprinkling of these costly spices.

In the perilous skies above the battlefield, the supreme rulers of both empires, the dragon knights, became frequent visitors. Becoming a dragon knight required not only various trials and tests but also strength, perseverance, and a stroke of luck. Only the strongest, meeting the stringent criteria, could resonate with the dragon's soul before entering into an equal partnership, sharing glory through a companion covenant. Though rare, those who succeeded rapidly grew into formidable beings through the resonance of their dragon partners.

The Central Helar Mountains had become a dueling ground for aerial warriors from both nations. Heads occasionally lifted to witness colossal dragons roaring across the sky, unleashing fierce breath attacks that created a symphony of screams below. It seemed that even godly figures, such as the mages and sword saints, could fall here without raising an eyebrow, and the invincible reputation of the dragon knights had also crumbled. Almost every month witnessed the demise of at least one dragon knight and their mount, either killed by an equally formidable opponent or tragically wounded and falling into enemy territory.

Out of the registered 105 dragon knights in the Sylan Empire, 61 were concentrated in the Central Helar Mountains, with the remaining 44 guarding the imperial palace. In contrast, the Tesi Empire boasted only a handful of dragon knights. The primary force capable of rivaling the Sylan Empire was the more than 600 griffin and thunder eagle knights, whose collective combat prowess rivaled that of the dragons, thanks to their sheer numbers and coordinated battle formations.

A sharp, eerie sound echoed from a peak above the snow line in the Central Helar Mountains.

Standing at the summit, a black-armored figure played an oddly long flute, emitting a strange and haunting melody. The frigid wind, sharp as a blade, swept through the figure's black steel armor, and a crimson cloak billowed in the wind, resembling a war flag. Rippling waves appeared in the void above the figure's head, and fierce, elongated dragon horns pierced the air. A deafening roar erupted in the airspace above the summit.

The substantial, tangible airwaves from the roar rippled outward like water ripples, dispersing the persistent white frost around the peak. Nearby peaks, shaken by the thunderous roar, triggered avalanches as ancient snow cascaded, spreading, magnifying, and evolving into a thunderous snowslide.

The peculiar hover effect before the dragon descended was a unique void magnetic field possessed only by gold-type dragons. It could counteract gravity, lifting their hefty bodies, a crucial skill given the fragile nature of the terrain beneath. The music of the dragon flute served as a testament to the covenant between the dragon knight and their loyal companion. Conceived ten thousand years ago by the wisdom of both dragonkind and humankind, the ancient pact vowed to combat extraterrestrial threats by leveraging the power and intellect of both species.

Each dragon flute, a witness to the covenant, doubled as a magical artifact, a spatial coordinate, and a storage space. Crafted by alchemists and artisans from both races, these flutes required precious materials and magical craftsmanship. Different dragon flutes produced unique melodies, ensuring that each dragon could only respond to its respective knight's distinctive tune.

The golden dragon, an intimidating weapon covered in sharp blades, unfurled wings resembling a myriad of swords interlocking. Its naturally formed golden armor shielded every part and joint of its body, an exquisite and formidable protection beyond the skill of the most accomplished human craftsmen. Intertwined with dark black secret runes, its claws shattered ancient ice with ease, akin to high-quality steel, and its horns crackled with latent thunderous power, occasionally flashing with electric sparks. The pair of fiery red vertical pupils stared menacingly at the knight, seemingly poised to pounce and tear their adversary to shreds.

"Gold Coin! How's the recovery going?" A young man's voice emanated from beneath the helmet, which concealed his entire head, leaving only a pair of eyes and a thin mist of exhaled breath visible through a cross-shaped sl*t. He seemed entirely unfazed by the dragon's intrusive behavior and even expressed playful intent.

"Hmph! Truly detestable! Now I yearn to face those Tesi Empire pests again for a good showdown. Hehe, Little Morlin, don't you dare kick the bucket. I'd be devastated." The dragon's tail, no longer maintaining its perfect form, seemed to possess a life of its own, regenerating the damaged section at a visible pace. Though capable of rapid recovery, the process significantly compromised its strength.

Chapter 2

Section Two

Having endured a strike from the ninth-level magic scroll "Frozen Thousand Miles," the gold dragon named "Gold Coin" scratched its tail, once resembling an exquisite spear but now damaged and infuriatingly so. The dragon, exuding a hint of malevolence, casually moved its sharp claws, deliberately or not, across the back of the knight's head.

Last night, in the chaotic battle, luck proved to be exceptionally unfavorable. The strategic-level magic scroll, appearing out of nowhere, directly hit the gold dragon. If not for the timely eruption of the knight's entire combat aura to dispel the magic effect, the dragon would have plummeted from a kilometer-high altitude, frozen into a massive ice lump. Despite the gold dragon's pride in its formidable body strength, it would not have shattered into pieces, but it might have been frozen for centuries, seized as a captive. Humans always found ways to exploit extraordinar


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