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Destiny; hard to resist

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in a world where destiny is inescapable, two immortal beings, Karin and Kelvin—also known as Nicholas—find themselves cast out and betrayed by those they once held dear. Their paths cross on Earth, setting into motion a series of events that could alter the very fabric of their existence. Exiled from their mystical realm, they stand as the last beacon of hope for their people. Yet, the choices before them are fraught with peril. Will they join forces to exact vengeance upon those who wronged them? Or will they embrace the tranquility of their earthly lives, abandoning the relentless pursuit of power? But the most pressing question remains: What happens when these formidable immortals, bound by a forbidden attraction, fall irrevocably in love? Will they succumb to the cruel twists of fate, rendered powerless by the very destiny they seek to defy? Or will they shatter the chains of obligation, heeding the call of their hearts for the first time in eternity? Embark on a journey through the tumultuous tides of sorrow, betrayal, and the struggle against an unyielding fate. Dive deep into a tale that promises to captivate your senses and leave you yearning for more. ...



HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO DEFINE IT?                                                                                                                                                                                


an interesting fact of human life…something difficult to explain

Let’s skip it you can just google it …

You still didn’t understand? Did you?                                                                                                                                                                                

Let me explain it then…

Look around you there must be a wall go near it and start punching it...

Punch it until you are tired

Punch and just punch

Now stand back and look at your hands.

Is it bleeding? [yes]

Is it hurting? [yes]

Now take a look at the wall.

Did something happen? [no]

Is there even a slight after-effect other than the wall painted red? [no]

I am asking an obvious question, right?

You must have thought I am insane...

Some of you let me correct myself most of you or perhaps all of you even try punching because you already know it’s useless. Right? You already knew nothing was going to happen. So, what’s the point of hurting yourself?


Perhaps one in a million would try it... but in the end, he will end up hurting himself. Nothing else will happen it's all useless


Now, consider that wall “a wall of your destiny” and consider your bloody hands and those painful efforts you made to change it

Nothing happened to your destiny. Right? Only you got tired and hurt ...


Well, it’s hard to resist, impossible to change, cruel but amazing fact of life...

No one will try to change because he/she is clever enough to know it's useless…

        ~that’s what destiny is



………but if one in a million tries to change it then what will happen?............


[2 centuries later after the tragic death of the immortal queen]

21 years back

The year 2002

It was the onset of winter, and a solitary room in the far corner of the city glowed against the night’s canvas. The Villa of Evans, a beacon of opulence, stood apart from the rest. Within its walls, the well-known and affluent Evans family resided.

Inside, the room was warmed by a crackling fire, where Mr. Evan sat in contemplation. Beside him, Ms. Evan tended to their son, who lay restlessly on the bed. The air was thick with unspoken worries until Ms. Evan’s voice pierced the silence. “It seems… he will be our only son.”

Mr. Evan, crossing the room with purpose, reassured her, “He is enough.” Yet, a wistful note lingered. “Yes, but I had also hoped for a daughter.”

The sudden peal of the bell cut through their exchange. Moments later, a servant’s knock echoed at


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