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Cultivator Renegade

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The street ruffian traverses a parallel dimension, inhabiting the body of a destitute young master from a noble lineage. With a mind adorned with remnants of arcane arts, sometimes efficacious, sometimes capricious, and a heart harboring mischievous and morally ambiguous intentions, witness his adeptness at maneuvering through the ruthless realm of cultivation, determined to lead a life of luxurious spiritual cultivation. Ah...the Phase-Through-Walls Charm, a tool employed to clandestinely indulge in the fragrance of the neighboring maiden

Chapter Prologue

In the scorching heat of July in Wuhan, the sky was ablaze with intense sunlight. By just nine in the morning, the blistering sun had already begun to exert its influence, making people itch and sweat profusely.

Hanzheng Street.

Those who have visited Wuhan know this street, and even those who haven't have heard its name, for it has quite a reputation. Since ancient times, it has been a gathering place for merchants, and this tradition continues to this day. In the morning, the street comes alive with various activities—opening shops, buying goods, wholesale transactions, and those looking for a little excitement—all converging from all directions, creating a lively and bustling trading scene.

However, at this moment, the three approaching figures were clearly not there for business transactions.

The leading man, in a black T-shirt and black leather pants, appeared to be in his twenties. His hair, long and short, black with a touch of white, fell down his shoulders. Wearing black sunglasses, he walked with a swagger, occasionally scratching his scalp with his pinky finger, seemingly unconcerned about the people around him. Even if someone happened to offend them, the most they would feel is a sense of disgust, as no one dared to provoke these individuals, as if his face bore four big words... I am a ruffian.

Of course, the ruffians on Hanzheng Street were not to be underestimated, and the two companions with him were also quite formidable. Shaved heads, black tight-fitting tank tops, outlining powerful physiques—seeing these two, even the timid would feel a shiver in their legs.

As the three approached, they quickly reached their destination—a recently opened shop, its entrance covered with firecracker remnants.

"Dragon and Tiger Physiognomy."

The leading ruffian adjusted his sunglasses, looked up at the sign, yawned lazily, pushed the glass door open, and entered the shop.

The interior of the shop was simple in decoration, with white walls and ceilings adorned with a few orchid pots. It was evident that they hadn't invested much in the decor. However, in the lobby, there were several valuable redwood sofas, and despite the early hour, the air conditioning had already created a refreshing and comfortable atmosphere.

The ruffian leader, with a discerning eye, nodded silently. The shop owner probably had money; collecting protection fees today shouldn't be difficult.

"The environment of this noodle shop is good, but there are no tables. Could it be that customers are meant to stand while eating noodles?" one of the tough-looking companions muttered, prompting a chuckle from a young girl who emerged from the back room.

This young girl was charming, with bright eyes and white teeth. Her laughter had a captivating charm. The leading ruffian's eyes lit up, and he turned to scold his companion, "Idiot! Usually, you don't even bother to read books or watch some educational shows. Lacking in culture, embarrassing us when we're out. This is not just a noodle shop; it's a physiognomy center! Remember! When you're out in society, you need culture!"

After scolding his companion, the ruffian youth turned back to the young girl, flashed a toothy smile, and introduced himself, "I wonder, miss, what's your surname? I'm Ye Kong. The nearby merchants give me face and call me Kong Ge."

Although Ye Kong was courteous, his vulgar language towards his companion left a lasting impression on the young girl. Observing him drop cigarette ash on the ground, the girl frowned and said bluntly, "Sir, please don't smoke here!"

Who is Ye Kong? A ruffian from Hanzheng Street, a local boss. Normally, others had to show him respect. Hearing the girl's words, he felt a bit displeased, especially with that address of "sir." He was only twenty-four this year and still didn't have a serious girlfriend.

"Don't smoke here? Does the lady plan to arrange a bed for me to lie down and smoke?" Ye Kong glanced sideways at the girl, impolitely retorting.

Encountering someone with such a strong personality wasn't easy to handle. However, the young girl was not an ordinary person. She didn't respond verbally, raised her eyebrows, and stared at Ye Kong with her beautiful eyes.

A standoff ensued, but neither side backed down.

Encountering a person with such character wasn't easy. After about ten seconds, Ye Kong raised his hand in surrender, saying, "Alright, alright, I yield to you. Can I put it out now? Ah, nowadays, even finding a place to smoke is a challenge."

This person wasn't bad, showing some awareness. Suppressing her initial anger, the girl spoke again, "I am surnamed Zhao, the owner here. Are the three of you here for physiognomy readings or to choose names and titles?"

Fortune-telling and naming were generally done by older, wiser individuals, preferably with white hair and long beards, the stereotypical appearance of a wise old man. However, today, there was a young girl, and it wasn't clear if it was an attempt to deceive people.

However, Ye Kong didn't care about those details. He walked back and said, "Miss Zhao, I never believe in feudal superstitions, and I won't let others choose my fate. So, you won't get any money from me."

Disbelieving in fortune-telling and calling others swindlers—this statement violated the girl's taboos, reigniting her anger. Suppressing her previous anger, she sternly said, "Then, what brings you to my small shop? Don't waste your time here if you have nothing to do!"

Ye Kong didn't move, still smiling. "Miss Zhao, we are from the Hanzheng Security Company. Seeing that your shop's security is not up to par, we've brought security personnel for you."

The young girl didn't grasp the hidden meaning in his words and immediately declined, "Thanks, but my shop is small, and the business is modest. I can't afford security, and besides, there's no space for them to stand."

Seeing the girl's lack of understanding, Ye Kong continued, "Miss Zhao, your words are not accurate. With an open business like this, there is always the risk of ruffians causing trouble or thieves attempting theft. Moreover, there are people who get their fortunes told and refuse to pay. Having security is a precaution. As for the space issue, don't worry, our security won't interfere unless there's trouble. We won't barge in."

The young girl found it amusing. Ruffians talking about culture and manners—it seemed contradictory. Smiling, she responded after Ye Kong finished speaking, "I understand now. Dealing with people like you requires scaring you off!"

She spoke and made her move, delivering a palm strike towards Ye Kong's chest. Ye Kong didn't flinch, thinking that her slender hands could, at most, tickle him.

But the companion next to him knew the dangers and hastily shouted, "Sister! Don't attack!"

However, by this time, it was already too late; the young girl's actions were faster than her words. Her palm was on the verge of striking Ye Kong's chest, but the senior brother, displaying quick thinking, swiftly intervened. He placed an object he held in his hand in front of Ye Kong's chest, aiming to buffer the force of the palm strike.

A barely audible "snap" resonated.

With that single strike, an eerie scene unfolded. Ye Kong, a substantial figure, inexplicably disappeared in an instant, leaving no trace behind, as if in the previous second, only the air should have occupied that space.

The two junior siblings blinked, then looked up at the girl surnamed Zhao. The fear in their eyes grew thicker. Finally, in unison, they exclaimed, "Mercy, Lady Swordsman!" and then dashed away in a frenzy.

The brother-sister pair, as if temporarily paused, remained motionless. After a while, the young girl withdrew her hand, gazing at her palm with bewilderment. She spoke, "Senior brother, I just wanted to teach him a lesson; I didn't use much strength! Besides, even if I employed all my martial skills, how could I... make someone vanish?"

"I don't know." The senior brother, wide-eyed and perplexed, replied, "I've never seen the Dragon and Tiger Yin-Yang Palm make someone disappear. I've never even heard of such a thing."

The young girl was filled with regret. "How could this happen? Why is he so frail? I hope he's not harmed."

The senior brother tried to console her this time. "Forget it, don't be upset. He's just a rogue; consider it ridding the people of harm..." Before he finished, he suddenly remembered something, staring at his empty hands in shock. "Oh no! The book I was holding just now... Oh dear, that's the treasured mountain-protecting scripture of our Dragon and Tiger Mountain, the complete compendium of talismans!"

"Ah!" The young girl was also taken aback but then said, "That book is not useful; almost all the talismans drawn in it are ineffective. Let it go."

"Oh, what a misfortune! How do I explain this to our master when we return..."

Speaking of misfortune, the most unfortunate was Ye Kong. At this moment, he felt as if he had entered a large vortex composed of gray clouds, unable to see beyond the layers of gray clouds in front of him.

Passing through layer after layer of gray clouds, he didn't know where he had come. Unable to see ahead and unable to stop his body, he felt like a leaf in a tornado, a piece of grass in a whirlpool in the sea, being pulled by a powerful and mysterious force toward the depths of the vortex.

The vortex was extremely distant, so distant that it seemed endless. There was no end to it. Eventually, his eyes became tired, and his thoughts began to blur... he tried to endure it.

But this journey was too distant.

"I, Ye Kong, have committed no great evil. I've done some small good and bad deeds. Ah, collecting protection fees, I hope to wake up... in paradise." He murmured and finally closed his eyes.

I don't know how many years have passed; his clothes were tattered.

Again, countless years passed, and his body was also in ruins.

Finally, everything about him turned to dust in the chaotic flow of this space. The only thing left was his soul.

And protecting his soul was the complete compendium of talismans. At this moment, the physical form of the compendium also dissipated like smoke, leaving only a lingering golden light, guarding Ye Kong's soul. It traversed through billions of miles of the vortex of gray clouds, unsure when the endpoint would appear, uncertain whether the end was indeed paradise...

Chapter 1 First arrival

In the vast land of Cangnan, there lies Anguo, the southern capital.

In the late hours, the sky, however, remained far from tranquil. Dark, rolling storm clouds dominated, and gusts of wild winds unabashedly swept from the heavens to the earth. Amidst the dense cloud layers, serpentine lightning streaked with sharp hissing sounds, intermittently illuminating the edges of a black cloud, as if gathering an immensely volatile energy, poised to unleash a strikingly formidable force at any moment.

Suddenly, a glimmer of golden light emerged from the central crevice of the dark clouds, darting straight towards the ground.

This golden light, to be precise, was a golden radiance, minuscule yet astonishingly swift.

In the blink of an eye, the golden radiance sliced through the night sky, plummeting into the clustered dwellings of the southern capital of Anguo, vanishing without a trace.

A gust of wind followed. The thick and ma


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