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“Prostitute! How dare you sleep with my man? Can't you find a man for yourself? Shame on you, such a dirty pretender! You always pretend to be an angel, while in reality you are a devil!” She yelled, attracting the attention of all the people at the marketplace. “Please, can't we talk li…” Slap. “Shut up.” She exclaimed rudely after slapping me hard on my left cheek that I felt dizzy. I could hear warm tears rolling down my cheeks. Until when would be the world be this cruel to me? I had suffered a lot. Would this be my fate?


I laid on a mat outside our hut, watching the clear blue sky with my brown eyes. The weather was alluring. The sun shone its golden rays upon the earth.

My mind was not at peace, my heart was racing like a broken moving car because of the thoughts that were clouding my mind. I was thinking about my family, ooh no! I wished I could change their lifestyle. Just by thinking that there was nothing I could change, tears started cascading down my chubby cheeks. I got off from the mat, walking towards our hut which was temporarily built.

Still thinking, being a firstborn was not easy. It had its ups and downs especially when one was from a poor background and moreover as a girl, it was even harder.

Anyway, that aside, Blessing Richard was my name ans I was twenty one years old. I finished my secondary education recently at the age of twenty years, but could not continue with college studies because my parents could not afford, as I had already suffered with my primary and secondary education. We were five children in my family. Going to school for me was a miracle because even having two meals per day was not easy. My siblings, as a matter of fact, were always being sent home for school fees, and they were still in primary school what about me who was blessed to see a secondary school door? I had no choice but to thank Almighty God and continue with my life and forget about school.

Being a firstborn I had my share of responsibilities after all I finished high school, so I could do any job to provide for my family even if it were to be a maid because in the twenty-first century, to get a good job one had to have connections and must have studied to college. The younger ones looked up to me and my parents, but I could say I was the one being looked at more because at least I entered a class, as my parents were illiterate.

My thoughts drove me back to fourteen years ago, when my parents took me to school for the first time. Even though I was very late at that age since I was already seven years, I was very excited and considered myself lucky to finally get the opportunity like the other children of my age.

That day I woke up at the crack of dawn as I was eager to go. I went directly to my parents' room and knocked on the door. After sometime, my father opened the door for me, he was astonished to see me at the door at that time, but I didn't care, I smiled at him, and he smiled back. I knew my father was wondering why I got so early, but he remembered that it was my day to join school.

He cleared his throat and greeted,

“Good morning baby girl, I think you are too early it is still at four in the morning, we can't go at this hour”

My father was the best man in my life. He was very loving and caring even though he was poor, he showered us both with love and happiness in our home.

He was a middle-aged man, kind-hearted, curious, handsome and very hardworking, but had no permanent job. Furthermore, he had a dark but shy, flawless skin. Not only that, but he was a humble, patient man and always advising us not to give up in life no matter what, in short he was the best dad ever.

I looked at him and said,

“But dad you know it is my first day, I have to prepare early you know we have to be there as early as possible” My dad just laughed at my curiosity and ruffled my hair. He did not know what to tell me because he knew I was very stubborn. He just nodded his head to mean that I could go and prepare and entered the room. I took off to my room which I shared with my younger two sisters and started preparing myself.

Twenty minute later, my mum came in the room and stared at me with mixed emotions. But at that time I did not know that somebody was at the door because I was busy arranging my two beautiful small pink books in my plastic bag. This was because my father did not have the money to buy a bag for me.

But I did not care, as long as I was going to school, that was enough for me.

My mum cleared her throat and whispered at me so as not to wake up my siblings,

“Baby girl, it is still early. Your dad told me that you are already preparing”

I looked at her and ran to her embraced. She was dumbstruck, but then she relaxed and hugged me too because she understood how happy I was at that time.

My mum was a middle-aged lady who I respected and loved so much. Despite having an incurable disease, she was a bold woman who always talked her mind out. She never feared anyone and at the same time she was loving and caring who would go to any extent to make sure that her family would always be together.

She kissed me on my forehead and without saying anything she also went to her room and I knew immediately that she was also going to prepare.

After some hours, which I could say it was like an eternity to me, we were all ready to go. It was already 0730 hrs. I wore my best dress, which my dad bought for me a year ago. I had no school uniform, that was why. But I was not the only one, as most of the people in that school wore that in nursery school until one was to joined lower primary. My mum also wore her flair dress with slippers, just like me. My dad wore jeans and a big white t-shirt with slippers as well.

At 0750hrs, we were already at the school because it was not very far from our home, so we walked. My father told my mum and I told to wait for him as he was going to the office. We sat under the shade of a tall mahogany tree waiting for him. After about five minutes, my father came and told us to follow him in the office.

I was terrified as I started shaking like a leaf, but my mum held my hand to reassure me that all would be well as long as we were together.

We passed through a smaller gate which was separating the classes and offices. My father guide as through a smaller office which, I thought, was to be a secretary's office, we passed through there in to an adjacent door which was painted blue which was made up with timber. My dad knocked courageously at the door and shortly after, the door was opened, and we entered.

The office was not too big, but it was beautiful somehow with two chairs and a table which contained some files and a computer and some books and a pen. At the other end of the table we saw a middle-aged man who was serious looking at the computer without facing at us. He was somehow handsome and was wearing glasses, which I could point out to be the passport. He had a big belly. After sometime of standing without any word, he faced at us and pointed at the sits, hence my dad and mum sat down while I stood at their side. He looked at my father with an intimidated look, but my father was carefree and got directly to the point,

“So sir, this is my kid that I was telling you about,” while pointing at me. I was terrified and sweat started forming at my forehead rapidly, true be told I was scared to death by just the cold stare the headmaster was directing to me. My mother held me near herself to reassure me that all would be fine. By just the hold from my mum, I got courage and faced the headteacher directly without being intimidated by his look. Actually, I could say he was looking at me like some garbage, but I did not mind as long as my parents were there I knew I was always safe by their side. There was an awkward silence in the office until my father broke the silence and babbled,

“So what do you say sir? Please take her in I know she is very late but better late than never and as you can see, she is a smart and disciplined girl, I know she will pass very well”.

The teacher looked at me again from head to toe, then blamed,

“Why were you two keeping the kid? Because lack of money is not a reason”.

I was very astounded by the headteacher’s words. I knew he was just talking nonsense because if I were to come empty-handed I knew they would not accept me.

I was brought back from my thoughts by the headteacher's deep, cold voice,

“Can you see she is old for nursery classes?” My father did not know what to say because it was true I was old to be in nursery school for three years again, but I kept encouraging myself that I could do that.

The headteacher stood up abruptly and said to the young man who I suspected to be a teacher,

“Call the deputy headteacher to deal with these people, let me go and check."


After the headteacher took off, the young man also walked away using another door and later came out with a lady who was wearing elegantly, whom I supposed was the deputy teacher. The women walked to where the headteacher was sited and faced us. Already after coming with the deputy, young teacher walked away living us.

After sometime, I heard the headteacher saying,

“can you please give me the details of the child? I am busy I can't just sit here and look at you people” She was arrogant, but I did not care because after all she was not concerned with my age and such like things like the headteacher.

My father then gave her my details, which she was typing at the computer without looking up. And just like that, I was admitted in that school ooh wow!! How happy I was like a toothless old woman.

Afterwards, we got out of the office after finishing the procedure. My parents and I followed the deputy to my class. She was guiding us, actually. We walked witho


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