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Centurial Commoners Game: Mistress Of Pluviophile

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Kyubi
  • Chapters: 24
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 8
  • 5.0
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In the world called Apophyllite. There's a Kingdom named the Seleno Kingdom that holds an event called Centurial Commoners Game or CCG every hundred years to celebrate the Kingdom's establishment for the eighteen-year-olds who have the skill called Philè - the term people used in Apophyllite that means magic. Salana Tempest - an eighteen-year-old girl that reincarnated to Apophyllite, she's a former human that carried the same name and died due to the betrayal of her friends. She became one of the candidates for the game, and despite being regarded as one of the weakest candidates, she chose to push her luck in order to win the prize, which is to be one of the kingdom's nobility.

Chapter 01: Ms. Perfect

Salana's P. O. V

I heard many students of this school shouting and praising my name while I'm walking to the corridor...

"Salana! Your beauty is can compared to an angel!" Someone shouted. So, I smiled at where the person was. "Thank you, you are handsome too." I said. He then blushed and smiled broadly. After that, I continued my walk towards my classroom. And, there are a lot of people who complimented me and I complimented them back.

Before I forget,I will introduce myself now. I am Salana Tempest. I am an eighteen-years-old grade twelve student that lives in San. Fernando Pampanga. I am the only daughter of Melissa Mandar Tempest and George Redo Tempest. They were both flight attendants, so I am all alone in our house whenever they go to their work. I never complained about that as I know, they work so hard because of my future. I have so many friends that I entrusted the most, one of them is Bonny Cabase, my closest friend since I was little. As you witnessed a while ago, I'm quite popular at the school as they said I'm near to be a perfect girl that I doubt. I'm not as special as they think, I only have a simple physical appearance like, I have an inverted egg-shape face, straight black hair, shallow brown eyes, pointed nose, pinkish small and thin lips. My body measurements are thirty six - twenty five - thirty five. My height is one point sixty nine meter, and my weight is fifty four kilograms.

"Salana!" I heard Bonny shout my name that made me think back to my mind. When I looked where he was. I saw him waving at the canteen's door. Gezzz, he's really voracious. I walked towards where he is now, and when I came near to him we did high five.

"What are you doing here? The class is about to start," I asked. He just smirked at me. "Well, I don't care about the class. My priority are the foods here in canteen." He said, and it made me laugh.

"You're very stubborn. Okay, let's eat first. My treat!" I beamed. Bonny smiled and held my left hand. Then, we walked inside the canteen.

"By the way, Lana. Our other friends want to go to Mount Sinukuan by the weekend, are you in?" Bonny asked. I looked at the ceiling of the canteen to think.

"Uhmmm, why you guys want to go there?" I asked. Bonny looked at me and grabbed his chosen food which are two burgers and one large fries to the canteen server. "They want to investigate if the paranormal activity to the mountain is true." Bonny answered. I nodded many times and grabbed my thai milk tea.

"Oh, the voices and other unexplained things that cough on hikers' cameras? Oh, I'm excited! Sure, I'm in!" I exclaimed. Bonny growled. So, I looked at him. "Hey, did you just growl right now?" I asked. But, I saw him biting the hamburger.

"Uhmmm? Did you say something?" He asked. I shook my head side by side. "Oh, nothing. Let's hurry, I don't want to be late for class." I replied. We ran faster towards our classroom after.


After a few hours, the class has ended and finally it's dismissal time.

"Hurry up, Bonny. I'll treat you lunch. faster! I feel hungry," I said. Bonny stood up immediately. "Okay, I want two hamburgers and large fries again." He replied. So, we walked towards the canteen. When we reached the canteen's entrance, I saw Justine Skye - one of my suitors that always bothered me as a simple eighteen-years-old girl.

"Hey, babe!" Justine shouted at the top of his lungs that made the crowd crazy.

"Oh my gosh girl! Justine and Salana were finally in relationship status!" One of the girls from the crowd shouted.

"Hey! Listen to me guys, Justine and I were just friends and I don't want to exceed more than that. Thank you," I explained, and it made the crowd silent. Also, it made Justine shocked. I grabbed the hand of Bonny and we ran inside the canteen. We went to our usual seats.

"Bonny," I uttered. Bonny looked at me with questioning glares. "Yes? what is it, Lana?" He asked. I just smiled awkwardly.

"I'll treat Troy and others today, do you mind if you are the one to order to the counter for today?" I asked. Bonny shook his head side by side. "Not at all. Besides, I knew what Troy and others usually order for their launch." Bonny replied. I nodded as an answer. He walked towards the counter after.

"Lana!" I heard Torry - one of my friends shouted my name. So, I looked at where her voice came from and saw her with Troy, Ohio, and Florida.

"Guys! Seat here now, Bonny already at the counter to order our usual launch. I will treat you today!" I yelled. So, the four of them smiled broadly and ran towards our seat...

When they finally sat down, Torry held my hands and said, "Thank you for always treating us to a launch, Lana. Hays, how I wish I could have a lot of money like you."

I signed and patted her hand and said, "You can! Just trust in yourself, and to our God."

"Troy and Ohio! Help me carry these meals!" Bonny shouted. Troy and Ohio immediately stood up to help Bonny in carrying our meals.

"Oh! By the way, Lana. We are planning to go to Mount Sinukuan to investigate the paranormal activity there. Are you in?" Florida asked. So, I nodded with a broad smile. "Yes! I'm so excited!" I exclaimed. Florida and Torry looked at each other with a smirk on her lips.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! Why did the two of you smirk, uh?" I asked suspiciously. Torry just shook her head side by side. "Nothing, we are just excited too." Florida responded. I just nodded, but I'm not convinced though. Then, my phone vibrates, which means there's a message. So, I opened my phone and saw a text message from my aunty who will visit our house today. Gezzz, I already forgot her.

"Guys, sorry if I can't join your meal anymore. My aunty who will visit our house today just arrived in front of our house, and I already got a text from her. Hope you understand, bye!" I explained. They just nodded. "It's okay go on, Lana." Troy said. So, I ran as quickly as I could while waving to them...


Bonny's P. O. V

When Lana vanished to our site, deathly glares towards Lana's treated meal had been started.

"F*ck that Ms. Perfect Lana!" I nagged. Troy, Ohio, Florida, and Torry just growled.

"Did you finish creating a plan on how Ms. Perfect Salana Tempest will vanish into our lives forever?" Troy asked. So, I gave him a sweet smile. "I already did, Troy. We just need to bring her to Mount Sinukuan as much as possible!" I shouted, and we laughed so hard after...


Chapter 2: Bus Trip

Salana's P. O. V

Bonny, Troy, Ohio, Florida, Torry, and I are already sitting on the seats of the bus that we rent for the trip to Mount Sinukuan. Bonny is next to me in the seats, Torry is next to Troy, and Florida is next to Ohio.

"Hey, what happened to your aunty yesterday, Lana?" Bonny asked. I looked at him and smiled. "Nothing happened. When I came to my house, I saw her waiting outside, so she scolded me. But, when we entered the house, she went straight to mom's room and slept tightly until now, she did not awake." I answered. Bonny chuckled.

"Your auntie is quite a badass haha," Florida said. I just giggled and laughed gradually. "Yeah, my auntie became like that when she broke up with her boyfriend. You know, she's the one who decided to break up with her boyfriend, and now she's the one who suffered the most. Haist." I sighed.

"By the way, Lana. Why did you always reject Justine? You know, Justine is handsome, hot, genius, and popular man in our sc


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