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Awakening the Ancestors

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Tahara Kado is a lower rank swordsman. While growing up he decided to learn swordsmanship, but because of his rank, he was looked down upon by everyone, having no abilities and no friends to communicate with. One evening, a star hits a temple, only to be found it was a relic. Tahara uses this opportunity to check up on the star and wants to use it to begin a new life, have abilities, and save people. But, he's then sacrificed after receiving the relic, and a bright screen appeared in front of him. [Congratulations] [You have awakened an Ancestor.] After gaining his first system, he is sent to the swordsman village to train as a swordsman and begins schooling in a new academy. His mission now becomes challenging as he faces low and high-level swordsmen, knights, magicians, mages, magical beasts and creatures, and demons to level up and defeat the ancestral spirits.

Chapter 1: A Fallen Star

"Ever heard of Quantum Leap before, kid?" the lady asked.


Quantum Leap is a portal that connects our world to other dimensions

"Didn't you learn this in physics?" she asked as a young kid was accompanying her out of an office.

"I'm not in any school at the moment." The kid replied.

"People who are well-trained in swordsmanship are called swordsmen." The lady explained.

My name is Tahara Kado

I'm a swordsman

I'm here to show my talent to my city, No! The world.

Technically, I'm a beginner, so I have to start from the lowest rank

I'm an F-Rank.

Inside the Flamecrest cave...

[Note: Flamecrest is a small town]

"Tahara Kado!" a voice yelled out.

"If you keep on failing like this, you'll never rise to the highest rank." The leader said.

"That's enough for today," the leader announced.

"Training will continue tomorrow." Akihiro announced.

Everyone then left as Tahara sat on the ground.

"Kado doesn't need to rise to the highest ranks, he's just a failure." a student said.

Chijimatsu Eijiro

Rank D

A swordsman

"Why don't you quit being a swordsman Kado," Chijimatsu asked.

"Don't be calling me by my surname Chijimatsu." Tahara said.

"Or what, gonna fight me F-Rank!" Chijimatsu asked.

Tahara bit his lips and raised his fist at Chijimatsu. Chijimatsu then pointed his fingers to his cheek for Tahara to punch as he smiled.

They both stared at each other, and Tahara knew that he couldn't fight a C-Rank swordsman.

"I can't fight you." He said as he began to walk away from Chijimatsu.

"That's more like it," Chijimatsu said as he shoved Tahara and walked away.

Tahara was lying on the ground as Muto Nene passed by to help him out. Muto Nene told Tahara he could stay at her place in the meantime


[Muto Nene is a magic user and a Rank C.]

Tahara thanked her as she helped him up to his feet, but then fell down again. Muto took a look at his wounds and found out that it wasn't severe, but they couldn't be left bare like that.

Muto held Tahara's arm and helped him to walk as they came out of the cave.

"Training in the cave seems scary?" Tahara asked.

"I don't think so."

"This was where students used to practice during the Edo Period." Muto said.

When they arrived home, Muto placed Tahara on the couch and began to chant a spell to heal Tahara.

[Braickum Emendo.]

[Braickum Emendo is a healing spell which is cast by on those who study healing magic]

As soon as Muto was cast the spell, Tahara's wound began to heal as if there wasn't any wound on his body.

"Thank you." Tahara said.

"Let me go and prepare something so that we'll eat." She said.

"What is it going to be today?" Tahara asked.

"Seared Moss, Bombay," she replied.

"Wow, never heard of that dish before." Tahara asserted.

"You will soon find out." She responded and winked at him as she went to the kitchen to start preparing the food. Tahara went towards the window to look at the stars that were shining in the sky.

As he was staring at the stars, something bright was seemed to shining more than the others in the sky.

"Why is that star brightening more than the others?" He asked himself.

Soon, the star hit the ground and the whole area began to shake.

"What the hell!" Tahara said.

Muto came out of the kitchen and asked Tahara what just happened.

Tahara explained to Muto that a star hit the ground with a force that shook the whole area.

Muto went to the window and saw smoke coming from a distance.

"It seems the 'star' you were talking about hit the temple." Muto asserted.

"What temple?" Tahara asked.

"Don't you know that we have just one temple here? Of course, I'm talking about The Righteous Sanctum Temple." Muto said.

[The Righteous Sanctum Temple was said to be one of the temples which was prone to disasters such as this.]

Tahara gasped and told Muto that it would be careless if that 'star' or whatever it is will be left hanging.

"I'm sure the others are already aware of this," Muto said.

"Why do you say so" Tahara questioned.

Muto then pulled out her phone and showed Tahara the message.

[Everyone is to meet at the temple tomorrow.

By leader]

"Who knows what that star may contain," Muto said, as she went back to continue preparing the food.

Thirty minutes later, the food was ready.

Tahara sat down and started to eat as Muto looked at him and smiled.

After eating, Tahara took the dishes and informed Muto that he'll wash the dishes.

Muto agreed and handed over her plate to Tahara.

Tahara went to the kitchen and started washing the dishes.

After washing the dishes, Tahara went back to the hall and found Muto sleeping on the couch.

"I guess she's tired, well I must also sleep since tomorrow is going to be another day." He said.

Tahara then went to sleep on a different couch and called it a night.

As he was sleeping, Tahara had this strange dream of a man wielding a sword and used it against some group of people. He didn't see the man's face but saw the technique the man used. He also had another dream of a young girl who was using some sort of flame ability. Suddenly, the flames were directed at him and Tahara quickly woke up. He turned around to see if it had really happened, but to his surprise, there was nothing as he went back to sleep.

The next day...

"This is it, The Righteous Sanctum Temple," Tahara said.

"It seems it gone to the lowest floor." The leader said.

"How did you know?" Tahara asked.

"Can't you sense it?" Asked Go Akihiro.


[Go Akihiro is the Leader, C-Rank.]

"Sir, allow me to remind you that he's a rank F," Chijimatsu said.

"I didn't ask for your opinion, Chijimatsu or should I say Eijiro," Akihiro replied.

Everyone started to giggle. Chijimatsu frowned his face and turned away from Akihiro.

"Let's go." Akihiro said as he jumped inside the hole.

Everyone also jumped, and Muto held Tahara's hand, and they all jumped.

The place was so dark that no one could see.

Finally, they arrived at the lowest part of the temple.

When they arrived, Akihiro used his magic and brought out torches to guide the group.

When they moved closer, they saw tombs of dead ancestors and statues around the temple.

Tahara walked towards the wall and noticed some paintings and inscriptions on the wall. He saw some paintings of swordsmen on the ground and also buildings burnt up. He also saw a painting of a swordsman who had raised his sword high to the sky and people were bowing down to him.

As he got close to the painting, a flashy image flashed in his mind as he held his head in pain.

"What was that?"

"Is everything alright, Tahara? Muto asked as he runs to Tahara.

She helped him up as Tahara nodded his head with a smile.

"This is..." Akihiro gasped as everyone turned to his direction.

"The tombs of our dead ancestors, the creators of this city." He said.

"Quick, has anyone seen the 'star'?"

"It should be here somewhere," Akihiro asked.

Everyone began to search for the 'star' and then a student informed Akihiro that he had seen the 'star'.

Everyone gathered around to see the 'star'.

"That's not a star, that's a relic," Tahara announced.

"Who cares, let's go and get it," Chijimatsu said as he raised towards the relic.

When Chijimatsu reached the star, he ordered his friends to take some pictures.

"That's so cool, Chijimatsu." His friend said.

"Give a different pose! Give a different pose." His friend asked.

Chijimatsu then went and took the relic and held it in the air.

"I'm the greatest!" Chijimatsu yelled.

"It's enough Chijimatsu, come over," Akihiro ordered.

As soon as Chijimatsu took a step forward, an arrow hit Chijimatsu on the forehead.

"CHIJIMATSU!" his friend yelled as he saw Chijimatsu hit with an arrow on the forehead.


"Where did that arrow come from?" Tahara asked.

Chijimatsu's friend also run to see Chijimatsu and was also hit by another arrow.

"What the hell...," Akihiro yelled.

Tahara then turned around and noticed that the tombs have been opened.

Tahara informed Akihiro about the situation and noticed that there was no one in the tomb.

"How come all the tombs are opened?" Akihiro asked.

Everyone turned around and saw a bright red light behind them.

The light then appeared to be coming closer and closer to them.

When the light appeared before them, they all gasped in fear.

"That is..." Akihiro said.

-to be continued...

Chapter 2: Sacrifice

My name is Tahara Kado

I'm a swordsman

I'm here to show my talent to my city, No! The world.

Technically, I'm a beginner so I have to start from the lowest rank

I'm an F-Rank.

Tahara came here training with a group of lower-rank recruits who want to rise to a higher rank but then, a star landing in their town as he and the recruits went to the temple to check it out but unfortunately for them, they lost one of their members.

"That is...," Akihiro let out.

"The creator of the town, Murayama Teiljo," Muto said.

"Wait, I thought he was dead," Tahara asked.

"Murayama Teiljo was the creator of this town and a warrior." "His favorite weapon was a bow and an arrow," Akihiro explained.

"How come a dead person is still moving," Tahara asked.

Akihiro ordered everyone not to move an inch if not, they will all be dead.

"So far only Muto and


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