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Awakening the Ancestors
  • Author: LegalWolf
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 12+
  • 👁 13
  • 5.5

Tahara Kado is a lower rank swordsman. While growing up he decided to learn swordsmanship, but because of his rank, he was looked down upon by everyone, having no abilities and no friends to communicate with. One evening, a star hits a temple, only to be found it was a relic. Tahara uses this opportunity to check up on the star and wants to use it to begin a new life, have abilities, and save people. But, he's then sacrificed after receiving the relic, and a bright screen appeared in front of him. [Congratulations] [You have awakened an Ancestor.] After gaining his first system, he is sent to the swordsman village to train as a swordsman and begins schooling in a new academy. His mission now becomes challenging as he faces low and high-level swordsmen, knights, magicians, mages, magical beasts and creatures, and demons to level up and defeat the ancestral spirits.


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