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Avenue of Stars

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: gao wu
  • Chapters: 90
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 117
  • 7.5
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The journey among the stars is the chaos before dawn! Only through the tempering of the stellar path can one possess the power to create a new civilization. Only by maintaining an unchanged original intention and unwavering faith can one undergo rebirth through nirvana. With a clear mind and a profound understanding of oneself, one can enter the great path! Because the ultimate destination lies in the completion of life's evolution. Only through breakthroughs can challenges be overcome – it is both a choice and destiny.

Chapter 1 Alley fight

July in City Z, noon.

Beneath a hazy sky bereft of clouds, the asphalt road, flanked by lackluster trees, languidly stood under the intense gaze of the sun. The scorching sunlight baked the asphalt surface, transforming its usually firm and smooth texture into a searing ground, seemingly ready to release wisps of white smoke with every step.

The oppressive heat, devoid of any breeze, left the air stagnant and sticky. The entire city resembled a kiln, heated to the point of making it difficult to breathe. Grayish haze, ambiguous and misty, hovered in the air, exuding a scent akin to rust, intensifying the already irritable and stifling atmosphere.

High Wu raised his head, squinting at the scorching and slightly disdainful halo surrounding the sun in the sky. He then lifted a bottle of mineral water, pouring some onto his hair and shaking his head vigorously. After taking a few hearty sips, he let out a resounding belch, expelling a long breath, muttering, "D*mn perverse sun."

Sixteen years of relentless study and toil had only secured him admission to a modest second-tier engineering university. After graduating, majoring in Intelligent Automation Mechanical Control, even jobs as maintenance workers on construction sites or ordinary technicians in private enterprises eluded High Wu. This left him feeling profoundly frustrated and stifled.

Truth be told, High Wu's aspirations weren't exceptionally lofty. Just securing a white-collar job with financial security and social benefits, utilizing the professional knowledge acquired in university, was his upper limit. However, it was evident that achieving this modest dream required relentless effort and perseverance.

High Wu, shaking off the dizziness induced by the scorching sunlight, briskly walked a few steps and turned into a narrow alley. The alley, only seven to eight hundred meters long, ran east to west. Red brick courtyards lined both sides, presenting an irregular but somewhat orderly appearance, separated by a narrow cement path of less than three meters in width.

Under the blazing sunlight in the alley, an elderly man sat in the shade of his courtyard's entrance, squinting as he dozed. On the weathered wooden table beside the courtyard wall lay plastic dolls, spinning tops, toy trucks, and more.

At the end of the alley, beneath the shade of a willow tree, several shirtless troublemakers sat around a small wooden table. Leftover fast-food containers and haphazardly placed beer bottles adorned the table. Two of them, engaged in a heated argument, sporadically spat out profanities, paying no mind to the elderly vendor dozing nearby.

High Wu strolled calmly into the alley, nonchalantly pinching two solid rubber balls from the pocket of his sports jacket with his left hand. He wiped the sweat from his forehead with the jacket, then wrapped it tightly around his right hand. He continued walking, maintaining a composed demeanor.

At the end of the alley, the troublemakers noticed High Wu's approach. One, as robust as a bull and bearing a massive tattoo of a tiger's head on his left chest, sneered, "Looks like this kid actually showed up." He then picked up a thick steel pipe lying nearby and started walking towards High Wu.

High Wu remained unfazed, taking a deep breath of the hot air. His chest expanded, giving him a feeling of formidable strength. Facing the approaching troublemaker resembling a bull, High Wu accelerated, meeting him head-on. When they were about a meter apart, High Wu exerted force in his legs, leaping into the air. His left hand swiftly reached out, grabbing the steel pipe raised by the troublemaker, while his right hand swung the sports jacket tightly wound around it.


The sound of the solid rubber balls in the jacket pocket making contact with the left cheek of the bull-like troublemaker resonated, producing a muffled and resounding effect.

In the incredulous eyes of the troublemakers, the bull-like figure flew half a meter in the air, then crashed onto the hot cement road of the narrow alley, stirring up a cloud of hot dust.

At this moment, the bull-like troublemaker felt his entire head buzzing. The left side of his face swelled visibly, and as he attempted to struggle to his feet, his body went limp, and he collapsed onto the hot pavement of the alley.

"What the hell is going on? Haven't seen you chasing after girls lately, Big Tiger. How did you end up looking so pathetic today?"

"This guy only knows how to waste time. Probably drained his energy out of his body already, haha."

"He's truly a waste. Can't even handle a fresh graduate!"

The other troublemakers, witnessing the bull-like figure fall from High Wu's single blow, did not show fear or trepidation. Instead, they ridiculed and taunted, lifting their steel pipes and advancing towards High Wu.


While spinning his body to the left, High Wu swung his right arm once again, viciously striking the frontmost troublemaker. The troublemaker was sent sprawling to the ground, and two overlapping red and swollen marks appeared on his left cheek.

"This guy is a bit unusual."

Seeing High Wu knock down two troublemakers with his sports jacket, the others began to feel uneasy. The remaining few exchanged glances and, led by a short-haired tough guy, gnashing his teeth, said, "What are we afraid of? We still have eight people. He can't take us all down alone, right?"

With the short-haired tough guy's stern urging, the remaining troublemakers, brandishing their steel pipes, rushed towards High Wu.


While rotating his body to the left, High Wu once again lifted his right arm and swung it with force. The troublemaker at the forefront staggered and fell to the ground. Simultaneously, two distinct, red, and swollen imprints appeared on his left cheek.

"This guy is beating us all alone!"

In less than two minutes, all ten troublemakers lay on the ground. Some clutched their swollen faces and wailed, while others, bleeding from their heads, curled up on the pavement. Looking at High Wu, their eyes were filled with awe.

Could this recent college graduate be a monster?

We couldn't even take him down once, with ten of us?

Seeing the scattered and disheveled troublemakers on the cement ground, the short-haired tough guy, who was the last standing, stared at High Wu in disbelief. It seemed challenging for him to accept that this seemingly non-robust young man could single-handedly defeat so many of his comrades.

Rubbing his slightly aching arms and shoulders from the steel pipe blows, High Wu looked at the writhing troublemakers on the ground. Then, he turned and, at a casual pace, walked toward the entrance of the alley.

Observing High Wu's departing figure, the short-haired tough guy's eyes flickered with a hint of cunning. Bending down, he quietly picked up a steel pipe lying at his feet, took a few silent steps, and swung the pipe fiercely towards the back of High Wu's head.

Chapter 2 hallucination dream

In the realm of illusion and dreams,

Gao Wu only felt a sudden jolt at the back of his head, and suddenly, he found himself engulfed in absolute darkness. Countless golden starbursts danced chaotically before his eyes, and his body leaned forward, crashing to the ground. His consciousness became increasingly vague, yet he could distinctly feel it slowly detaching from his body.

The consciousness, freed from the body, ascended rapidly in this realm of rapidly swirling golden starbursts amidst absolute darkness. The myriad golden starbursts, chaotic and disordered, merged rapidly, instantaneously forming numerous radiant golden rings radiating a dazzling array of colors. These magnificent rings, emitting colorful and radiant golden light, moved backward at an accelerating pace. The speed increased, ultimately creating a tunnel of light composed of dazzling golden radiance.

Gao Wu sensed his consciousness floating or advancing at superluminal speeds within this tunnel


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