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gao wu

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About me

Hello, I am a passionate and imaginative science fiction writer. Inspired by technology, futurology, and philosophy, these elements often find their way into my works. I am enthusiastic about exploring human potential, technological advancements, and the mysteries of the universe. My love for science fiction literature began at an early age, captivated by works such as "Star Trek," Asimov's Robot series, and the writings of Philip K. Dick. These classics fueled my contemplation of the future world and the fate of humanity, propelling me onto the path of creative writing. My writing style emphasizes the depth of the plot and the emotional experiences of the characters. Through my novels, I aim to present readers with engaging and thought-provoking stories, allowing them to immerse themselves in a sci-fi world, contemplate, and discover insights into human nature and society. In the early stages of my career, I published some short stories in small magazines and online platforms, focusing on refining my style and building unique story universes. I believe that science fiction literature offers limitless creative possibilities, and I am dedicated to exploring and presenting the rich and fascinating realm it encompasses. Regarding social media, I am currently more focused on my writing, but I may consider sharing my works and insights in the future. Thank you for your interest in my writing, and I look forward to leading readers into the wonderful unknown through the realm of science fiction.


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