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It was just around that time when the world was screaming "Happy new year!" In the year 2000, Aurora felt the world crumble. The person she cherished the most, the one she loved and supported cheated on her, and finding out, her happiness was taken from her, her soul turned blue, and sadness crept into her eyes. Darkness fell around her like a curtain and death filled her innocent mind. Aurora walked the streets, blank and hoping for things to end. On the other side, Liam Dagon, King of Nuland arrived home from a secret war, heading to his hideout, he bumps into a drained young lady, her dark eyes met his and continued without hesitation, he pulls her away from the road, where their fate begins.


It was the morning of fall, the weather cloudy and the breeze cold, despite the weather, the Kingdom was happy, people danced around and made joyful noises. Aurora sat by the window watching how joyful they were, women, men and children gathered around, performing what they could. Ever since the announcement of the Queen, the Kingdom had been noisy all night and day. The sound of music, drums and shouting was so disturbing to the new Queen, Aurora Dan. Meanwhile, Liam Dagon, King of Nuland, is dressed up and ready for his big day, finally, he decided to get married. Liam's reputation is known to be a fearful one, a rude and frightening king. This king, some say, murders brutally, and despite that, he was a great king, one to never lose or let go of his own. The door opens and a maiden comes in, holding her hands close to her abdomen, and she spoke "Sire, the banquets are ready." She said, with her head lowered down. "Leave" he replied, slowly she took a step backwards, and when she reached the door, she bowed and turned to leave."I hope she won't cause any more trouble," A voice sounded as soon as the maid left the room. Liam looks at the pretty old lady, sitting at the corner of his chambers, she looked more excited than worried. He scoffs, and smirks "I doubt" he raised a brow at her, and she nodded, watching him adjust his belt. "Well, Congrats, you're finally getting married, who knew Liam Dagon would wake up and announce his marriage?" She smiled at him, it was only right to return the sarcastic smile she had on, Kate— Liam's grandmother and also the Grand Queen of Nuland."Thank you, Grandma." He was closer, their eyes met and he takes her hand, kissing her. "I really hope she doesn't cause any more trouble." He added. Aurora— twenty, a girl whose vision was to become a fashion designer, she had arrived in town a month ago, and two days ago she was taken to be Queen, her life and dreams shattered for her to watch, she didn't look so happy on her wedding day, and only hoped for this to end. Despite being forced, the King was too hot, and she craved him. She stood in the middle of the room, dressed in a white underdress, and her long brown hair flowed down her back, resting on her butt. Despite been 5'5ft she was beautiful, her honey-brown eyes shined. Aurora wasn't fat, and neither was she slim. She's a peanut butter truffle tone, the darkest of the light-skinned, her skin tends to flourish. "Who wouldn't fall for that handsomeness," she whispered, staring out the window. Her mind played dirty tricks on her, and craved him so much, she wished she would see him again. "Your Highness?" A voice called, so annoying and yet sweet, Aurora turned to her. "What?" She asked, aggressively, and rolled her eyes.The lady didn't mind her, and continued speaking "Don't," she warned, "Don't mess it up this time, okay?" She nodded, heading to the white dress placed in the room. "Queen?" She ignores her, turning around, and watching the festival going on outside. Who said she wanted to be queen? All Aurora had ever wished for was a normal life just without attention or trouble. She was twenty and was too young to become Queen. What decision do I have to make from now? I can't even make one for myself, she thought but there again, Liam is so pleasing his hands around her waist made butterflies gather in her stomach "Wait a minute?" She paused, "I have to wake up to his face every morning?" Her eyes widened. "Get ready, we about-" the court lady said, but Aurora doesn't let her finish. "Sania? What going on?" She asked worriedly."His Majesty awaits you," Sania said with a smile. "And my mother?" She requested."I don't think she can make it" Sania replied, Aurora s*ck*d in the flood of tears about to hit her, She couldn't ever believe her mother was selling her out.The wedding ceremony was over, and it was a tradition for the King and his new Queen to accept gifts from his people and enjoy the party, women performed different dance steps while they both sat behind a transparent black curtain, Aurora smiled because she enjoyed the music, dances and so many performances. Little did she know the King watched her smile."Long live the King and Queen!" THREE DAYS AGO. Aurora was a girl living a normal life and walking around the town of Nuland, smiling and waving to shop owners, taking a walk in the evening with the love of her life, but today, she walked alone, heading home after a horrible day.   "Fairy tales don't exist, I'm not a fantasy princess, baby!" Aurora comes home singing happily, her loud sweet voice charmed the area and she breathed trying to catch her breath, she walked into their small cottage and took off her shoes. "Mom? I'm back!" the room is filled with her voice, glancing around, she didn't seem to find her mother but to her surprise, she saw some unusual persons "Mom?" She calls gently, hoping she walked into the right house, Aurora stops, when she spots some huge men in her house, She looked towards the dining room and finds her mother sitting with a pretty old lady."Aura" her mother— Mrs Dan gets up. "Mom what going on?" she asked, with a smile, glancing suspiciously at the old lady and the men, who looked terrifying."You're needed at the palace" Mrs Dan says, Aurora looked at her, her face relaxed, Oh, she wished, she thought rolling her eyes. "You're kidding right?" She chuckled, and looked at the old lady, she didn't say a word but their serious face made her smile disappear. "Me? What for?" She questioned. "The king wants to see you," she said with a soft voice."Me? How Honorable" Aurora smiles, shaking her head, this was too much to believe, the King? A king whose face was never seen, either on the news or the papers, it was forbidden! She would be seeing that face? Impossible! "That would be tomorrow isn't it late for today?" She brushed, still unable to believe it. "Ya!" Mrs Dan slaps her on the shoulder, Aurora glares at her, and her face turned serious. "What!" She yells back at her rubbing her shoulders."He is the king no time is late for him!" She rushed, taking out a white cardigan for her."So you want me to go now?" She looks in the lady's direction, she is still and calm, not even saying a word."Yes go see him now," she swallowed."Okay here, mom I got this for you," Aurora says, handing her nylon. Mrs Dan looks at it and drops it on the table beside her. "Let's go," Aurora tells them, excited and happy, she wore her sneakers in a hurry, ready to leave and hoping when she comes home, she shares the roasted chicken with her."Talk with respect child!" Mrs Dan hits her back."Momma!" Aurora yells angrily."Well then," the old lady says, Aurora paused and looked at her, she thought for a minute she could not speak."Aurora" Mrs Dan calls, Aurora turns back to her and her face looked so sad, but she said, "I love you!" Waving, tears gathered in her eyes but Aurora smiled instead. Aurora wasn't the type to reply last, she couldn't figure out why she looked so emotional but she didn't let that bother her, "I love you, mom!" She replied.She couldn't understand why her mother said such when she was only going to spend a night in the palace and would be coming home tomorrow morning.


Aurora arrived at the Palace, she couldn't stop staring around, it was so beautiful and yet looked normal, wasn't so lavished as she expected. The palace looked so small, they walked into a building and headed upstairs, she wondered if the king had a meeting this late. She began to wonder how her presence at the palace was needed but she didn't care to ask, she followed till they arrived at a door.It opened, and they helped her in, Aurora managed a smile walking in."The king demands you rest," The old lady says, Aurora nods with a smile. "Is this my room?" Aurora asked curiously, with a wide-eyed gaze."Yes, I would come to you early in the morning, so take a rest." she said scanning her, "You would need to get prepared," she said. "Oh," Aurora looks down at herself and back at the lady. "Okay," she shrugged. The lady makes it out of


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