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A Tale of Chasing Romance 2

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Theresa, the sole heiress of the William family, falls in love with a boy band in S-Korea. Unable to keep her excitement bottled in anymore, she blackmails her butler into getting her tickets for the concert that was to happen soon. Her parents find out but she also blackmails them into letting her go. She boards a plane and is super excited to see her idol perform live. Unexpectedly, the plane crashed 2 hours before her destination. Opening her eyes, she finds herself in a new dimension. A world where people cultivate magic to become immortal. She receives a mission from a dying concubine of the emperor to avenge her death and in the process, she becomes host to three magic pets and acknowledges a foster father and mother. She goes to magic school to train her magic skills and becomes host to a system that grants wishes. She finds her first love in the magic school and decides to chase him, ignoring warnings from all sides. Even when he turns out to be a traitor, she still chases him to the point of becoming a maid at his palace. They finally get married and she thinks all will be well till she finds him in bed with another woman. He says he married her for benefits and now she's useless. Heartbroken, she gives up the system and returns back to Earth with the price being her memories after the plane crash. Later, her husband realizes his mistake and it is too late when he searches for her. She is no longer in his world. He gives up his beauty, kingship and magic powers in order to come to earth. Ten years later, he finally finds Theresa his wife but she has no memory of him! Instead, she hates him without even knowing why. He tries hard to win her back but his efforts keep getting thwarted by another business queen who falls in love with him at first sight. What will be their fate? P.s: Please read the part one first.

Chapter 1

A/n: Please read the part one 'A Tale of Chase and Love 1' first.


Imperial palace of Luo Ye Kingdom

Meng Li Fei moaned as a man dressed in royal guard uniform penetrated her in the imperial gardens. They were currently hidden by the tall flowers; both in the doggy-style position.

"Yes! Yes! Come on... go deeper you b*st*rd! yeah...yes.s.s. That spot... ah yes there. Ahh!Yes... I want to give birth to your kids, Lin. Ahh... Yes! Fill me with your children. Impregnate me. Yeah...f*ck this d*mn p*ssy. F*ck it b*st*rd! F*Ck YEAH.Ah, yes! Yes! Yes, deeper. Harder... Ahh yes baby. F*ck me haha. Overfill this sl*t. I love you ahhh yes." Meng Li Fei moaned while the guard increased the pace of his fierce thrusts.

"You really are naughty, Li'er. Very naughty!" Lin said as he slapped her reddened, round *ss that keptshaking as he pounded her from behind.

"I want to be even naughtier, b*st*rd! Ah!Yes. Ahh"

"Too naughty," Lin said as he slapped her *ss again.

"Yes, Li'er is super naughty. F*ck my arse!"

"Your wish is my command" he said and chuckled. He withdrew his long iron member and put it in her an*s"

"Woah! That's it baby. Now f*ck that thing silly. F*ck it. F*ck... yeah. Ah"


Not far from the bonking pair, Theresa and Long Ren appeared.

"Long Ren what are they doing?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Don't play ignorant mistress. Our time is running out."Long Ren said.

"Okay. I'll stay here. You go and bring her here. Let the guard go," Theresa commanded.

Long Ren nodded and walked towards the bonking pair. He hit the man's head with a stick and he fell unconscious and then dragged the shocked Meng Li Fei towards Theresa.

"You... what do you want?"Meng Li Fei asked in fear; her body trembled as she was still feeling the effects of the pounding from her lover even though they'd been separated.

"Don't worry. We don't need your money or your disgusting body. We are here to give you a makeover. What do you think?" Theresa asked with a sly smile on her lips.

"Don't you dare touch me. Do you know who I am?" Meng Li Fei threatened.

"You are Han Chunhua's favorite maid. Don't worry, we won't kill her. Long Ren, help me tie her up"

"Yes, mistress!" he took out a rope and tied her hands above her head and then tied her feet together. He also sealed her voice.

Theresa brought out a dagger and brought it over to Meng Li Fei's face. She made a slash and a big wound appeared on her right cheek.

"Tonight's lesson will be branding 'make-over'," Theresa whispered and chuckled.

Fear was evident in Meng Li Fei's eyes but she didn't dare move.

10 minutes later.

Theresa had successfully made several big cuts on Meng Li Fei's face, legs, hands, and chest. She then poured pepper on all the wounded parts making Meng Li Fei whimper since she couldn't shout due to her voice being sealed.

"Don't you like being f*cked in the *ss so much? I'll make you question the heavens tonight." Theresa whispered again.

She loosened the rope that was used to tie Meng Li Fei's feet and spread her legs apart. She was buck naked in the first place as she trusted that no one wuld find her and her lover here in the gardens at this time.

Long Ren took out a burning stick and gave it to Theresa who smiled and forced it into Meng Li Fei's p*ssy. She immediately let out a miserable cry. Tears flowed down her cheeks.

The stick's fire will not go down until after 5 minutes and when placed on something, it ruins it completely. Seeing Meng Li Fei in such a pitiable state, Theresa got up and bowed her head slightly.

"The lesson for tonight is over," she said with a satisfied smile and then turned around, winked at the expressionless Long Ren and began to walk away.

He used his sword to cut off one of Meng Li Fei's ears and gorged out one of her eyes just as she had done to the late concubine, Han Fei Fei. He then sprinkled an unknown powder on her and then kept the bottle containing the powder back in his storage ring.

"You are receiving exactly what you did back then. Do not worry, you won't die just yet. But your face will be disfigured forever, your body will become wrinkled like an old lady and your missing eye and ear- can they ever be replaced?" he said slowly to Meng Li Fei with an evil smile.

She shuddered when she saw that smile.

"Please, let me go. Forgive me!" Meng Li Fei was forced to use voice transmission technique.

"Don't ask me for forgiveness, ask my mistress and Han Fei Fei." Long Ren said to her.

Then he turned around and ran after Theresa who was now heading towards the Spring courtyard. When he caught up to her he told her: "It's done, mistress".

"Good boy! Your future wife will be blessed if she can order you around like me." said Theresa.

"...?" Long Ren was tongue-tied upon hearing her words.

"Mistress, thank you for your praise. But I don't think I want it," he said to her.

"But you already thanked me so it proves otherwise," she said to him.

Long Ren sighed and didn't say a word and they continued talking.


Meng Li Fei cried and rolled for a long time, then she fainted.

When she woke up, 8 minutes later, she saw that the stick had fallen out of her p*ssy but her p*ssy had been totally ruined and unsightly to look at.

Now that she had regained her voice, she roared. She doesn't even know those people or why they did this to her. Her mistress was also in danger but she couldn't help her.

If people see her like this, what would they say? Many would be very happy and thank heavens that she was now like this.

Meng Li Fei fainted again out of anger and frustration.


"Mistress, I... please wait here for a while. I need to answer the call of nature," Long Ren said to Theresa sheepishly.

"Piss or sh*t?" she asked, making Long Ren widen his eyes in disbelief.

"Forget it! Do your thing. We're running out of time." she said before folding her arms which proved that she would wait.

"Thanks, Mistress." he said in a small voice and disappeared.

"This idiot really knows how to waste his talent. He likes disappearing so much." she muttered as she shook her head.

Meanwhile, Meng Li Fei was still lying down on the grass, her lover not far off from sight unconscious. She was certain that she had lost his love. He would deny her.

"I will take my revenge!" she managed to mutter since she had regained her voice.

"You will have many things to take revenge for."

Meng Li Fei was familiar with that voice.

It was Long Ren! Why was he back?

"You... don't come near me!" she cried but her voice was very low.

"Tsk! Tsk! You sound like I'm about to r*p* you. Your present self is too disgusting for your lover to look at. I also seem to recall that... only eunuch and maids serve here in the palace. Why does your lover still have that thing?" Long Ren asked, making Meng Li Fei be on guard as she stared at her lover.

"Don't worry, I will keep this secret. I'm not that evil. I hope you will appreciate it," said Long Ren.

Meng Li Fei nodded her head quickly. She didn't want her Lin to be dragged into her mess.

"Please, don't hurt him. He's innocent," she begged as tears flowed down her eyes.

"Well, I won't kill him. That's a promise!" he said to Meng Li Fei.

"Thank you" Meng Li Fei muttered even when she wanted to burn Long Ren to ashes if she could.

"You are clenching your fists. You wish to kill me and my mistress. Please don't ever think about that. Your wish won't ever be fulfilled. When you are finally clear-headed please ask your self 'Why did i hurt Han Fei Fei?' If you had shown her pity and helped her, wouldn't we be helping you by now? You brought this upon yourself." he said harshly.

"Enough... I didn't do it deliberately."

"It wasn't the devil's handiwork but your Mistress is the one who asked you to do it. My mistress has a very soft heart that's why she didn't do many things to you. I want to teach you more on her behalf." Long Ren said to her before walking to Lin who had just regained his consciousness and sat up the ground.

Meng Li Fei's eyes widened.

"No!" she tried to shout but her voice wasn't that high now.

"Do not blame me, young man. Blame Meng Li Fei for the trouble that is coming your way." he said to a confused Lin before squatting before him.

"Remember, I am Long Ren," he whispered before holding Lin's still erect shaft.

"It's not bad for its size. No wonder she took risks to come see you. But I'm afraid..." Long Ren didn't finish his sentence before cutting off Lin's shaft with a very sharp knife.

"Be good and scream for me okay?" Long Ren said before disappearing.

Meng Li Fei heart was shattered the moment she saw Long Ren castrate her beloved.

"No-o-o!" Meng Li Fei cried bitterly.

Lin took a while to register what had happened. The pain did not come early but when it did, he was forced to look down at the bloody mess on his nether regions.

His shaft that had been cut off wasn't far from him. He gritted his teeth and looked at Meng Li Fei who was staring at him with a blood tear-filled face.

"Lin... Lin!" Meng Li Fei called out to him.

"You b*tch!" Lin cursed as he greeted his teeth.

"Make sure you die, disgusting thing!" Lin spat and struggled to get up after picking up his severed shaft. He then turned to leave without ever casting her another glance.

Meng Li Fei cried bitterly.

She had come here to enjoy a moment of lovemaking with her Lin but now look at her. She has lost every thing-everything she has ever known.

Long Ren went back to meet Theresa and saw that she was being chased by 4 guards who were dressed in red and yellow uniform and armor. Two held spears, another held a sword and the 4th held a saber.

Theresa seemed to be playing with them from her movements but the guards knew how much effort they've spent trying to catch her but its all to no avail. One of them couldn't take it anymore and threw his spear towards her but it ell down just a few inches away from her stunning them for quite a few seconds.

"Who are you?" one of them asked in fear.

He's the one holding a sword. That's right. He was scared because the spear thrown towards her even if it missed her should cause her serious injury from the force since it was a level 6 weapon but it fell down even before it reached her not; adding the fact that they'd been chasing her for so long but it seems she was toying around with them.

Weapons do have grades. The higher the grade, the more powerful the force will be. To a non.cultivator, a level 1 weapon would be life-threatening but it would only cause minor injuries to a cultivator. Now, this level 6 weapon actually had no effect on her; how could he not be scared?

Theresa silently approved of this guy a bit. The other three only frowned and showed their fearful fellow disgust on their faces. He's a weakling. Pei!

"My name is Theresa Williams, the only heiress of the Williams family in Germany." she replied with a sly smile.

"Are you kidding? Tell us who you are. Don't fabricate lies in front of us. You want to die sooner huh?" the other guard holding the second spear barked.

"Please, don't be scared later," Theresa said in a small voice and beckoned on Long Ren to come out of hiding. He walked slowly to her with an expressionless face.

"What is it you want?" he asked her telepathically.

"Beat the three of them. Leave that last guard for me." Theresa ordered him.

Long Ren didn't nod but he walked towards the guards whose faces had become pale due to the hairpin they'd seen on his forehead.

Long Ren! It was him! They weren't mistaken!

The last time this fox lord came to the palace for a visit, a total of ten courtyards were razed to the ground and half of the treasury house was burnt and twenty servants died. The throne room wasn't even excluded as the throne was destroyed by Long Ren.

What was the reason?

The party they held to welcome a general disturbed his sleep the earlier night and so he came to visit the palace. That was 30 years ago. A lot may have forgotten but not the ones who saw it personally.

Now, this demon had come back here again and they were the first to encounter him. Could they be said to be extremely lucky or unlucky to see him? They looked at the smiling Theresa; their eyes pleaded for mercy.

"Only one of you was a bit smart." she walked to the one who trembled first and patted him on the shoulders.

"Get up! He won't hurt you." she said softly.

The guard though he didn't believe, still decided to obey her and got up from kneeling. Theresa took the guard to a corner and told him to calm down.

At the same time, Long Ren took out another whip. It was an ordinary whip; he just wanted to beat them- that's all.

"Don't be afraid! She only asked me to teach you a lesson in place of your parents." he said and started whipping them.

Meanwhile, Theresa and the exempted guard actually laughed because of a joke that she made, making the other guards who were being whipped by Long Ren to become jealous.

Why was it only him that was exempted? What charm did he cast on that lady? They couldn't voice out their complaints and accepted Long Ren's teachings for 10 minutes.

After that, Theresa told Long Ren to put the guard into his storage ring and wipe out the three guards' memories of them.

Then they left the place; heading directly for the Spring courtyard.

In that courtyard, some female servants were gossiping in low voices, while the guards there stood outside the courtyard with stern faces.

"Long Ren, did you really go to answer the call of nature?" Theresa asked Long Ren telepathically for the 4th time, making him sigh in defeat.

"I didn't." he finally replied before disappearing with her. They appeared right inside Han Chunhua's room.

Han Chunhua was atop a red-haired man and another man was atop her, then there was another man standing between them.

Though the red curtains covered them, Long Ren could see that Han Chunhua was receiving triple penetration and he frowned. He quickly threw Theresa inside the storage ring and walked towards the entangled 4.

Han Chunhua's mouth was covered by one of the men who were inside her.

"Next time, you won't ever dare to threaten our leader. Consider this as a light punishment." the man under Han Chunhua said.

Han Chunhua didn't cry or struggle but her fists were clenched.

"Man, an imperial concubine's fruit is really soft and tight. Nothing can compare. Hahaha!" the man atop Han Chunhua said as he moaned while doing his best to ruin her *ss with his rod.

"Two of you get down," the man under Han Chunhua said to the other two. Though reluctant, they still obeyed.

When they released themselves from Han Chunhua, the man under Han Chunhua turned over so he was now the one on top.

"It's not only your emperor who can make you scream. This room is sealed so no one can hear you. Taste the true might of my needle!" the red-haired guy said with a smile as he entered Han Chunhua.

Long Ren let Ju Wei out of the whip and decided to sit on a chair to watch the show.

Ju Wei is actually a perverted spirit he found on the forbidden mountain. He can retain the physical form for a long time and he likes one special part in men- their cocks!

He likes to give them a blowjob in some cases before cutting them off. Ju Wei is currently naked but he wasn't shy. Instead, he smiled at Long Ren who simply sighed and closed his eyes to sleep after instructing Ju Wei not to touch the lady being ra*ed.

Ju Wei's eyes shone when he saw three men behind the curtains.

It meant one thing for him- more shafts to s*ck, cut and cook! He still has another chance to show his master how much he had improved. Hahaha, what a marvelous night!

Long Ren had tried to make Ju Wei change his ways several times but it didn't work; so he just let him do what he wants.

Ju Wei excitedly walked to the trembling bed and tore off the red curtains startling all of them. They were stunned to see Ju Wei who currently has yellow hair.

"You... who are you and how did you enter?" one of the men who had short black hair questioned.

"That's not vital. What's vital is that I'm here to ra*e you silly." Ju Wei declared with a smile.

Before they could lift a finger, Ju Wei had thrown Han Chunhua out of the bed like trash.

He froze the other two men in the places they stood and then forced the third man to go into the doggy style position.

"This room is sealed so I don't need to be careful this time. You are the only one who has a nice *ss here. Those other two are a bit lacking so I chose you first. Don't bother to thank me. It's my pleasure to do this for you, free of charge!" he grinned as he entered the red-haired guy who screamed out in horror.

The other two men couldn't move any part of their bodies except for their eyes which revealed fear.

Harsh slapping of skin and loud wails from the redhead was the only sound in the large room but no one outside knew what was going on.

Even Han Chunhua couldn't move as she had also been frozen. She was forced to watch this twisted scene unfold in front of her.

10 minutes later, Ju Wei had freed himself from the red-haired guy and stared evilly at the other frozen two and Han Chunhua.

"Don't worry miss! I don't like women except for my mistress. You are too ugly for me to consider kissing. Forget it!"he turned back to face the three men.

"I taught the first three from your organization a lesson hoping that you won't trouble me anymore but it seems you guys really like me. Yu won't even go away when I chase you with a broom. I've tasted this redhead. I don't want to taste you two because your asses aren't nice to behold. But I can do something for you that will make you remember me till u die." he took out a kitchen knife.

"I need to cook for you all. You'll eat, right? Blink twice if yes." he faced the two frozen guys.

They obediently blink twice and Ju Wei smiled brightly but this made them shudder. They had heard tales of how this Ju Wei castrated the first three and forced them to eat their barbecued parts.

Now, this very thing was facing them and they couldn't lift a finger. Why did they have to be so unlucky to encounter this Ju Wei? They'd rather die in Long Ren's hands but alas, he was sleeping and didn't care about them.

"Don't worry my dears, it won't hurt" Ju Wei whispered before cutting off their privates with the knife and then placed the severed parts on a bowl.

"I want to show you how to wash meat. This is a new way. First, you do this,"

Ju Wei took out a bottle from his storage ring that contained a yellow unknown liquid and opened the lid. He poured half of the liquid into the bowl and took out another bottle containing spirit water which he poured into the bowl.

Then he started skinning the 'meat' in the bowl and continually washed it in the bloody water and then after a short while transferred the 'meat' to another bowl much smaller than the first.

He brought out firewood and arranged them in a way so he could start a fire.

Han Chunhua wanted to close her eyes but just couldn't.

She was terrified beyond words. She had seen cruel people and also believed she was very ruthless but who knew that there was someone both shameless and ruthless to the extreme.

He should have won several awards for being the most shameless and ruthless man in an angel's form in Luo Ye.

The castrated men were already crying as that was the only thing they could do and the red-haired guy though he tried hard to look strong, a tear still fell. The torture was the highest grade.

"If you want to cook, cook anything. Why do you have to cook their..."the redhead managed to speak using voice transmission.

"I'll decide what to cook and when to. Are you a chef? I can swear that no chef has the capability and courage that I possess."Ju Wei replied using voice transmission but he did not stop arranging the firewood.

What he used as firewood were actually sticks gotten from the blue demon tree, a tree that lasts for seven hundred years and has non-lethal poison all over.

When used in the right way, it can strengthen the body just from inhaling it but here this Ju Wei is using it as firewood. In the whole of this continent, there were only 8 of these trees and four of them belong to Long Ren and Ju Wei and yet he's using it as firewood.

Ju Wei can also be wasteful. He thinks it's right because these things that the world would go crazy for, are just trash to him.

Chapter 2

Ju Wei brought out different spices and rubbed them on the 'meat' in the bowl. Then he brought out four stones which he put at four corners and put the firewood in the spaces left. Then he set fire to the firewood and brought out a small pot from his storage ring.

He placed it atop the stones and put the meat into the top, added a little water and covered the pot with its lid.

All this time, the castrated men's hearts bled. If they were freed from the freezing technique that they were under now, there'd no doubt of them vomiting blood from anger, frustration, and shame.

Ju Wei sat back on the bed and wiped off non-existent sweat.

"Before the meat is done boiling, let me tell you a story. You guys are lucky to hear and learn moral lessons. You see, there was this guy I saw back in the forbidden mountain. He told me that my thing was small some decades ago and I was really ashamed. Out of anger, I cut off the man's thing and forced


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