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Jenna, an exemplary daughter, lives alone with her father who raised her with a lot of love, discipline and responsibility. Mark Black, a very upright man who was widowed very young, but did not make another commitment to his daughter, to live happily. But life is like that, both contacted a blind date company, where they did not speak, wore masks that did not let recognize anything of each other's identity, without knowing it, they do something that would cause pain, regret, tears. Even so, there is an unrevealed truth that in the end will cause their lives to change in their totality. What will that revelation be? What truth will that be? Find out when you read this controversial novel. Where they discover that s*x takes place with who can be something for you, but neither knows anything about the other, since everything is done in silence and with masks, but there are also sayings such as. "NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS". Love will overcome very hard obstacles and its protagonists must have strength to cross them, because sometimes friendship and fidelity is something temporary, sometimes who you should take care of is the person you appreciate the most, not always friends are what they seem and say they love you. Because sometimes friendship is camouflaged in your worst enemy.

Chapter 1

Mark is a CEO, owner of his own Computer company, successful, happily married to Judith Carlson. They loved each other since they were children, very young they had s*x at a party where their so-called 'friends' spiked their drinks with ecstasy and their parents opted to marry them as they were still underage.

They were both 17 years old and she was 3 months pregnant. Their true love had succumbed to the carnal in a night that they only kissed, but the body and passion blocked the responsibilities, order and discipline, only those who know how to love would understand what happened that night, because when they finished, both cried when they realized what they had done. However, they cried for having failed their parents who had asked them to wait until they turned 18, but they did not know about the trick of their friends, that drug had ignited the libido of both.

Both families, friends and wedding guests congratulated them because they knew of their great love and no one had criticized them for having taken that big step in their relationship. The happiness was even greater when at the altar they both heard the priest say: "I declare you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride".

They kissed with true love, with the passion of love, they looked into each other's eyes and looked like little kids when they embraced each other and jumped up and down saying: "We are now husband and wife alive".

Their parents, godparents and others laughed listening to them and watching them jump. Their innocence was evident to everyone, they applauded them, supporting their happiness, they left the church holding hands. Outside, a shower of rice was waiting for them, thrown by friends of the couple. At the reception, they danced their first waltz, smiling as they did so, then more people came out and joined in the romantic dance.

David Fisher, a mutual friend from college, asked the bride to dance, they both danced to the music. David came a little closer to Judith's ear and said a few words that left the new bride perplexed, but left her with doubts that later she forgot them and these were David's words.

'At the party I met you in full, what a soft skin and that cute mole you have is beautiful..... You dance very well'.

They finished dancing David joined her in leaving her next to her husband and continued dancing with the other guests, as he did nothing to watch them, Judith soon forgot what he said. Mark kissed her every moment and asked her to dance saying words of love, that made her completely forget the words of her classmate.

They went on their honeymoon, toured Europe, traveled on a cruise ship, their nights of passion were very hot. They were very happy, they enjoyed as much as they could, those 15 days were all happiness, touring Parisian, German, Russian cities and they ended up in the Caribbean. When they returned they were received with great joy and happiness, because they arrived two days before their 18th birthday.

They had been given a great reception, since the economic position of both families allowed them to spend a lot of money. They danced, celebrated, laughed, but again one of the guests danced with Judith and it was David who smilingly said.

"Linda Judith I am dancing with you again, you are a very beautiful woman, how lucky Mark is to love you and to have you. However... He wasn't the one who tasted the candy when he opened the wrapper! Wow, but he does love you madly, look at him, his eyes can't stop watching you, hahahaha how lucky you are woman, dance, have fun, live life to the fullest Judith".

She smiled not giving importance to his words and danced very happy, then David made signs to Mark to come to dance with his wife, something that neither foolish nor lazy he did it quickly. He took Judith by the hands and continued dancing with her close to his body, while the aforementioned went to sit down to watch them. No one noticed his sardonic smile, a smile that revealed a lot of things that no one else knew and he was not the only one watching them that way.

On a beautiful table very well arranged were two enormous cakes, they lit the candles so that they would blow them out singing Happy Birthday to what when they finished so it was done. Smiling the spouses, Mark's father approached them, cheering the couple and giving them some documents that were the entrance to Harvard to study Business Administration, something that made the spouses very happy. They would go to live there in a building belonging to his parents so that he would be close to his family, the applause was deafening.

The day arrived when they had to leave, when they arrived they entered their apartment, it was the biggest and most luxurious, they hugged each other very happily. The next day they went in their car to visit their classrooms and others, while Judith with the help of a friend arranged the apartment to their liking. When they finished, her friend went back home.

Months went by and the day came for her to give birth, luckily she was not alone when her water broke, her mother and mother-in-law were there. They called the ambulance, who took her to the private clinic where she had her prenatal check-ups. There she had a cesarean section, giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, whom they named Jenna Black Carlson. The years passed quickly, arriving on the day of his graduation after five years of study. He was already a certified CEO with the diploma of being the best in his class. They celebrated on the same day the birthday of both 23 years and the 5 years of their beloved daughter who was clapping listening to them singing Happy Birthday, they were a beautiful happy family!

While Mark was studying, his father had founded a new company to give to him and his beloved daughter-in-law and his beautiful granddaughter, the darling of all.

They returned again to their new home, also a gift, but this time from Judith's parents. It was a beautiful and huge mansion, it had its employees and guards already installed in advance. They finished settling in, everyone was happy, their daughter was singing, dancing, smiling a captivating smile for everyone. They had tried to have another child, however, they could not, in the clinic they had given her the bad news that she had lost her ability to be a mother, they resigned themselves, even so, they had their little love by their side, she was very intelligent.

However, happiness, when it is beautiful, there are always external factors that insist on ending it and in what way, Judith met David at the bank, who waited for her to finish her work and approached her almost at the exit, as he was the Manager, the guards did not interfere and greeted her.

"Hi Judith, can I talk to you for a moment?", she recognized him immediately, she gave him a smile and accepted him saying.

"Hi David, you got lost, what would you like to talk to me about?"

David shook her hand and led her to some waiting chairs, they sat together as he began to talk to her he looked hesitant, but commented:

"Judith ehm.... now that I am more mature I have decided to tell you or rather confess something to you".

When Judith told him Judith looked at him astonished and thick tears started to come out of her eyes, she covered her face not wanting to believe what she had just heard, Davis was also sobbing saying.

"Forgive me Judith, I behaved the worst, I was very young and.... I have no justification Judith, can you forgive me...? Now that I am married and I have known love, I realize that it was the worst, can you forgive me?"

Judith first looked at him sadly, but she reacted by giving him a fierce slap and said very angry.

"I hate you, how could you? My God, it can't be true and Mark? I love him... I don't know if I can forgive you David, what you did is the cruelest and the lowest thing".

David couldn't answer her anymore because at that very moment some criminals entered the bank to rob it, they shot the guards and threatened the tellers. He tried to protect Judith behind his body, but one of them recognized him as the bank manager and they pointed at him to open the safe. David refused, but they had seen them talking since an informant was inside and he called the robbers' boss on his cell phone, then grabbed Judith and pointed at her head, threatening her.

"Open that d*mn safe or I'll shoot your 'little friend' in the head".

David being hard pressed, not wanting to get hurt, went and opened the safe. The other criminals emptied it, but the one who had Judith's head pointed at it would not let go, then David asked.

"You got what you wanted, please let her go!".

That man replied.

"No! After they all come out."

But desperation caused one of the cashiers to sound the alarm.

The boss who had Judith in his possession ordered his cronies:

"D*mn it! Get out now, now, for not doing what I asked you to do, I'm going to kill her Hahahaha!"

David hearing this, he was very close to the delinquent, threw himself on top of him, causing him to let go of Judith and rolling them both on the ground, but the gun would not let go. Until a detonation was heard and to Judith's horror, David was the one who fell to the ground bloody. The delinquent, upon realizing this, ran out in panic; however, outside, a large shootout began between the police and the delinquents, resulting in the death of all the robbers.

On the other hand, inside the bank, Judith approached crying next to David who vehemently said:

"Please... Judith, forgive me."

He was already looking at her with his gaze almost lost for he was dying, the bullet had crossed his heart.

Judith hugged him against her, staining herself with his blood, but she answered very sadly.

"I forgive you David, I forgive you."

Receiving an almost inaudible 'thank you', he died in the arms of her friend who was crying her eyes out at losing him, for he was a friend who, despite committing an atrocity, loved him dearly.

The news alerted everyone and even more so Mark, who upon seeing his bloody wife, left the office and ran to the elevator. He wanted to be with her in those critical moments.

As he was not so far away, he arrived soon, she was being checked in the ambulance and they were taking out David's body wrapped in a black cover, Judith was crying from the impression she got and from seeing her friend die in her arms and she went to defend her.

Mark upon arrival said:

"Love are you all right?".

To which she looked at him and replied.

"Now that you are here yes love, but they killed David, he only wanted to defend me, they were going to kill me Marck! He shot him that f*ck*r, he killed him!"

Marck hugged his wife giving her courage and comfort, the police approached, they took her statement, now calmer as her husband was there. When they checked her and saw no injuries they let her go home. While she went home to rest, David went to the morgue to rest in peace, but first he got rid of a burden he had, confessing to Judith what he knew and she would decide what to do with that information.

Judith learned a secret that she never imagined existed, a very painful secret that ended in tragedy, as its protagonist died defending her from thieves, she will decide what to do now with that information, will she tell her husband something? Or will she keep the secret to herself, because that is a decision that concerns only her.

Chapter 2

After this tragic event, Judith decided to keep the secret quiet and let her family live in peace and tranquility. Jenna was already 10 years old, her life was as quiet as any other. When she came home from school, her mother received her very happily, because it was her wedding anniversary and in the closet, behind some wrappings, she had discovered her husband's gift, instead she had made a special favorite meal for Mark, who always made time to go home for lunch with his family, he was very attached to her.

Everything was ready when the key clicked in the lock and he entered, turning quickly because he knew his daughter was rushing to greet him.

Jenna was a fervent admirer of her father, to her he was her hero. Mark took her in his hands, he lifted her up, spinning her in the air and laughing, for him she was his angel, his life, his beloved daughter, he gave her a kiss on the forehead and put her down. Later he was received with a big kiss and hug by his wife Ju


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