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A tale of two women of the same name who possess distinct characteristics and lead disparate lifestyles. Adelyn Henderson, a pancake girl from Las Vegas, traveled to California in search of employment opportunities to tend to her ailing nanny. Her ailing nanny was the only family she had, as she had been left behind by her biological parents. On the flip side, another Adelyn Henderson exists; a wealthy model who had won the heart of one of the wealthiest young men in California. On the day in question, the affluent Hayden Moore was eagerly awaiting his fiancée to join in his daughter Zoey's birthday celebration and become acquainted with his family. Due to his workload, he instructed his sister to collect his soon-to-be-wife, yet erroneously, she fetched the wrong woman instead. From abhorrence, to liking, to respect, and finally to that potent emotion, LOVE.

Chapter 1

Hayden POV


I heard the sound of my alarm and I was forced to open my eyes.

There is nothing to be angry about when I am woken up by my alarm because if you are a man with different companies to run you don't actually need an alarm to wake up in the morning.

I stood up from the bed and dressed it.

Yeah you heard me i do have maids around to do that but i am kinda used to it.

I walked into the bathroom and did my morning business and then left the bedroom still in my pajamas and went to my daughter's bedroom.

But she wasn't there and it was just 5am in the morning although it's not something new to me.

I went to her Barbie house only to see her sleeping on the bed and a smile appeared on my face.

All i have ever prayed to god is for me to hear her talk just once but no it never happened.

I was once a player of course, going after everything my sinful eyes sees and that was how I got to meet my Zoey’s mom.

I was once diagnosed with cancer of the lungs because of my excessive amounts of smoke intake.

And Zoey's mom was my personal nurse then and even on my sick bed I was determined to f*ck her and of course it finally happened.

I saw it as a one night stand but she got pregnant at first. I didn't accept the baby but her determination to keep her baby made me accept it.

Zoey, my daughter , was born like any other normal baby but everything changed when she was four months old.

When my baby mommy was shot dead while she was going to the hospital for a baby checkup she died at the spot.

After much investigation we found out it was her boyfriend that shot her out of anger.

And all i could do was blame myself because i was the cause of her sudden death.

I will tell you why....

After going after Rose, my late baby mommy for a while and she still rejected me saying she was in a serious relationship. I got fed up.

And on one faithful day she came to check on me as usual but unknown to her I had everything planned out .

I didn't advance towards her as usual. Instead I was being friendly with her and that was the reason why when I offered her a drink she accepted but unknown to her I drugged her and had my way with her.

Even in her death she believes that we were both drunk and that was why I have always lived a life of guilt for years now.

I made sure her stupid boyfriend never went free and she was actually sentenced to death by hanging and I watched him die.

That was how I stopped being a player.

Maybe that was a way God wanted to change me.

But something happened to my daughter Zoey. She stopped making all those baby sounds and she hardly cried.

At first i didn't take it serious but when it got worst i took her to the hospital and the doctor confirmed that she was suffering from the shock of the incident that caused her moms death.

According to the doctor it was a rare sickness and she can only talk when she sees someone she can take as a mommy figure.

After that I started inviting different young female therapists but nothing happened so after my father's death my mom and younger siblings moved in with me.

And for the first time Zoey smiled immediately she saw my mom and her smiles melted my heart completely.

I started wanting more.

I wanted to see her laugh and most especially I wanted to hear her call me daddy without her writing it on her iPad.

Since my father's death I have been living with my sweet mom and two troublesome younger siblings.

They are actually twins and they are still in highschool and I must say staying with them makes me dislike the idea of my wife giving birth to twins because they are a big pain in my d*mn *ss.

My life has really been a mess, sometimes people think because we have money our lives are sweet but no it doesn't work that way.

I don't have nightmares of Rose hunting me but instead my father's last words keep hunting me, his last words to me were simple.


I sleep every day and wake up with those words ringing in my head like a bell.

I have asked my mom about it countless times but she claims she knows nothing about it but the looks on her face always says otherwise.

Someone touched me making me come back to reality and I saw my daughter Zoey smiling at me.

“Good morning baby, how was your night?”

I asked playing with her hair and she smiled and took her iPad from her barbie table and wrote.

“My night was lovely daddy, what about yours?”

I smile at her although deep down my heart I want to hear her talk but according to the doctor and some of her therapists if you force her you are only prolonging her recovery.

“Fine baby, now go back to bed, you still have little time to sleep before uncle Evan and aunty Emily come to prepare you for school.”

I said and she nodded and lay down on the bed. I kissed her forehead before leaving her barbie house to my room to prepare for work.

When I got to my bedroom it was already almost 7am and I needed to be at work by 8am.

So i rushed into the bathroom and took my bath i am not actually a fan of jacuzzi i only make use of it after a hot s*x.

After taking my bath I came out with a towel wrapped around my waist.

I went towards my dressing mirror and applied my body lotion.

After that I went to my closet to choose what to wear. After a while of searching I settled for a black suit and a white shirt.

After dressing up I took my briefcase and walked out of my room to the living room and of course as usual mom stopped me.

“Good morning mom, how was your night?”

I greeted.

“Morning love and where the hell are you going to don't tell me you are going to work again today without eating?”

She said with a frown.

“Ehhh sorry mom but i have an important meeting in less than an hour don't worry just send Emily to send my food to the office.”

I said looking at my whist watch.

“Okay, love, drive safely.”

She said,

“I will mom.”

I said and kissed her cheek and left the house to my garage.

Some of my bodyguards were already waiting for me in the car. Immediately I got there they opened the door for me and I got in and the driver zoomed off.

A little introduction. My name is Hayden Moore and I am 27 years old.

I am now one of the richest men in California right now or shall I say the richest man because I am number two in the list.

I am the CEO of the best company in the whole California called Hayden ENTERPRISE and I am proud of it.

My dad is late but i have a lovely mom Mrs Jane Moore and two younger siblings Evan and Emily who are pain in the *ss.

A lovely daughter Zoey of which i don't think i can live without.

I also have a Fiancee named Adelyn and I love her so much and she will be coming over to see my family next week during Zoey's birthday.

Chapter 2

Adelyn POV

I ran into the house with my empty tray looking excited.

I made a lot of sales today and my money should be used for nanny's surgery and caretaking fee.

Thinking of that alone makes me feel so happy.

On a normal day when I am this happy nanny and I play all day and that alone motivated me to make the money for her surgery.

If there is something I don't want to lose in my life it's my nanny and I mean it.

She is just like a mother, father and everything in the world to me and I can actually lay down my life for her.

She is getting advanced in age plus illness and that was the only thing wrong with nanny if not she looks very much younger than her age.


When I got to our small house I ran inside straight to my bedroom and dropped my tray at my reading table.

Then i went under my bed and brought out my piggy box and broke it and started counting the money and i was really right it was complete.


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