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Wrong Mother-Inseminated by Mistake

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Ana Rodriguez is an 18-year-old girl, a good student and exemplary daughter, who lives in the company of her father and brother. Due to a strong pain, in the lower part of her belly, she goes to a doctor's office in a clinic, to be checked by a gynecologist, the doctor involuntarily inseminates her by mistake, to Ana's bad luck she becomes pregnant, the father of the child in question is a well-known businessman and businessman, who is the CEO of an important prestigious newspaper in the city, called Anthony Hufman. As fate would have it, the two suddenly meet and for some reason, the two create a strong bond between them, unaware that she is carrying a fruit of his in her womb. What will Anne do when she learns that she was impregnated by mistake? What resources will Anthony use to find the whereabouts of the inseminated mother? All these and many questions are now discovered in this sobering story.

Chapter 1: Erroneous Insemination.

"Good morning miss, I came for a medical check-up with the gynecologist," Ana says calmly.

"If of course, allow me your ID, please write it down," says the secretary of the office.

"Yes, of course," Ana replies, smiling subtly.

"Cancel me, please."

"Here you go," he hands the money to the young woman.

"Wait in the room, the nurse will take you to the doctor soon."

"Very kind," Ana goes and sits smiling, waiting for her turn to be served.

Ana Rodríguez is a simple young woman of just 18 years of age, a university student, her good academic performance, made her the recipient of an important scholarship in one of the most prestigious universities in New York, the city where she lives with her father and brother.

She picks up her cell phone while she waits and calls her best friend Sofia, who is also going to the same university with her:

"Hello, Sofi, all right?"

"Yes, my friend, where are you?"

"I'm in consultation with the gynecologist.

"Oh, okay. You mentioned it to me yesterday.

"Yes, my dear.

"I'll see you when you go out, at the café near my house." Let me know when you come.

"I'll only go if you invite," Ana says with a laugh.

"So advantageous. Just because I want to know more about Abel I'm going, otherwise I won't even invite you anything.

"Do you still insist on my brother?"

"I love it," Ana frowns at her comment because her brother likes them all.

"Well, I'll leave you, I think I'll go to the doctor, I'll see you later."

"Okay, bye," they hang up the conversation.

Meanwhile, the nurse arrives at the secretary's post and asks:

"Have you already prepared the files, with the data of the patients, that the doctor will inseminate today?"

"Yes, my friend, here they are," mixing Ana's file, among those who will be having the procedure today.

"Thank you, in the morning we only have one insemination, and in the afternoon, there is a lot of work," the nurse points to the secretary, who gives a subtle smile and continues working on the computer.

Without further ado, the nurse calls Ana, who apparently will be the only daytime patient, she is on hold, as she arrived very early.

"Ana Rodríguez, is that you?" The nurse asks.

"Yes, it's me.

"Come with me," Ana leaves with her, she's happy because she'll be leaving the office soon, because she's very hungry, she left without breakfast.

The doctor was talking to a client, from whom he will inseminate a woman, so that he will become a father, by means of an artificial procedure:

"Hello Mr. Hufman," the doctor greets the man gently.

"Dr. Jhetro, the young lady must have arrived by now, I sent her to your office a while ago. So, let's get to work," the man mentions, as the doctor hangs up the call.

That man, with whom the doctor spoke is Anthony Hufman (Tony), is one of the most prestigious CEOs in the country, who owns an important national newspaper, called in Spanish "Un Nuevo Tiempo".

Tony is an altruistic and kind-hearted young man, who always seeks to care for and protect the most underdog, he has seen many injustices before his eyes. From which he has not been immune, which is why he makes his newspaper available to all those who are mistreated and seek justice. It also helps the Latino community in New York, some of whom are victims of constant abuses because of their immigrant status.

The noble heart of this man beats at this moment, at full speed and anxiously panic. So, he is pensive, in the office of his mansion, waiting for the doctor's news.

In the office...

The nurse prepares Ana for the fertilization procedure, not knowing that she is not the woman that Anthony Hufman had hired to start the process.

"Come on, put this robe on and sit down here, please," he says.

Ana is surprised, because she is a virgin, she does not understand how the doctor does, she wants to delve into her privacy and immediately asks:

"Do I need to undress?"

"Yes, young man, otherwise the doctor can't do his job." Ana cocks her head strangely; however, she does as the woman points out.

The doctor arrives immediately, to begin:

"Good morning miss, take away that worried face, it will be very fast," Ana looks at him nervously.

Open your legs slightly and the doctor initiates the in vitro procedure. Ana closes and opens her eyes calmly, unaware that mistake is inseminating her. A slight tickle invades her body, along with her subtle icy breeze, which is quickly internalized in her.

After a while, the doctor informs him:

"Ready, young man, you can go."

"Doctor, and don't you send me anything, for the pain in my belly?"

"Don't worry, I don't think you'll feel pain, with what I've just done.

"Oh well, you know, it's the doctor," Ana gives a subtle smile.

In the midst of her innocence and ignorance about the subject, she did not realize what they had just done to her, as she has never been intimate with anyone, she has only focused on studying and getting good grades, so that her father feels proud of her, so she perceived everything normally.

He dresses and leaves the office, saying goodbye, gently to the doctor and nurse.

Dr. Jhetro calls out to Anthony Hufman:

"Mr. Hufman, that's it, the procedure has been done, we just have to wait.

"Will she get pregnant just once?"

"Probably yes, maybe you tell the young woman to come in case she starts menstruating and we do another procedure, I still have samples from her."

"If it's okay I'll be on the lookout, I'll call Rose, to tell her what you're telling me.


"Yes, Rose Dixon, it was the girl I sent, who rented her womb to me," the doctor quickly panics and searches for Ana's file.

"Mr. Hufman, the girl I inseminated is not named Rose. But Ana Rodríguez.

"What?" How? Anthony reacts excitedly.

"For God's sake, what did I just do?" exclaims the petrified doctor.

"There must be a mistake, the girl I sent is called Rose and not Ana.

"Call her, there must be an explanation and she call me immediately, if we made a mistake, it could cost me my career of years Mr. Hufman.

"There must be a coherent explanation. I call Rose and immediately get back to you.

The doctor hurriedly calls the nurse and the secretary to tell them:

"I had an emergency, close the office and cancel today's appointments. I need to talk to you very seriously." He looks at you with obvious concern.

"What's wrong, doctor?"

"I think we made a very serious mistake, that if it came to light it would be the end.

"Doctor, are you scaring me?" The secretary exclaims.

"Mary, the girl who did the file, came for an insemination, right?" Mary falls upside down, with what the doctor tells her.

"Hell! No doctor she came, for a routine check-up, not for an insemination.

"Mary, but you put her file in the insemination folder, the fatal mistake was yours initially, now we're all lost," the nurse says, as the doctor clasps his hands on his head.

At the Hufman mansion...

Tony calls, to Rose to no avail, mutters to himself:

"Where the hell has Rose gone?"

The doctor quickly calls, distraught, to give him the bad news:

"Mr. Hufman, something terrible happened as I feared, I impregnated the wrong woman, the girl is indeed called Ana Rodríguez, if the procedure is a success and she gets pregnant, I'm finished. I couldn't live with the disrepute, Good heavens!

"Calm down doctor, at least I don't know, she doesn't have a picture to identify her.

"No, only his name, he didn't even leave a phone number, nor an address, it was a terrible mistake by the secretary, which will cost us all our lives. All I have is her name, Ana Rodriguez.

"Lightning. Where I'll find Ana Rodríguez, it's a very common name, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

"God willing that the procedure fails, in the same way I will take my precautions, goodbye," he hangs up the call and decides to flee without hesitation, he will not be present, to see what happens after the mistake made.

Will Tony find a way out of this situation, which is becoming apparent? Join me to discover how this beautiful story begins.

Chapter 2: Encounter between Ana and Tony.

The next day...

Ana continues, with her routine she is heading to university, with her best friend Sofia they are both inseparable, so much so that they do practically everything together.

"What a bummer, classes start today," says Sofi.

"Oh Sofi, you don't change, I don't understand how you continue to come to classes, if you hate studying," Ana reprimands her.

"Because of my parents, who practically force me.

"You're ungrateful, all the effort your parents make, to give you everything and you pay them back, falling in love with my brother and ignoring his career.

"Don't scold me, I've had enough of my parents' sermon when they see my grades," Ana frowns in weariness.

"Let's go to the living room," and he takes her roughly by the hand.

When you get to the classroom, there is Steven, a young man who is madly in love with Ana, in his own way, since all


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