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Who is My Son's Father?

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Even though I didn't want to live, I had to live for the smile that awaits my return every day—Jannice White. My life looks so perfect. Born into a wealthy family and has such a beautiful and good fiancée. However, somehow I felt that there was a big thing that I had forgotten. I feel like this is not my real life—Aldrich Foster Horrison. Jannice is a single parent who has to fight hard for her life. Only living alone with her son, Ace, and without a husband makes her often the gossip of many people. Until one day, fate leads her to meet Aldrich, a wealthy man who always looks at her with a look that gives her goosebumps. Jannice tries to avoid Aldrich because she doesn't want her life to be chaotic due to an intersection with someone from a wealthy family. However, it turns out that fate continues to bring her together with Aldrich. In fact, Ace quickly got along with him. Whereas before, Ace was very difficult to open up with new people. Like Ace, Aldrich felt the same way. He felt a closeness with the five-year-old boy. Aldrich, who was curious, finally continued to look for information about Ace and Jannice. What reality did Aldrich finally know? Do the two of them really have anything to do with Aldrich's forgotten past?

Chapter 1

Even though I didn't want to live, I had to live for the smile that awaits my return every day—Jannice White.

Life as a single parent is quite hard in this country. Especially when you hear the gossip of other people you don't know well at all. That's how Jannice has felt for the past five years. There are not a few gossips that stop in her ears that make her sometimes want to give up. However, when that happened, she always turned her head towards the little thing that was always in her arms every night.

"She must be a naughty woman. Just look at not getting married but having children."

"You can't talk to that woman if your husband talks to her, afraid that your husband will be held back with her."

"Heh! Which father are you, brat? You are Just an illegitimate child! It's already there! Don't be friends with our son!"

Jannice sighed harshly when she remembered some of the words thrown at her and the child. Maybe if only she were insulted, it wouldn't hurt so much. However, they even harassed Ace, his five-year-old son.

Aren't they also mothers? Why can they have the heart to say bad things to other people's children? Is it just because Ace has no father, so they can just casually

"Mom...." A tiny hand shook Jannice's arm. The woman, who was lost in thought, immediately turned her head to the side. She saw the handsome boy whose smile always pulled her from despair, and she wanted to die. Jannice smiled and bent down slightly to keep their faces level.

"What's the matter, Ace?" The gentle voice of the woman always made the boy feel calm. Her curly hand didn't even stop stroking the boy's hair.

"Mommy, don't go," he whined with teary eyes. His lips bleated, making his face look pitiful. Really, Jannice couldn't bear to see Ace in such a mode. The woman exhaled harshly, her hands placed on his tiny shoulders, which began to tremble.

"Mommy has to work, son. So that Ace can buy toys and go to school," Jannice said softly. The look in her eyes is always shady when facing the son.

Ace shook his head. The little boy then hugged his mother. "Mom, please don’t go. Ace loves Mommy."

Again, Jannice let out a long breath. It's always this drama that happens in the morning when she is about to leave for work. It's not that she wants to be in this state, but she has no other choice. If she doesn't work, then she can't make ends meet.

Jannice also really wants to accompany her child twenty-four hours a day, accompany her child to play, and accompany her child to take a nap, like other mothers. However, as a single parent, such a thing is unlikely to happen.

"Ace, don't you want a Transformer robot?" asked Jannice, trying to distract the child.

Still in the arms of his mother, Ace nodded. Jannice smiled faintly, her hand stroking the child's back.

"Then, let Mommy make money first. Later on Sunday, we will go to the toy store to buy the robot that Ace wants."

Ace's crying stopped instantly. He let go of his embrace until the bodies of the two were far apart. The eyes that had been teary now turned bright. "Really? Mommy is not lying?"

"How could Mommy lie to you? Ace cares about Mommy; later on Sunday we will buy a Transformer robot," Jannice promised, which was immediately greeted by an enthusiastic leap from Ace.

"Ye...! Ace wants a transformer robot!"

Jannice breathed a sigh of relief. Every morning is never spared from drama like this. However, for some reason this morning, Ace was a little more 'troublesome' than usual.

"I entrusted Ace."

"Yes, Jannice. You just go to work; let Ace and me come here." Although Jannice felt very hesitant, she had no other choice. Forced to do so, she always had to trouble the middle-aged woman who lived next to her house. They didn't have any relationships, but the middle-aged woman always helped Jannice.

"Thank you, Maria. I'm sorry, I always trouble you."

"Don't talk like that. You have considered your own family."

Jannice couldn't help but smile hesitantly. Really, she no longer knows how to repay the middle-aged woman's kindness. Until she always promised in her heart that if she becomes a rich woman, Jannice will definitely never forget the kindness of the woman who is currently smiling shady in front of her.


"Are you late again, Jannice?" The sound of yelling immediately greeted Jannice when she arrived at work. The woman could only lower her head and did not dare to refute because she felt that what was said was true.

"Now what other reason do you want? Your kid is fussy. Or was your cat born? Or did your neighbour's horse mate?" A woman with a s*xy body instantly approached Jannice. She folded her hands in front. Her face is pretty. Jannice admits that.

"My son indeed—"

"No excuses!" interrupted the woman in an angry tone. The other workers could only watch with concerned eyes because Jannice had been late too many times. "It's always such an excuse! You think this place belongs to your family, so you can just come in casually! Look at your other colleagues!" Dara's index finger—the s*xy woman who scolded Jannice—pointed at the employees in turn. "They always arrive on time! Only you are always late!"

Jannice could only keep silent because what Dara said was the truth. All she could do this time was squeeze the two hands that were on her sides. Dara kept cursing at Jannice, letting out bad words that made the woman's ears hot.

She couldn't bear it but had no other choice. Who else can accept herself with a low education?

"What’s going on?" The baritone voice coming from the inner direction distracted the centre of attention. There appeared to be a man close to thirty years old with a pretty handsome face walking towards them. The s*xy woman just now instantly softened her complexion and looked down slightly at the man.

"I'm just warning Jannice a little bit not to be late too often, sir," the woman replied. Jannice lowered her face even more because the man currently standing in front of her was the manager of the place where she worked. Of course, she was afraid that she would be fired after this.

The man was cold towards Jannice. He scanned the body up and down.

"Send her to my room!" he ordered as he walked away from the place.

Dara looked back at Jannice with a smirk. "Listen to what Mr. Robert said to you." After saying that, she just walked away from Jannice's presence. Of course, with a smile expanded The thought of Jannice getting a tantrum from their superiors inexplicably made her feel very happy. Dara admits that she didn't like Jannice the first time she saw her.

Jannice's heart skipped a beat when she arrived at the manager's doorstep. Jannice squeezed her palms, wet with sweat. After calming down, she knocked on the door. Jannice went straight in after there was an answer from inside the room. Still with her head down and fingers pressed together, Jannice now stands right in front of Robert—the manager's desk.

"Your name is Jannice, right?" asked Robert in a cold tone.

"Yeah, sir," Jannice replied timidly. She felt her palms getting wetter and wetter from holding back fear. Dealing with Dara alone is terrible; now she is even face-to-face with the manager where she works. Even to just lift her face, Jannice didn't dare.

"What age is your son?"

Jannice was a little shocked because her manager knew that. With a slightly trembling voice, Jannice replied, "Five years old, sir." Jannice's brain is spinning hard; is Robert really so considerate of his employees? To the extent that it is known that Jannice already has a child.

"Are you two alone?"

"Yes. Sir."

"Your husband?"

Jannice swallowed her saliva roughly. "That...."

"No need to answer!"

Jannice immediately breathed a sigh of relief after Robert said that. Although she was still confused about where Robert knew it all, Jannice chose to ignore it now. The important thing at this time is that she has to beg not to be fired.

Robert observed Jannice closely. "Lock the door and come closer!"

Jannice suddenly looked up when she heard Robert's words. What did the man in front of her tell her to lock the door for? She felt bad all of a sudden.

"Why just shut up? Lock the door and get closer immediately!" Because Jannice was just barking, Robert repeated his order. This time with a slightly high tone.

"Fi-fine." Jannice swallowed her saliva roughly. With hesitant steps, the woman stepped towards the door and afterwards moved closer to Robert's workbench. Jannice came to a stop when the table was the only thing standing in their way.

"Don't just stand there. Come here!"

Jannice was even more neglected because, for her, this was very close to the man's table. Where else should she get closer?

"But, sir—"

"Here! To my side!" Robert pointed to the empty spot beside his chair with his chin. "Don't be afraid; I won't hurt you." The man's voice sounded so soft, but inexplicably, it even made Jannice get goose bumps.

However, inevitably, Jannice also stepped closer; until now, she was right next to her manager. Her body trembled; she didn't want to guess what would happen to her at all.

"Do you want to keep working here?" asked Robert with a look that could not be separated from Jannice's face. The woman nodded hesitantly. Who wants to be fired when the necessities of life go on?

"I heard you have a son but no husband." Robert licked his lips wet while looking at Jannice as if he wanted to eat the woman.

Jannice gasped at Robert's remarks. She raised her face slightly and found Robert's face visible. Nasty.

What do Mr. Robert's words mean? And why is his gaze like that?

Janice shuddered in horror. Robert abruptly pulled Jannice's hand and forced her to sit on his lap while she was still struggling with her thoughts.

"Sir!" shouted Jannice while trying to escape Robert, but the man held him hard.

"You know, Jannice, I have been paying attention to you for a long time. You're so beautiful and s*xy; I like you," Robert said as he sniffed Jannice's neck, making the woman feel uncomfortable.

Jannice was stunned. She didn't expect that the manager would even like her. However, it did not make her proud or happy at all. She is even more stricken with fear now.

"Let me go, sir," Jannice whined. She tried to break free from Robert's tighter embrace.

"Don't be arrogant. I know you must be so wild that you have children out of wedlock. Instead of peddling your body to many people, you just serve me. I will give you what you want. Your work here will also be safe. I won't let anyone disturb you."

Chapter 2

My life looks so perfect. Born into a wealthy family and has such a beautiful and good fiancée. However, somehow I felt that there was a big thing that I had forgotten. I feel like this is not my real life—Aldrich Foster Horrison.

"Aldrich! Have you asked Victoria to go to Aunt Lucy's place to fit your engagement dress?" A middle-aged woman came from the direction of the kitchen with a glass filled with mango juice and gave it to the young man, who was currently sitting staring at the pond in front of him.

"Thank you, Mom." Aldrich, the young man's name, smiled softly at the mother, who immediately sat next to him. He took a sip of mango juice and put the glass on the table.

"Maybe next Tuesday, Mom. This week Aldrich is very busy taking care of the project with Big B Company," Aldrich replied back, looking at the pool water.

"You must hurry, so that Aunty Lucy can revise if it's small or too big.&quo


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