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Who is my baby's father

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A girl named Haruhi Katsuhi suddenly became pregnant, she did not know the cause of her pregnancy. One day she took a testpack and the result was positive, the news was immediately known by her parents and future husband two days before Katsuhi and her boyfriend's wedding day took place. Katsuhi was very sad, she did not know the cause of her pregnancy and who was the father of the baby in her womb. Previously, Katsuhi was very sure that she had never had s*x with anyone. Until one day, Katsuhi was reunited with a handsome and wealthy doctor named Todorabi Shouken. Unbeknownst to Katsuhi and everyone around her, it was Shouken who placed the seed in Katsuhi's womb in a unique way. Shouken specially cared for and handled Katsuhi's womb after that, but Katsuhi's marriage to the man she loved failed because of the pregnancy. So what will happen to Katsuhi after this? Will she find happiness even if it's not with the person she loves?

Chapter 1

A girl is vomiting in the toilet.

Two blue lines, and tomorrow is her wedding day. The girl with the two-striped test pack stared intently at her test pack, which was already showing a result that could not be denied.

"Okay, I have to do it one more time." The girl insisted that what she saw this time was wrong.

The girl had already gone back and forth in the restroom three times, and this was the fourth time she had gone in there just to test whether or not she was pregnant.

Still not expecting what was happening to her, the girl didn't want to stop until she got the one-striped test.

But was that even possible? It was obvious that she was pregnant. This girl is really stubborn.

15 minutes passed....

Now the girl was crying over her fourth testpack which again yielded a positive result. This did not produce anything positive at all in the girl's mind. Just when she was about to get everything, she was about to lose it all in an instant just because of the growth of a child in her womb.

"No, I don't want my marriage to Sei to fail just like that." The girl punched her stomach, anger and annoyance pouring out through her punches. "How did you get in my womb?! Who put you in here huh?!"

The girl threw her head back as she cried, a mess, everything was a mess. The girl was getting married the day after tomorrow, and now she was pregnant. It made no sense at all for her to be pregnant, as she had never straddled any man. Not even once.

Weeping bitterly, the girl buried her face in her hands and knees. Continuing to receive the water falling from the shower that was so heavy and cold. The girl did not want her marriage to her boyfriend to fall apart because of this unexpected pregnancy.

"Katsuhi, what's wrong? Why haven't you finished bathing since earlier? You've been bathing for two hours!"

A blonde-haired woman knocked on the door of the room that had 'do not enter without knocking!' written on the front. A worried and curious expression was clearly displayed on the woman's face, showing that she was very curious about her daughter's current state. There could be something bad happening to her daughter, she thought.

Brak brak brak

Instead of knocking, the door was kicked. The pounding on the door was so loud, it startled anyone who heard the sound.

"Harumi? What's going on? What made you bang on Katsuhi's door like that? Did she do something wrong?" the woman's husband asked. Yes, that man was Katsuhi's father.

"Our son has been shutting himself in the bathroom for two hours, I'm worried that he's having a big problem. Plus he locked the door to this room, I can't check what happened to him."

Harumi's anxiety could overpower her anger, even though she was a fierce woman but still she was a mother who loved her daughter very much. Especially Katsuhi was Harumi's only daughter. Harumi could not calm herself down before she could see her daughter's current condition.

"Okay, does she know your call?" asked Katsuhi's father.

Harumi shook her head, further confirming that Katsuki was not okay.

"Okay, then it's better to break down this door. You better back off, I'll break down this door."

Katsuhi had apparently fainted in the bathroom due to exhaustion from crying and excessive shock, she did not know that her parents were struggling to open Katsuhi's bedroom door which was locked from the inside.

The door was successfully broken down by Katsuhi's father, suddenly they both immediately ran towards the bathroom which was not far from the entrance to Katsuhi's bedroom.

They were both surprised that their favorite child had passed out under the shower that was still pouring water. Quickly, Katsuhi's father carried his unconscious daughter to the bed to dry her body.

"Sob sob, my daughter. Why is she like this?" asked Harumi while wiping Katsuhi's body with a towel.

Harumi's husband did not respond or reply to Harumi's words. The figure of the man could only gape at the bathroom door when in his hand there was already a testpack that showed two lines.

"Harumi, I think I know why Katsuhi fainted."

Harumi turned her head, she hurriedly got off Katsuhi's bed and approached her husband. She looked at the object in her husband's hand with a mixed feeling.

"Hiruzen, don't tell me that this is true. Tell me that I'm looking at it wrong. Please, I can't believe my vision," Harumi pleaded, she couldn't accept the reality of what happened to Katsuhi.

Harumi took the testpack and threw the testpack to the floor until it shattered into pieces. She cried bitterly after finding out that her daughter was pregnant before marriage, even the pregnancy occurred during the important days before Katsuhi's wedding. Katsuhi's future husband must have been very disappointed to find out she was pregnant by another man.

"How is this? Sei must be very disappointed and angry. There's no way Sei would accept Katsuhi being pregnant by another man," said Haruhi. She was still shocked by the news of her daughter's pregnancy that was too sudden like this.

Hiruzen showed a surprised expression, he was thinking hard, his face hardened and looked very serious. The man thought of the most likely possibility of Katsuhi's pregnancy.

"No, it could be that Katsuhi is indeed pregnant because of Sei. Katsuhi has never approached any man other than Sei, and Katsuhi really loves Sei. We've even seen that Katsuhi is willing to die for Sei, right?" replied Hiruzen.

Harumi wiped her tears with a finger, she heard the implicit meaning of Hiruzen's words. But the woman chose to pretend she didn't understand and ask about it first.

"Tell me, I don't understand."

Hiruzen lifted his chin with breath billowing through his nose, anger gathered so tightly inside Hiruzen's chest. If it wasn't for his calm and wise nature, then Hiruzen would have gone berserk by now.

"Maybe it was Sei who got Katsuhi pregnant," Hiruzen said.

"But... Did Sei really do that? I don't think that's possible---"

"What's impossible? Sei is a normal man just like any other man. He could have made a mistake and f*ck*d Katsuhi. We should say this directly to Sei and ask her."

"No! We can't say this!" prevented Harumi, who panicked and held her husband back from leaving.

Chapter 2

"What's impossible? Sei is a normal man just like any other man. He could have made a mistake and fucked Katsuhi. We should say this directly to Sei and ask her."

"No! We can't say this!" prevented Harumi, Harumi panicked and held her husband back from leaving.

Hiruzen and Harumi were arguing with each other. Harumi tried to prevent Hiruzen who had taken the car keys and was about to go to Sei's house to say all this and ask about Sei's actions. Although it is still unclear whether Katsuhi's pregnancy was indeed due to Sei's actions.

Hiruzen and Harumi who were right in front of the living room door argued again as Harumi pulled Hiruzen's shirt as hard as she could so that Hiruzen wouldn't leave the house and carry out what she was thinking now.

"We can't just let this happen. Whether the facts we get after this are bitter or sweet, we still have to recognize and admit this mistake. If i


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