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When the fire ignites

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Lorelai Denise Harris is a persistent and hardworking person who believes that if you work hard you will achieve anything you dreamed of. Just when everything is falling into place in her life, she stumbles upon someone, or rather a piece of bad luck for her, Maxwell Louis Clinton. After finding out she will be sharing her house with him and he will also be her new boss everything crumbles into pieces. Is Lorelai strong enough as misfortunes slowly unfold right in front of her? But is this just a mere coincidence? or a planned meeting? Who will be shattered into pieces after knowing the truth? Can the past be buried by devoted love? Is love really enough to conquer everything?

Chapter 1 The Party

Lorelai Denise Harris is a firm believer that if you work hard you will achieve anything you dreamed of. After working hard for 3 years after graduating she finally fulfilled one of her dreams, which is to buy her own house.

She knows it's actually not big of a deal to anyone however, it is for her. The house she bought is the very house that her Dad always love. She remembers that as a child he always told her that he see his daughter living there with her family in the future.

All of her friends think she’s a fool for burying herself in an endless workload just to buy this house, they said “What’s the point of the house if you are alone”.

Nevertheless, Lorelai doesn’t regret setting aside romance just to fulfill her dream. She believes that romance will find its way to her, it is already destined.

“I finally got the key to the house! I officially own my dream house!” Lorelai screamed as she wave the key in front of her best friend Kelly.

“So excited to leave me right?” Kelly said pouting.

Kelly and Lorelai have been living together in an apartment ever since they started working. So she understands that it must be hard for both of them to adjust.

“Kelly, stop sulking. You are making me sad!” Lorelai said as she hug her tightly in her arms. When she released Kelly, she is smiling, “I am so proud of you, Rory,” Kelly said while patting Lorelai’s head. "You've been through a lot, you deserve every good thing."

“Now that you finally fulfilled your dream, I guess you could at least rest, our colleague already made a reservation in the bar near our company to celebrate you. Make sure to wear your most pretty dress. Who knows you might find your prince charming there, princess” Kelly said with her ever-iconic teasing tone.

‘I guess she’s right, it's time to loosen up a bit. It won’t hurt me if I have fun right?’ Kelly said to herself, after spending all her time working she thinks that it is finally time to somehow loosen up.

She took her red dress out of her closet, this dress match perfectly with her skin tone. She put on light makeup and red lipstick to match the red dress. After preparing, She texted Kelly and they go to the bar together.

When they arrived the bar is already crowded with lots of people dancing and wilding. It took a while for them to arrive at their assigned table because of the sea of people. They settled themselves at their table, and finally, the drinks and food arrived.

Almost all of Lorelai’s close colleagues are there, they all congratulate her and told her they are proud of Lorelai. Their table is buried in many different kinds of alcohol.

‘I guess everyone wants to drink till they pass out.’ Lorelai thought to herself.

Because she promised herself that she will have fun tonight, Lorelai quickly drank this alcohol.

“Cheers to our Lorelai finally owning a house after dumping all nice guys for it” Albert, screamed he seemed drunk.

All of them laugh even Lorelai. Albert is one of those guys that she dumped just because she doesn’t have time for relationship.

“Shut up bro, she might finally give you a chance now.” Kelly screamed.

Time passed, and everyone is on the dance floor, probably wasted. She followed them and danced along with the loud tempo of the music. She could feel that she is already getting dizzy, and she could feel her throat dry up.

So she excused herself from the crowd and then decided to get herself cold water on the bar counter.


“Can I have some water?” I said to the bartender at the bar counter, he is quick enough to give me one.

I stand up quickly and I almost fall but someone caught me. It is a man probably drunk too, but a score for his fast reflexes.

His cold gaze sent shivers down my spine, I could feel his strong arms holding my waist. I gasp as he comes nearer to my face, he looks so attractive to make women fall in love instantly with him. I look closer at the details of his face.

From his brown hair to his deep hazel brown eyes that could drown me, to his pointy nose, and…. to his alluring lips. It makes me feel d*mn crazy about knowing how soft it must feel on mine. Each second feels like a minute, suddenly time stopped, the crowd that was once full of people disappears, the loud deafening music suddenly fades and right now it feels like it is only us. I come closer, but I snapped back to my senses when he helped me stand up.

“Thank you.” I said softly, trying to conceal my desire to devour his lips.

‘Ah it must be the alcohol’ I said to myself, thinking that this is not me if I am sober.

But who am I to go against my own desire? Not thinking I grabbed him and kiss him, it should be only a peck. However, he hold me closer his breath smelled like alcohol. I could feel that he shares the same desire as me, he holds my cheek and deepen the kiss it is intoxicating enough but sweet enough for him to smile in the middle of the kiss. When he slowly released my lips, he smiled, a smile that could easily melt my icy heart.

“D*mn, your lips are indeed soft,” I said thinking so loudly even though I shouldn’t.

I hear him chuckle, “Yours are softer,” he said huskily, then bites his lip that has my lipstick stain. That voice tickles my ears, it is so nice to hear.

I could feel the sun hitting my eyes, it must be morning already. My head hurts and I feel like puking, ‘I hate hangovers!’. When I opened my eyes it took me a while to realize that I am not in my apartment, this place is so unfamiliar to me. I blinked twice until I feel a hand hold my waist. I am astonished to see a naked stranger next to me, sleeping so soundly. To my surprise, I get up quickly only to see that I am naked under the blanket too.

‘D*mn I must drunk a lot yesterday’ I said to myself. Suddenly, all the happenings yesterday flash before my eyes. Did I have too much fun yesterday?! I quickly grabbed all my things and never look back at the man in the bed. Not knowing that her life could alter in an instant, how one minute everything could be a certain way she hope for and the next it's simply not...because of this one night.


I woke up to the sun hitting my eyes. I looked beside me and actually not surprised to see the woman gone. The messed up bedsheet and my scattered clothes are the only evidence of our shenanigans yesterday. It sucks that she left without even saying goodbye or telling her name. I only arrived here but already had a great time. Who knows that I will immediately stumble upon the woman I am looking for and even spend the night with her? This will not be the last time you will see me, Lorelai Denise Harris…

Chapter 2 The Deal


I arrived at our apartment feeling so sick. When I opened the door Kelly is standing like she’s been waiting for me since yesterday. She look relieved to see me, I gasp when she run toward me and check me from head to toe.

“The princess finally showed up, where did you go last night? Not even bothering on answering the phone” She said in a stern tone. Well, no one can blame her it's the first time I did this, and I feel so drained to explain. I shrug and give her an I will explain later look. As the most understanding best friend she did not bother me because she know I’ll explain to her.

I took a shower and then sleep for a while. When I woke up, I quickly came to the kitchen to make myself a coffee. Kelly is sitting across me, waiting for me to say something.

“I met a man yesterday at the party.” I started, while looking at the steam from my coffee. I see a trace of excitement and curiosity on her face. “Something happened but I can’t really re


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