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Vend To The Mafia Lord

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Once your world crashes down, and who you consider a sister, sells you to the first comer just for cash to pay her debts, this is when you understand that no one can be trusted, not even your biological mother... ....... Xavier Ford, a Mafia lord, alias Gladimir, a man who had given up on love and s*x... Who thought, that s*x would never, ever have the same taste as before due to his bad experiences, a man who had searched for an eternal and ultimate sexual pleasure in every woman that came his way all in vain, asked Mr Blaine for an obedient amateur stripper with no much experience that could effortlessly adapt to his fondness but instead of that, he was given a complete non-stripper and virgin girl. However, this didn't stop Xavier from forging her according to his desire... “When you have money, --- I mean abundant money, you can do everything you wish, you can have everything you and everyone one is at your feet; men like women” . . I have no right over the image

Chapter 1. Lucy sees a stranger

*Author’s shameless review*

I hope you all enjoy this book. Read, Like, comment, vote and share. Also, don't forget to check my other books. This is solely the author’s creation and all rights are reserved.



It was a sunny day.

“Mum, Mum, — mum…” a little girl rushed into the house screaming happily. “A man was staring at me outside. He greeted and gave me this,” she said with her tiny innocent voice.

“Lucy!” her mum exclaimed with shock “Who gave you all this money.” she panicked and seized the money from her daughter's hands.

“I don't know him, mum, he was standing outside.” Lucy retorted carelessly with her innocent voice “Mum, will you buy me ice cream” she asked since she saw a lot of money.

Instantly, her mum stared through the window hoping she could catch a glimpse of the person, but the outside was empty and this made her more anxious.

Just when she thought everything was over this boom appeared. She didn't have an easy past, thus she made a lot of enemies on the way which could still show up and harm her family.

“Lucy, can you tell me how this man was?” she stooped to her daughter, with furrowed brows mixed with intense fear and anger. However, this wasn't directed to her daughter.

“He was very tall, he had a black suit on. Mum that's all I can remember. Mum, can I get some sweets?” she said recklessly.

“Wait, Lucy” she immediately took a phone out of her pocket, unlocked it, scrolled the gallery and asked “Was he looking like this?” she showed.

“Yes, yes mum, that's him. Please, can I get some sweets now?” she pouted. “Yes, you can” she shook her head as she helplessly fell on a couch, demoralized.

While Lucy heartily rushed to the table and took some sweets.

“Lucy, go up and pick your toys, only the necessary one, okay?. You will spend the weekend with grandma.” “Wow” she ran up. Without wasting any time she came with her little bag filled with toys. She was very eager to visit her grandmother.

Nervous, her mum stood up from where she was seated, picking up her phone and then the car keys...

“There are mistakes in life that always stalks you and no matter how hard you try to forget or fix them, it is just too late. All I wanted at that time was to save a life not knowing I was going to leave mine while dragging others along with me. I can’t go back in time but I want peace, just peace of mind. I want to sleep without thinking about it and all that follows” she screamed in her mind.

As soon as they settled in the car, her phone rang. She picked up the phone with reticence “Private number” she read on the phone’s screen. Her heart started pounding.

She took a deep breath, battling to disguise her anxiety to herself as she answered the call “H… Hello, please who is on the line?” she asked with a fluttered voice.

“Did you miss me?” this voice asked in an arrogant tone and she felt a stiff cold as if thousands of swords were piercing her heart. With a lot of effort, she retorted “Don't you ever call me, b*st*rd” tears helplessly rolled down her cheeks as she immediately off the call.

“Sh*t! I can't believe he’s back” she told herself as she swept her face.

“Mummy are you okay, why are you crying?” she asked with a sorrowful look as she helped her mum to wipe off her tears. This rendered her mum weaker. “Don't bother, mum is ok.” she faked a smile while cuddling the little girl’s hair.

She started the car and took off driving at the speed of light like she saw a ghost. Luckily, she reached her mum’s house safely.

“Grandma!!!” Lucy rushed into her grandmother's arms. “My little angel. How are you?” The old woman stoop and hugged her tightly, although Lucy held tighter. “Mum said I will spend the weekend with you.”

“Oh, that's great,” the old woman smiled then she peeped at her daughter with a slightly confused air.

“Grandma, I have something for you” Lucy took out a tiny candy in her bag and handed it over to her grandma. “Wow, all this for me. Aww… you didn't have to. You’re such a darling” she said with a funny grimace and Lucy laughed.

“Oh, Grandma, don't be dramatic,” she said with a naive but very silly voice and her grandma cracked up, she couldn't help it. Lucy heard that in a movie she watched with her grandma and since then she’s been using it with her best friend, her grandmother.

“You will seat here, while I discussed with your mother.” she gave Lucy a seat then she hurried to her daughter who looked worried.

“You didn't tell me you were coming and you look d*mn worried. Why are you here?” she asked. “Please, mum just take care of Lucy, I promised to be back soon,” she begged.

“Of course, I will always take care of my granddaughter because I love her as much as I love you. So now talk to me, why are you here?” she cuddled her girl's hair.

“Keep this for me” she took out the money from her bag and gives it all to her mum. “Where did you take all this money from? Why are you walking with all his cash?” her mum fretted.

“It's a long story. I need the keys to the basement” she ignored the question and asked. “Why?. I thought we left all that behind us.” her mum grumbled.

“Mum, I think he's back” she whimpered. Her mum held her mouth with both hands to withhold her scream. “We need to protect ourselves. Please, mum, the keys,” she ruled.

“I'm scared, I can still remember what happened the last time, a nightmare. Are you sure you want to do this again?” she sulked.

“Trust me, mum, this is the best thing to do. Once I get rid of him we will all have peace. Mum, the keys.” she ordered.

“It's behind the television.” she immediately took the keys and moved down. Mum, halted her “Please, promise me you won't take any stupid risk?”

“I won't, mum” she hurried down to the basement. It was dusty but not unkempt. She opens a big cupboard, then boxes. She took out guns with many bullets.

After that, she hurried out and handed over the keys to her mum before leaving. “Where are you going to?. I just need to be sure” her mum’s voice halted her.

“I'm going to Herpen-abort,” she retorted. “That fucken place again. OMG, When will all this be over?” she whimpered. “When he will be dead and buried,” she affirmed, seriously.

“I will miss you mum, please don't stay for long” Lucy ran to her mum’s feet. “Of course darling, I will be back soon, be a good girl and take care of grandma” she kissed her and left.

She hurried into the car and drove off immediately. Riding to the fucken Herpen-abort.

At the site, she parked the car, charges her guns and hurried into the building. She screamed as she ran into the building, “Show your fucken self, I know you're here. Show up.” she claimed the stairs.

She searched every room on her way, then she entered this room, and she could inhale his scent. She could only see the back of the chair, no way to catch a glimpse of who was seated yet she knew she found her man. The person she was looking for.

“I knew you will find me, my little cupcake” He rolled the chair and faced her with a malicious grin that made her sicker.

“F*ck, you know I hate when you call me that” She pulls up the gun and point it at his face, then to his heart and finally, she stationed at his forehead.

“We both know that you can't shoot. You can't even kill a fly” he said so confidently. “You say that because you don't know me. I'm not more that little girl, you use to abuse. It's been, six years now, 6 fucken good years” she said with disdain.

Her heart was steamed with wrath, and at that very moment, she could still remember the first day they met.

“That was so far the worst day of my life,” she told herself as she stared at him with wrath coating her face as she regretted ever knowing him.

Chapter 2. Aria’s flashback

I'm so sorry… I didn't know how weak I was. I thought I was wise and strong enough, filled with good intentions. I never planned to hurt anyone or to be hurt by anyone.

So I thought everything was going to be ok for me but little did I know that what you think only stays in your mind and mind can’t be heard and nobody trusts the mouth...

My name is Aria McCain and this is how I meet this monster.

~ ~ ~ ~

• • • Aria McCain’s POV • • •

I ran out of the restaurant sobbing in pain. Tears effortlessly ran down my cheeks. The pain in my heart felt like thousands of swords were piercing it.

The day was bright, it was a very hot afternoon. The streets were filled with pedestrians and shining, as they usually did on a sunny day.

Despite all the sun, all I could see was darkness engulfing me. Everything seemed darker than usual. It was like everything was suddenly painted in black. I couldn't stop crying the hell out of me.


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