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Unwanted Spouse

Unwanted Spouse

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After being ruthlessly rejected by the man who swore to love her even in the afterlife, because of her inability to conceive. Mariah Lenda seeks refuge in the comfort of her two friends. Tired of being a burden, she sets out, in search of a job. She falls again on Robert McBrown, the same man she humiliated, because his driver splashed her dirty water. This time, he is at the head of the McBrown Corporations. A fine man, yet cold and arrogant, who reluctantly offers her a job in his company. After her findings, Mariah discovers Robert’s coldness is as a result of his toxic marriage, which leads to a divorce. His vulnerability closes the distance between himself and Mariah. Would this sudden closeness between two broken hearts, give rise to a second chance love?

Chapter 1: Her confusing words

[Mariah's POV]

It's five days left to see the doctor for my fertility test result, and my darling husband seems to be traveling. How the hell am I supposed to cope with my mother-in-law who has sworn to be a thorn in my flesh? I hope the doctor gives me a positive result, so at least, she stops calling me a barren woman.

"Love, I'm going to miss you. I just can't stand being in this house without you." I say to him, burying my head in his chest.

"I know you mean being left alone with my mom. I'll be gone for just five days. I promise to call you so you don't notice my absence." Leon said covering my whole body with his muscular arms.

"You sound like five days are around the corner. Damn, I'm fucking going to miss you." I helped carry his backpack to the back of the car, giving him a one-minute hug.

*Five days later*

It's 7:00 AM, and I have no idea. I get out of bed checking my time which makes me shiver and groggily open my eyes. I have an appointment with the family doctor at 7:30 am, concerning the test.

It's the 15th test I have carried out in 5 years of being married to my supportive husband. Happily married to him, but I lack just one thing. The cry of a baby in my home!

At first, he seemed not to be disturbed about my inability to conceive, but as time flew by, I could read through his mind. He needs kids roaming around.

On usual days, when I go for a check-up, he bathes me, chooses the clothes I am to wear, and of all, makes me breakfast and drops me at the hospital before continuing to work.

When he is out of town, he makes sure he calls to know if I am fine, and lights up a smile on my little face, reassuring me everything will be fine. It's been five days since he left and we've had to discuss just twice; though he seemed cold. Last night, I supposed I went to bed late, waiting for his call.

No one to bathe me, cloth me and make my breakfast. I'll just be a big girl, get out of this bed and find something meaningful to do with myself.

I get under the warm shower, I start from my legs, cause it's like a tradition to me. Next, I move to my upper extremities, I carefully bathe my folds and rinse once I'm done.

Getting out of the bathroom, I get this weird feeling which comes into my mind, remembering me of how empty I am. The doctors who checked me said I was fine, but why still can't I bear kids for my husband?

I decided to be a strong girl and put that behind me, I have to be positive. Next, I move to my closet with my wet slippers on. I open checking for something simple to wear. The heat makes me grab a short purple gown with a blueish design marked just on the left side. It was offered to me by Leon, on our 3rd wedding anniversary.

Dressed already, I put on royal green sandals and tie my graphite grey hair into a ponytail. I'm late for the hospital, so I don't feel the urge to do makeup, I apply just mascara and a transparent lip gloss to keep it simple. Moving to the mirror to check if everything is okay. There, I notice I'm not putting on my ring, I quickly grab it from my bedside, putting it on. I sigh and head for the doors.

I'm in the living room now, I fall on my mother-in-law, who is seated on the couch, her legs folded, her eyes focused on the TV, that she doesn't get to hear when I make my way into the living room. I quickly break the silence in the hall.

"Good morning, mother," I say, "Was your night good?" I ask, while my hands go over my head, caressing the rope tied to my ponytail.

She turns, facing me like some sort of garbage in front of her, "Remove that now," she grunts, "I'm not your mother, I'm not similar to her." She says as her eyes travel down my body.

It hurts me hearing her say such words to me. I have never really had the opportunity to know my mother. She died when I was just a month old. My aunt, Iren, only tells me stories about her. I wish she was here to share my pain.

A tear rushes down my eye, but I quickly wipe that off, refusing to let that have an impact on my day. She always portrays such an attitude toward me; I should be used to it by now.

Before I walk out of the house, I hear her clearing her throat. She does that when she has something important to say. "Hold on," I hear behind me.

"I don't know where you are going, but I can assure you that there would be changes, and the charm you gave to my son would soon fade off," She says, looking into my eyes. I look into hers, and the only thing I see is hatred.

I don't even understand what she meant by those words she said earlier. But I'm familiar with the word 'charm' because she always says I charmed her son.

"What do you mean by "There'll be changes?" I air-coated, "Have not charmed your son. I love him as much as he loves me too." I say straight to her face.

She laughs and leaves me lonely in the parlor. She should be resuming to her room. I think there's something more to her laughter. I just can't figure out what it is. "I should be on my way now, the doctor is surely waiting on me," I say, finding my way out of the damn house.


I'm at the hospital now, and the doctor is in his office attending to another patient. After he was done, one of the nurses walked me to his office.

"Good morning, Mrs. Lee," He calls me by my husband's name, "Please have a seat, and let's proceed." He says, pointing to a syrup-brown chair opposite his table.

I comfortably tucked my butts in the chair, folded my arms, and got my eyes fixed on him. Waiting to receive the results of my fertility test.

For a moment he says nothing. He keeps scattering his table, in search of the envelope in which my results are in. Not sure if I want to deal with this right now, I slowly ask if I can go out.

"Well, Mrs. Lee, these are the results. You should take a look at it before going out." He says looking at the front of the envelope, "Oh no, it's not yours. I'll quickly check my documents, yours was on my table." He says, though not sure of him.

I look at my phone and notice Leon hasn't called yet. It's not in his habits, I guess I'll go out and call him so he comforts me as I can feel some pressure on me. As I'm about to open the doctor's door, he raises his head and asks where I'm headed too.

"I-I..... I'm going to the restroom doctor, I'll be back in a while." I say stuttering.

Once I'm out of his office, I quickly grab my phone and call Leon, but he doesn't pick up. What's happening? Is he still in a meeting as he told me? Should I panic? Leon always picked up my calls no matter where he found himself. After all, he was the boss and could do anything that pleased him.

Fed up, I decided to gain some courage and face my fears. Just when I'm about to enter the doctor's office, I hear my phone ring. I'm glad as I think it's my husband calling. But unfortunately, I'm on the line with Ruby; my childhood friend. "Hello, Mariah... where are you now?" She asks with a voice that makes me gasp in fear. My trembling hand hovers just above my skin, and clammy sweat seems to seep from my pores.

Chapter 2: A curse?

"I-I...... I'm in the hospital waiting on my results." I say slowly, waiting for her to say something. Suddenly, there's a pause and all I get is her breathing over the phone. "Ruby, Ruby… Are you alright?" I ask, trembling.

Suddenly she breaks her silence. "Yes, I'm fine... you said your husband was on a business trip, huh… Is that it?" She asked on the other end.

"Yes-yes.... he is." I almost doubt myself. Where is this question coming from, I ask deep inside of me. But one thing I know is, Ruby isn't fine. I have known her for years now, and I can tell when she's saying the truth and when she's lying. "Why don't you tell me what the problem is?" I ask scratching the keys of my car over my head.

"Since you insist, we will talk when you get to my apartment. But right now, just focus on the results." Ruby said sorrowfully.

I almost forgot I was awaiting my results.


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