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Jessie writes

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The human Luna
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He had been by her side for the past two years, pretending to be the love of her life. His words drove her to tears, on her birthday, when she found out he wasn't in love with her, but only wanted to be the first to have a taste of her. She tried to escape for her dear life, but he was too strong for her. Suddenly, she saw someone grip him from the neck, throwing him on the floor. Logan O'connor, he was. The alpha of alphas who had been searching for his mate for the past seven years. Surprised he was, when he discovered his mate was human, and was fighting for her life. In shock, Madiya followed him to the pack, without knowing where she was heading to. What happens when she discovers her environment is inhabited by wolves, and the man she lives with is their leader? What's her reaction when she gets to know she's his destined mate?

Unwanted Spouse
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After being ruthlessly rejected by the man who swore to love her even in the afterlife, because of her inability to conceive. Mariah Lenda seeks refuge in the comfort of her two friends. Tired of being a burden, she sets out, in search of a job. She falls again on Robert McBrown, the same man she humiliated, because his driver splashed her dirty water. This time, he is at the head of the McBrown Corporations. A fine man, yet cold and arrogant, who reluctantly offers her a job in his company. After her findings, Mariah discovers Robert’s coldness is as a result of his toxic marriage, which leads to a divorce. His vulnerability closes the distance between himself and Mariah. Would this sudden closeness between two broken hearts, give rise to a second chance love?


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