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Twist Of Fate: Three Little Miracles

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After finding out her husband has been and is cheating on her, Diana meets with a terrible accident on her way from a night club party, where she had gone to drown away her sorrow. When she wakes up few weeks later, she loses her memories and was unable to tell who she was. "Ma'am, you're weeks pregnant and though lost your memories due to the accident" the Doctor stated. How she got pregnant she didn't know? Who she was, she didn't know. Six years later, After rehabilitation, she returns back to the city with her triplets and meets her ex husband whom she no longer recognizes. Now, Her husband is set to win her back as well as her triplets but, her triplets has a striking resemblance with the president General.

Chapter 1

10 pm, one seductive night!.After drinking a little too much at her anniversary party, her husband, Jake picked her up and brought her home to their mansion. Finally coming to her senses, she opened her eyes wearily, holding back an excruciating headache with a slight harrowing, she seemed to be experiencing an alcohol induced headache. Her vision gradually cleared as she hauled herself into a sitting position. Them boom! She was taken aback with what was before her. She could make out the figure of a man and a woman kissing with strong emotions under the dimly lit room, on her matrimonial bed.Like being struck by lightning, Diana looked at the two in shock as they continued to kiss passionately on her matrimonial bed. The anger inside her began to erupt and boil.Who the f*ck has the audacity to be getting intimate on her matrimonial bed?"Hannah, stop messing around, Diana only just fell asleep!" the man warned as he restrained the woman by her hands and waist..Diana clearly would recognize her husband's voice any time, any day. He was the one who had just spoken and he called Hannah? Her best friend?Her husband was cheating? Can't it be true right?The remaining effect of the alcohol had suddenly faded away upon being faced with this reality."What? Are you afraid your barren wife will wake up?" Hannah responded in an annoyed tone. "Of course it was Diana... This can't be happening.." Diana whimper and pinched herself as if to wake herself from dream."We've been doing this since she got married to you!, Why should we stop this night? You know I can always break your walls of resistance each time". Hannah added, leaning forward to kiss the man, her body heated and yearning to envelope Jake, her husband."Babe, you are such a troublemaker, let's go to the other room," the man smiled seductively."No! I want to do it here! I want to do it right in front of her!" Hannah swiftly unbuttoned the man's shirt as their lips once again, locked. "You promised you'd get rid of her after this year's anniversary!" She complained as Jake jerked backward wanting to stop.Diana tried to hold back her tears but could feel them slowly trickling down her face. Who would have thought, the man she is been married to for three years has been and would be cheating right under her nostrils with her close friend."Behave, let's go to the bathroom. Isn't the bathtub your favorite place?""Fine then, you go in and fill up the bathtub first..." Hannah nudged the man's chest towards the bathroom. As soon as the man left the room, she sauntered over to crying Diana. Leaning over with a cold smile, she whispered, "Diana, barren chick! I'm pregnant, he's mine! He married you for your wealth and influence and now you have no choice but to file a divorce, of which would result to your properties being spitted into halves and a half for him since you're the wealthiest. Remember you both indulged in a court marriage and high chances you will be left with nothing!.Diana tightened her hands into a fist as she held back her emotions - careful not to let out a sound as she spoke.Her mind reeled, tears welled up in her eyes and her lips trembled.It was not until she heard the moaning sounds of the couple coming from the bathroom did she feel her world had fallen apart totally.Three years ago, Jake was a common security guard at Diana's oil company, the largest oil producing company in the world. Jake somehow managed to win her heart when she visited the company for an inspection and that was how their love story began.She took Jake from grass to grace and now he was wealthy with established sub companies and even has a 90% stake at Diana's oil company. Diana trusted him and had handed over almost everything to him but now it dawned on her she shouldn't have.Being barren and unmarried for years, she finally decides to give love a second chance, after her last terrible relationship. And now she was going to lose everything if she filed for a divorce. She had always tolerated how Jake treated her since she handed over to him some of her companies and now, she was not going to tolerate his trashes anymore.As it turned out, everything she did merely went towards preparing someone else's "food". No! This must be a dream, just a horrible nightmare, everything will be back to normal tomorrow!Diana continued to lie to herself. Until halfway through the night, Hannah complained of feeling unwell as she led Jake out of the room but before that, she leaned over to Diana and whispered "File the divorce papers tomorrow! The law is the law! You're not above the supremacy of the law once you file it!The next day, as planned, Diana drove to her lawyers office with a bitter smile and filed for a divorce disregarding what consequences it would have on her. As she would always say 'Decisions determines consequences!. Her lawyer tried to talk her out of it but was however futile. She, being the only daughter of the aliko's couldn't help but file it. Her parents were abroad and they barely came back home.She was done tolerating, she made a decision to file it regardless of her loss. She was keen on her happiness. In the bid to drown away her sorrow she dropped by a night club the night of that day she officially divorced her husband and lost almost all of her wealths because Jake, her now ex-husband got more than half of her networth and properties as alimony.She turned around at the night club party, she was sitting alone sipping alcoholic wine one after the other. The music is loud, and girls are swaying their hips to the sounds. The atmosphere of the clubhouse is a mixture of happiness, freedom, excitement, and tension......sexual tension. Everyone seemed to be happy except Diana.She wants to be drunk in her sorrows. Tears are already streaming down her eyes then she was getting ready to leave, but at that moment, her eyes were drawn to a tall figure heading her way, the alcoholic wines were beginning to have their intoxicating effect on her.Despite her tipsy drunken state, she couldn't help but notice the fitted dark blue retro suit which complimented the masculine body underneath and out of the front chest pocket, the corner of a wine-red handkerchief could be seen peering out subtly.Glancing down, Diana could see a pair of perfectly straight legs leading to a pair of freshly polished brown leather shoes which glistened in the clubs light.This man...had such a strong presence, like that of a medieval king!Especially, as he got closer, although he was wearing glasses...his perfectly chiseled face and s*xy lips were enough to drive any woman crazy. With Bar lights and neon lights that strobed the club, with indecently dressed young adults dancing to the amapiano songs and taking some powdery white substance they said gets them on cloud 9.The figure sat beside her "Hello" he said - his breathe stinked of alcohol, his cerebellum were obviously altered just as Diana's.Minutes later, the drunken duo started talking and sooner their conversations got animated, the spontaneity of it was that they were both drunk and was getting drunk the more. Diana vomited all over the man's suit and later staggered and rushed to the public lavatory.She was in her black dancing dress. Its low, collar-less V neckline showed just a little more than proper for formal occasions.The elastic, satiny fabric hugged the swells of her breasts and hips, the seamless body flaring into a slightly frilly skirt, also too short for the most polite of company.She had no bra on that night, Delicate looking black three inch heels barley covered her feet and matched her tiny purse — just big enough for a compact, a lipstick, a key, a few bills, and a rolled up diaphragm.She slammed the lavatory door behind her, shoes clicking, long fiery red hair streaming behind .Diana had come to this club to even the score — find someone, to have a rough s*x with and drink her sorrows away. It was stupid, she knew, but she didn’t care at the moment.In flash of motion that took less than a second, the door to the bathroom suddenly opened and closed, letting in a loud blast of music.At the same time the lights were turned off and an instant later, just as Diana startled from the noise, one hand grabbed her right arm as another clamped over her mouth.Her eyes opened wide in the sudden darkness and she let out a smothered squeal of surprise and fright.And of course she was drunk, she could perceive the aroma of the figure, it was the same man she had had a couple of drinks with and had vomited all over.The man released his firm grip and Diana ceased the opportunity before her, and yeah, the man was hot. She leaned over him and started kissing him, the man reciprocated, and the moment turned into a very intimate one and sooner, Diana gave the man a blowjob and they rolled in the hay in the lavatory.It lasted for exactly forty five minutes and after they were exhausted they freed each other and the man wore back his trousers and pants and staggered out of the bathroom with his exhaustive looking face.Diana wore back her clothes and then she saw a ring on the floor, it was a silver ring with a the initials K.O carved on it. The alcoholic wines intoxicating effect were beginning to wear off by this time, she thought it must belong to the man she had just rolled in the hay with - she picked it and dashed out of the bathroom wanting to give the ring back to him but he was nowhere to be found.She dropped the ring into her handbag and alongside her shoes on her hands she exited the club party, entered her car and started driving home.To be continued.....

Chapter 2

On her way home, at a stop sign, a truck running at very high speed hits her car from behind and climbs on top of her can, then she crashes through the windshield and lands some miles away and passed out, with blood sipping from her head and bruises all over her body, incidentally landed on the floor with a brutal force on her head. She was rushed to the emergency room and though she was in a wrong lane she is put into an induced coma. In other words, a medically induced coma (MIC), or barbiturates induced coma – a temporary coma (a deep state of unconsciousness) brought on by a controlled dose of an anesthetic drug, often a barbiturate such as pentobarbital or thiopental. Other intravenous anesthetic drugs such as midazolam or propofol may be used.It was used on her to protect her brain during the major neurosurgery she underwent, as a last line of treatment in refractory intracranial hypertension following her traumatic brain injury resulting from the car acc


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