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Trapped in the dangerous mission

Trapped in the dangerous mission

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Laura Bernardo is the type of girl who's obsessed with living a life filled with fun. She got entangled with Marcus Castillo, a handsome rich billionaire. His girlfriend Lauren Bernardo, who happens to be Laura's twin sister whom he loves so much falls out of love with him. She decided to break up with him but asks Laura to do it in her stead since she feels like a coward to fall in love with someone else despite the love Marcus showers on her. What if Laura wasn't able to break up with Marcus when she fell head over heels for her sister's supposed boyfriend? What will happen when Marcus found out that the twin sisters played him a fool, will he accept Laura or would he go back to the love of his life Lauren?

Chapter 1

"Where the hell are you Mr.Cole? Lauren would be here any moment from now, and you know if you aren't here before she comes, then she would certainly mad" Marcus said over the phone to Mr. Cole, his assistant.

The whole mansion was decorated already, he was just waiting for Mr. Cole to come with the gift he asked him to get.

" I will be there in a jiffy Sir Marcus, I'm almost done getting the diamond necklace" Mr. Cole replied.

" Just get it done and make it snappy. You have to be here before she does"

" Okay, Sir Marcus," Mr. Cole replied and hung up.

A smile crept on Marcus' heart-shaped lips when he looked around the decorated sitting room. He sat down patiently waiting for Mr. Cole to arrive before Lauren did.

Today was a memorable day for him because their relationship would be three years and he couldn't be more excited.

The doorbell rang and he quickly stood up from the sofa he sat on to check if it was Mr. Cole.

" Mr. Cole what took.....!" he trailed off when he realized that it was Lauren.

" You came so fast" He flashed her his usual cute smile.

" Am I not supposed to be here on time?" she asked with a raised brow and Marcus immediately shook his head.

" No that's not what I meant", he said, rubbing his sweaty palms together, as he followed behind her into the sitting room.

Damn! He was so nervous.

Though they've been dating for three years now, he still gets nervous whenever he is around her, and that has become a mystery to him.

Lauren sat down staring at the whole decorated sitting room, she could feel a sting in her heart.

Staring at the most handsome billionaire she has ever come across made her sad. No doubt he was handsome but still, her heart was not beating for him.

Marcus was constantly checking his phone waiting for Mr. Cole to arrive.

" What the hell is taking him this long?" Marcus mumbled.

" So is this how you will keep me waiting till I leave here?" Lauren asked

" I'm sorry Lauren, Mr. Cole will be here soon," Marcus said immediately and Lauren bent her head with a deep sigh, picking at her nails.

Why on earth would her heart not just accept him, why?

He had always done everything and anything to make her happy, yet her heart wouldn't just fall in love with him.

Lauren has been in a relationship with him and she could say he has no flaws except for the fact that he doesn't last long in bed, yet he is the most romantic guy a lady would ever ask for.

" Marcus you're doing nothing to satisfy me." Lauren voiced out after some minutes of silence, but Marcus bent his head without saying anything.

He already knew she was going to bring up the topic.

" My friends keep boasting of how their boyfriends give it to them anytime and anywhere, four rounds, six rounds, yet you can't even last ten minutes before you become weak," she added.

" I'm sorry," he said and she clenched her fists.

" Lauren get yourself together and break up with him, tell him you're no longer in love with him and that you're in love with his friend Spencer," her subconscious mind said

" Are....are you breaking up with me?" Marcus asked, raising his head to look at her with sadness in his eyes. No doubt he is madly in love with her, and all she could do right now was close her eyes for a few seconds.

" Just say yes Lauren and let's end it. This is your opportunity, it's either now or never for the sake of your happiness" her subconscious mind screamed but she couldn't even utter a word.

" I can pleasure you to your satisfaction if you want" Marcus muttered and a smile crept on her lips.

" Would you be fine, you might pass out if you do that" she said but he shook his head.

" I will be fine." He said and she nodded cutely like a puppy.

She has always wanted to experience long-lasting sex, where she would be the one to get tired not the other way around.

" I should wear something sexy to turn you on" She smiled seductively and he only nodded.

Marcus wasn't sure of the decision he made, but all he ever wanted was to keep Lauren by his side, to make her happy, and he wants to do things he hasn't thought he would do to her.

Lauren went upstairs to his room to dress in transparent and sexy lingerie. Her lace panties were transparent and so were her boobs.

She sat on the dressing chair with a smile plastered on her lips waiting for Marcus.

" Don't come now Mr. Cole" Marcus texted and tossed his phone on the sofa with a deep sigh and stood up heading upstairs.

He doesn't care if he passed out in the process of pleasuring his girlfriend, but her happiness is his happiness.

Marcus got to his room and opened the door slowly, and there she was looking all sexy as ever.

She walked closer to him sweating profusely, and she also stood up walking closer to him in a seducing manner.

" Am all yours Marcus" she whispered into his ear fanning him with her hot breath and Marcus immediately captured her lips, sucking on them. Her hands were wrapped around his neck, while his hands rested just below her ass, he continued kissing and sucking her lips as they moved slowly to the king-sized bed.

Lauren fell on the bed breathing heavily, her hair scattered all over the bed as they continued kissing.

Marcus left her lips and buried his mouth in the crook of her neck, sucking and planting wet kisses on it, earning a moan from her.

If there's one thing Marcus loved hearing was her moans, they sound like music to him.

He gave her love bites on her neck then left for her exposed boobs planting wet kisses on her boobs. He made her moan his name senselessly. He got down to business and she helped him unbuckle his trousers, while he helped her with her lingerie.

Within a few seconds, they were both sweating on the AC as their bodies slammed on each other, as usual Marcus was weak but he kept thrusting in and out just to please her.

His body began to shake as he gripped the bedsheet tight and shut his eyes tightly, using the remaining strength in him fuck Lauren.

He wanted to exceed the usual ten minutes, he wanted to break the records today but he couldn't because he fell weakly on the ground.

" Are you okay Marcus?" Lauren asked as she stood up from the bed and wore her bikini

" I can't breathe," Marcus said as he fell to the ground clutching his chest tightly.

He was sweating profusely, gasping for breath and his eyes were so red.

Lauren began to panic as she ran downstairs to get Marcus' phone, she called Mr. Cole's number and he picked up on the second ring.

" Marcus....." she whispered in tears

" What happened to him?" Mr. Cole yelled on the phone.

" I don't know either" Lauren yelled back as tears streamed down her cheeks.

" I will be there in a jiffy, just hang in there," Mr. Cole said and hung up while Lauren ran upstairs to check up on Marcus

"God.... I can't believe this" she muttered, as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Chapter 2

" Hey, you've been looking so awkward for about five days now. I've noticed it since I came back from New York, what is the problem?" Laura asked as she sat on a sofa in the sitting room, wearing a singlet and bum shorts showing her sexy thigh.

" Why is it so hard to break up with him even though I am no longer in love with him?" Lauren wondered loud enough for Laura to hear.

" Huh?"

" Laura, how do you break up with someone you don't love again like you don't have feelings for him again?" Lauren asked and Laura knitted her brows.

" I thought you know I don't do love," Laura said and continued pressing her phone.

" Just answer the damn question! will you!?" Lauren groaned.

" Just tell him you don't love him anymore, easy pissy," Laura said, throwing bubble gum into her mouth.

" It's not as easy as it seems," Lauren said and sigh


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