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To Sleep With a Billionaire Prince

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“What if I say, that I want to kiss you now?” Heinrich asked while staring at Zoe's blushing face. Zoe slowly looked at Heinrich and stared at his kissable lips. She gulped. “U-um, what are you talking about?” Heinrich leaned closer and gave a peck on her lips. Zoe’s eyes widened. Heinrich moved a little bit away from her and grinned evilly. “Do you like it?” He asked. Zoe slowly nodded while looking at his face. Heinrich chuckled because of that reaction. Zoe’s face turned red and shook her head. “Aish, aish.. No.” She denied. Heinrich nodded at her. “Ah, okay then. I never tried kissing anyone. You were my first.” He admitted. Zoe looked at him again. “Me too. You are my first, Your Highness.” -------- Zoe Miller was the top student at Swarov University until the Crown Prince Billionaire, Heinrich Swarovski, transferred to their school. At first, Zoe despised him so much, but as time went by, she realized that he was nice. At one moment, they became intimate and slept together. Heinrich was told by his mother to marry a princess of another Kingdom. Heinrich did not want to and decided to disobey his mother’s order. He left his family and wanted to continue his studies at their university, but there was a big problem, his name was banned from all of the schools in the Kingdom of Swarovskidior, so he chose to change his identity into a girl because he had no choice. Everyone thought that Heinrich left the country and got married. Zoe resented him because of that. She hated him so much and did not want to see him again. But in reality, Heinrich changed his name to Kai Harrington, and it came out that he would live in the same dormitory and same room as Zoe. What will happen if Zoe lives with a girl that actually is a guy? A billionaire prince who she really hated before and had a one-night stand with? Will she hate him more? How can Heinrich handle his fake identity as Kai? Will true love bloom between the two of them?

CHAPTER 1: Heinrich Swarovskidior

CHAPTER 1: Heinrich Swarovskidior

Zoe’s POV:

I woke up from my bed and eyed my wall clock. “Oh, I still have more time to prepare for school!” I got up from my bed and fixed everything. I opened the window, stretched my arms upwards, and felt the fresh air. “Yay!”

After I took a bath, I wore my uniform. I was in front of my large mirror where I could see my whole body. Yeah! I’m a high school student at Swarov University. I love studying!

“Zoe! Breakfast is ready!” My mom called me from downstairs. I fixed my necktie. “Oh, coming!” I answered her back.

I went downstairs and checked my parents; they were in the dining area, waiting for me. I smiled at them and sat on the vacant seat. “Good morning, Mom and Dad!”

They smiled back. “Good morning my smart daughter!” My mom said. I pouted. “Hey, it’s not like that.” I shyly responded to her.

We are eating together. We are always like this; even though we aren’t that rich, I’m still so happy and content with my life.

“Oh, how’s your school ranking?” My dad asked. I choked a little bit. My mom gave me a glass of water while caressing my back. I drank it and cleared my throat.

“Are you okay?” I looked at her and raised my thumb. “Yes, I’m okay!” I faced my father. “About that, I’m still number one! Hihi.” I proudly said.

“Wow! Well, that’s my daughter! Please maintain it! We’re so proud of you!” My dad happily said. Well, I’m studying in a school for rich people. Yes, I do not belong there. My scholarship is the reason why I can still study there. I'm a full scholar because of my school ranking. I smiled at my parents. “Yeah, I will! This is for you! Hihi.” I said and stood up, “Oh well, I got to go now, goodbye!” I bowed and waved at them. “Take care!” My mother shouted.

I ride my bicycle; I love my bicycle. I always go to school on my bicycle. At last, I arrived at this elegant school. I parked my bicycle in the parking area. All I see are elegant cars, big bikes, etc. but I don’t care! I entered our campus and went to the bulletin board area. I don’t have any friends either. People annoy me; I just want to study. I walked towards the bulletin board to check for my name. I've been so happy since I started studying here. I’m always number one. So, this is the start of the new semester. I must keep it up!

My eyes were glued on the bulletin board then I felt that someone poked my back.

“Hey!” The voice is very familiar. I then turned around.

“Oh, Michael!”

I smiled at him; he is my cousin.

“Don’t you want to go now to our class?” Michael asked me.

I shook my head. “Go first; I will go there later.”

“Oh, Okay, see you later!” He responded then he left with Ron and Brandon. But since they are the most handsome boys in our school, our schoolmates are chasing them while screaming. Oh, those girls, they are so pathetic.

Yeah, Michael is my cousin; he suggested to my parents about this school; unlike us his family is so wealthy! Then the two guys behind him are Brandon and Ron. Um, where is-

My eyes widened as I felt someone touch my shoulders. I could hear the footsteps as well. I turned around and saw Jameson; he is Michael’s friend, my crush ever since.

But yeah, a lot of his fans were following him. I shook my head then.'No, this isn’t the time for admiring. Er.

I looked again at the bulletin board; there was also a list of the school's ranking for the most popular student.

Jameson is still number one! No doubt because he’s so handsome and hot. He’s really the best! Yeah, people annoy me but Jameson is the only exception! Hihi! Okay, time to go to our classroom!

Upon walking, before I entered, a guy was in front of me; he was bowing down to me, 45 degrees, and holding a rose. Oh, it's Henry again. He’s Henry, my annoying nerdy stalker. It’s not that I hate him, but I really dislike people.

I crossed my arms, facing him. “Hey, let me pass the way.”

He glanced at me slowly. “P-p-please accept this f-f-flower-r-r”

He was giving that rose to me. I was just looking at it.

“Okay then,” I answered and grabbed it from him. He jumped like a crazy dog the moment I grabbed it from him.

“Yayyy!! T-t-thank you! I’m s-s-so happy!”

I flipped my hair and sneered at him upon entering the classroom. But the moment I entered our classroom, I threw Henry’s rose in a trash can. Aish! It gives me a guilty feeling but I really don’t like people!

I walked toward my seat. This is our classroom, Michael, Jameson, Brandon, Ron, and Henry are my classmates.

Jameson is seated in my front. He is so busy having fun with Ron; who is sitting beside him. While me, I don’t have any seatmates. I am seated near the window, the last seat. I then rested my elbows on my desk and rested my chin on my hands facing down. Right now, I am staring at Jameson’s back view. Gosh, why are you so perfect? I wish we could do more homework together! Ugh, in my dreams!

[Author’s Note: End of Zoe’s POV.]

Outside the campus, there is a limousine stopped there.

Heinrich opened the limousine’s window to see how big his new school is. He looked at his butler, “So, today’s my first day of school?” He asked coldly.

The old butler looked at Heinrich while smiling. “Yes, it is, your Highness!”

Heinrich raised his eyebrows, “Oh, I see, let's go inside now.”

‘To be honest, I’m not excited about this new school. I am the son of the queen of this country. She always decides for myself. I’m so sick of this life! This might be the last time that I will follow my mom’s stupid orders. I really hate this royalty billionaire's life! I hate being a crown prince!’ Heinrich thought.

Meanwhile, in Zoe’s classroom:

Their homeroom professor came in, all of them sat in their proper seats. He stood in the middle front of the class.

“Okay, class, you will have a new classmate for this semester. He’s the son of the richest family in the Kingdom of Swarovskidior; they literally own this country! He is the one and only billionaire’s son! Let’s wait for him.” Their professor eyed his watch. “He should be here actually.” Their professor hissed.

'What? Another classmate? Richest? A billionaire? I’m so sick of rich people!' Zoe thought and she was so annoyed.

Then after a while, their professor went out. He opened the door for the billionaire prince. Heinrich was standing next to him and then walked slowly to the front.

Girls in the classroom are screaming and fangirling over him. But Heinrich is just giving them a poker face and looking straightforward.

Zoe is covering her ears. 'Stupid girls! What's with him? He’s not even handsome! Jameson is still the most handsome for me!' She thought. She was so annoyed; their professor then tapped the whiteboard loudly, it caused the whole class to stop. “Hey! Be quiet!” He shouted. The girls remained quiet but they were still staring at Heinrich.

'This is the number one reason why I hate girls. They are so annoying!' Heinrich thought and rolled his eyeballs. Their professor wrote his name on the whiteboard.

He wrote:

Heinrich Swarovskidior

“Swarovskidior? He is the crown prince!” Someone shouted from their classmates and acknowledged Heinrich as the crown prince by standing from her seat. All of them stood up and bowed at him.

Zoe read his name in a low voice. “Heinri… Swarovskidddibi what?” She muttered and could not even pronounce that correctly because it was her first time hearing his name; Zoe remained seated. Heinrich glimpsed at Zoe; their eyes met, she just rolled her eyes. 'What’s so special about him? Is he really the prince of this country?' She thought.

CHAPTER 2: Annoying Billionaire Prince

CHAPTER 2: Annoying Billionaire Prince

“Class, he’s Heinrich Swarovskidior. The Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Swarovskidior. His family is the wealthiest billionaire! Please treat him well.” The professor announced and bowed at him. “Your Highness, anything would you like to say? Um, about you?” Their professor asked.

Heinrich glared at him. “I want to sit now. Where am I going to sit?” All of their classmates laughed except for Zoe.

‘Huh? Why are they laughing? What’s funny?’ She thought.

Everyone is screaming because they are so excited since it’s the Kingdom of Swarovskidior’s crown prince. "Your Highness, you are so handsome!" Someone shouted. Every girl was blushing and screaming.

Henry stands up and laughs more loudly. He pointed at Heinrich. “Hahahahaha. You are so funny and handsome, Your Highness! I want to be like you! Let’s go to the salon together then have our hair and makeup done. Hahahaha” Henry said.

Heinrich glared at h


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