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  • Author: Momo
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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“What if I say, that I want to kiss you now?” Heinrich asked while staring at Zoe's blushing face. Zoe slowly looked at Heinrich and stared at his kissable lips. She gulped. “U-um, what are you talking about?” Heinrich leaned closer and gave a peck on her lips. Zoe’s eyes widened. Heinrich moved a little bit away from her and grinned evilly. “Do you like it?” He asked. Zoe slowly nodded while looking at his face. Heinrich chuckled because of that reaction. Zoe’s face turned red and shook her head. “Aish, aish.. No.” She denied. Heinrich nodded at her. “Ah, okay then. I never tried kissing anyone. You were my first.” He admitted. Zoe looked at him again. “Me too. You are my first, Your Highness.” -------- Zoe Miller was the top student at Swarov University until the Crown Prince Billionaire, Heinrich Swarovski, transferred to their school. At first, Zoe despised him so much, but as time went by, she realized that he was nice. At one moment, they became intimate and slept together. Heinrich was told by his mother to marry a princess of another Kingdom. Heinrich did not want to and decided to disobey his mother’s order. He left his family and wanted to continue his studies at their university, but there was a big problem, his name was banned from all of the schools in the Kingdom of Swarovskidior, so he chose to change his identity into a girl because he had no choice. Everyone thought that Heinrich left the country and got married. Zoe resented him because of that. She hated him so much and did not want to see him again. But in reality, Heinrich changed his name to Kai Harrington, and it came out that he would live in the same dormitory and same room as Zoe. What will happen if Zoe lives with a girl that actually is a guy? A billionaire prince who she really hated before and had a one-night stand with? Will she hate him more? How can Heinrich handle his fake identity as Kai? Will true love bloom between the two of them?


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