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Theodore's Regret

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Theodore Maxwell, a ruthless business tycoon driven by vengeance, plots to marry Alina Roosevelt, to kill two birds with one stone; get revenge on her father and, to inherit everything that was rightfully his. Alina, a budding author with a heart as pure as her prose, was blissfully unaware of Theodore's ulterior motives when she said "I do." As Theodore's cunning plan unfolded, he found himself captivated by Alina's charm and kindness. Despite his initial intentions, he couldn't help but admire the woman he had married. But just as unexpected love began to blossom, everything crumbles with Alina’s father, who devised a cunning scheme that shattered the fragile peace in their marriage. Consumed by rage and betrayal, Theodore divorces Alina, blaming her for her father's deceit. It's too late to realize that Alina was a mere pawn in her father's malicious game. Regret gnawed at his heart as he desperately searched for her, but she had vanished without a trace. Haunted by the memory of his cruel actions, Theodore is set to find Alina and make amends. And he will stop at nothing. How long will Alina be successful in keeping her little secret hidden? ----------------------------------------------------- “I’m not your wife anymore, Theodore!” I yelled, shoving him away from me. He had absolutely no right to march back into my life. “Here’s where you are wrong Alina,” he took dangerous steps towards me until I was pushed against one of the walls, as he held me captive. “You were mine, then. You are mine now. And you, most definitely, will stay mine in the future. Not even you can separate yourself from me Alina, because you were born to be mine!” And that’s when he smashed his lips against mine in a furious kiss.

1. Signed Away

Alina's Pov

"Aren't you excited?" Millie decided to speak after observing me for a couple of minutes. She was careful in phrasing her sentence, knowing that I don't really like people disturbing me at my little corner table situated on the balcony connected to my room. I was drafting out a chapter for my upcoming book with my feet tucked under my hips, on the comfy bean bag. The evening was quiet, yet enchanting, as I took some sips from the coffee mug resting beside me on the table. My glasses were hanging a little low on my nose as I continued pressing the keys on my laptop, earning little clicking sounds.

"Excited about what?" I didn't bother looking up from the screen. Millie and I were cousins. She was the daughter of my only uncle. She was two years younger than me and I could say we were a little close. Or maybe that's what I made her believe, because I never got close to anyone. Not even family. Mom was out of the picture when she died in an accident and I was only three. After that, I was brought up by nannies and maids. Well, dad was a businessman. And his business was all that mattered to him. So losing his wife meant nothing to him, and in his race to flourish the business and become the best, he lost me as well.

"The marriage..Alina?" Millie hesitated.

"What is so exciting about it? Care to explain?" I shut the flap of my laptop to finally face her and crossed my arms over my chest. She was the only company I had, ever since I gained a sense of my surroundings. That's because uncle would leave her off at our house often to deal with business alongside dad. Aunt Benny, Millie's mother, died due to breast cancer five years ago. Since then, she's been coming a lot to me. Well, she says I'm the only other girl she knows in the family. And it wouldn't be wrong if I said the same. Because dad and uncle never let us out too much. We had to get permission to go anywhere, and that, too, only if it was utterly important. But it still didn't stop me from having my flings here and there and losing my virginity. What can we say? I was quite the rebel in my teenage years. Having a strict father only ever elevated it more. I found a thrill in going against the rules. But not anymore, when I started finding my solace in reading and writing. A temporary escape from the harsh reality of my life.

For the rest of our things, they were delivered to the doorstep, so we didn't really go shopping either. Dad was successful in flourishing his business. Well, at least way more than an average person, and it wouldn't be wrong to say he qualified on the state millionaire's list. Until recently, it all went down the drain because of a stupid decision which crippled and drowned him in debt. And now, to fix his mistake, he was using his only daughter as a pawn in his plan.

He decided to sign off a deal with his biggest business rival to bring him out of the debt.

Theodore Maxwell

One of the youngest, most eligible business tycoons to exist. Well, not all of it was his hard work. Some credit did go to his father for stabilizing his empire, but he has to be credited for giving it a push to elevate it to a level that was out of reach for any average civilian. By making him a partner, and signing 50% shares in his name, dad was going to be successful in floating back. And to top it all, Theodore called the price so low, he agreed in a heartbeat.

Marriage with me.

Yes, I was never worth anything to my father. He made it clear many times.

"I just…why don't you say no?"

"You tell me? Can I?" Welcome to the Roosevelt family, where the ladies, or even us kids, had literally no say in front of our fathers. From a very early age, all the rules were made crystal clear to us. And Lord help us, if we dare to defy them.

She sighed, knowing there was nothing that could be done. "But you can make it work out right? Your marriage. I mean, obviously, there is no love because you guys don't know each other. But it's hard not to fall in love with you once someone gets to know you. And maybe you could even have your happily ever after with him!" She was trying to cheer me up. She gave me too much credit for my beauty. I liked to think I was a little above average, but nothing close to a Victoria Secret model. She begged to differ, saying with my burgundy hair and hazel eyes, there was hardly anyone who could match my aura. As if!

"Although I'm the writer here, it seems you like to create some fantasies even I can't manage to write. Grow up, this is real life."


"Do you, Alina Roosevelt, take Theodore Maxwell as your husband?"

"I do," my words were emotionless as I stared at particularly nothing. My engagement ring and wedding dress were delivered by Theo's men yesterday. The dress was beautiful, I couldn't deny it. A long flowy mermaid gown with a deep floral neckline. But the weight it carried in this situation was choking me, almost making me feel breathless. This marriage of convenience, the facade of happiness I was forced to wear, made me feel sick.

"Do you, Theodore Maxwell, take Alina Roosevelt as your wife?"

"I do," I heard his stern yet velvety voice pierce my ears. There it goes, this emotionless, workaholic, intimidating, hulk of a robot was now my husband. One thing I knew about him: he was ruthless in the business world and never played fair. How to turn the opponent's life upside down was a skill that came naturally to him. As if he was born with it. How in the hell did I even end up being his wife?

"You may now kiss the bride." Here was the moment I was dreading. He abruptly turned me to face him and it was the first time I had been looking up at him this close. It was only now I took in his features and couldn't deny it, he was very easy on the eyes. Very pleasing, very appealing. Gray eyes that radiated confidence, his chiseled jaw carved to perfection, sharp features, everything about him screamed handsome.

He dipped his face and for a moment I thought he was going to kiss me, but I was thankful when his lips touched my cheeks, just next to my lips, and that was enough to give the impression that they in fact met my lips. The crowd was small since only close family and business friends were invited, but the cheers that erupted made me think if more people had joined. I saw dad from the corner of my eye meeting his business associates with a victory smile on his face, while Millie gave me a look of sympathy. Well there was nothing much that could be down now anyway. My life was signed away.

2. Just How Fast Life Changes

Theodore's Pov

That motherfucker actually had the audacity to think he would get anything out of this deal? How fucking foolish! I'll make sure to bring him to the lowest pit of hell after giving him a taste of what it feels like to mess with me.

I was Theodore Maxwell!

How in the hell could he think even for a second that he could escape my wrath for trying to cheat me! Of course, he couldn't even achieve his goal to begin with. His team is just like him. Sloppy and inefficient.

So one call was all it took for all the investors in his company to take their money out. That's what power is and I like to make good use of it. I like to flaunt it. I like to make sure people know what it can do to them. And that call was all it took that pussy to come running to me, begging for help. I scoffed at the fact he was trying to sell me the benefits of investing in his company. What a bloody fool he was; he did not even know I was the one who brou

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