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The virgin and her greek god

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It all started in an elevator when Young master Xavier Williams got involved In a lady he barely knew which resulted to a one night of steamy s*x and Romance. The next day she was gone and his ego was greatly messed with so he sets out to find the mysterious lady who took advantage of him or the other way around. He soon found her and mysteries and more mysteries kept unfolding including the date of his father. Kendall Maxwell a crazy *ss virgin whose ideal of first time s*x Is having with someone handsome. She had a thing for handsome dudes and eventually slept with one whom she never met before. A one night s*x soon turned to an urge between them . Find out what happened next in this mind blowing story.


Somewhere in downtown sector 12 where most of the terrible things happen like Car racing and dealing of illegal arms were done.

Xavier Williams also known as X or the mystery guy was one of the best racers in sector 12. No one actually knew what he looked like because he was always on a mask but they could tell he was a handsome dude.

The racers car drove in after a drifting race only this time someone else won and it none other than Mad Max a crazy female racer who wears thick makeup to disguise herself.

Xavier got outta his car and leaned against it waiting for his opponent to come out too .

The girls at the tracks kept fan girling over Xavier and his athletic body.

Mad Max also got the girls all over her as she got outta her car and walked towards X.

"Nice moves out there." Xavier spoke while trying to light a cigarette even though he wasn't gonna actually take off his mask to smoke.

"You're not so bad either, better luck next time Mystery guy." He ran her fingers through her fake brown locks and Xavier could only smirked mockingly.

"And what makes you think i didn't let you win?" Xavier played with the cigarette in his hand and dump it on the floor.

"Tsk! You wish ! But unfortunately I'm a natural , get in my way and get crushed." She fired back and everyone began cooing.

"Becareful what you wish for love." He whispered but unfortunately their little tongue wagging was cut short when they heard the cops sirens from a distance, they knew they had to bounce.

"I would love to stay and chat but as you can see I gotta bounce." Max winked at him and hopped on her bike and drove away.

Xavier also got a call from his mom so he Also had to bounce, he Also got in his porche parked somewhere in the mechanic workshop and drove off.

He arrived shortly at his ancestral home , a place he never wanted to come but he eventually came.

The servants and the butler were shocked to see the young master in the mansion after so long.

They knew the relationship between mother and son hasn't been really good.

Xavier took the stairs unhurriedly to his mom's study room and found her on the phone with someone.

She eventually dropped the call to talk to him.

"What do you want?" Xavier's voice had become colder and his face also lacked emotions.

"Is that how to talk to your mother?" She half yelled at him. She couldn't understand why he couldn't stop hating her.

"I only asked a question Chairman Ming, if you don't really have something important to say then I would like to take my leave." He said in between gritted teeth and Chairman Ming almost puked blood.

"Why do you hate me so much huh? I'm your mother for Chris sake! I can't believe you would hate Me just one mistake come on!" She really wanted to know what her son thinks of her but got no reaction from him.

"Scoffs* see you around dear mother." He turned around to leave when Chairman Ming threw her cellphone at him , hitting him directly on the head.

"You went street racing again huh? Looks you have forgotten who you are where you come from, Incase you don't know this yet , street racing is illegal and could affect the image of the company should the news gets out." Her eyes were burning red with anger and hatred.

Xavier turned around and chuckled softly.

"Have you been keeping tabs on me?" His eyes were the most scariest thing she has seen and couldn't help but shiver slightly.

She didn't understand how her son could be so cold and ruthless.

"I don't need to keep tabs to know what you've been upto. Do you think your father would have been proud? Am pretty sure he would have been disappointed at what you have become." She just didn't know when to stop.

"Keep my dad's name outta your f*cking mouth!" He growled angrily and Mrs Ming instinctively flinched backwards.

She knew what her son was capable of yet she kept poking his sour shot.

"Look I'm sorry for my harsh words but all I'm saying is that you ain't getting any younger and would be really nice if you got married." She raised her hands in defeat and watched how much her son hated her , he was ready to strangle her.

"Who or when I get married to shouldn't be any of your d*mn business now if you'll excuse me I've got better things to do." Xavier walked outta the study room ignoring her calls.

He wanted to leave the mansion immediately but unfortunately his kid sister who heard of his arrival stood outside the study room waiting for him to get out.

"Brother!" She engulfed him In a hug the moment he stepped out and Xavier's anger subsided.

"Woah calm down young lady you're gonna going squash me." He made a face and Kelly loosened up.

"You were gonna leave without coming to see me." Kelly loved acting coquettishly whenever her big brother was around.

"I'm sorry bug but I only came to talk to mom about business." Xavier didn't wanna drag his kid sister into it.

"Oh I see you leaving already?" Kelly pouts childishly pulling his windbreaker.

Xavier chuckled softly and pinched her cheeks.

"I would love to stay but I have got an emergency at the company but you are always welcome to come Live me if you want." He really wanted to take his sister away from his pyschopathic mom at all costs.

"Okay I'll think about it. Bye Xavier." She peeked his cheeks and ran back to her room and Xavier could only heaved a sigh.


Kendall Maxwell Also known as mad max arrived at the hotel she was gonna be working with other cleaning crew and quickly cleaned up the disguise and heavy makeup before walking towards the staff room.

"You're late Kendall, madam Tina is definitely gonna be mad." Ashley her colleague at work whispered to her.

"Yeah yeah I know."

"Don't tell me you went street racing again." Ashley whispered and Kendall rolled her eyes.

"None of your business Ashley." Kendall acted nonchalantly.


(Warning this chapter contains erotic words and scenes, read at your own risk.)

Xavier drove out to one of his few hotels and met with his friends at the VIP Club downstairs.

"Hey man." Lucky spoke while observing his friend. He knew better than to ask.

"Hey." Xavier responded with a sad smile as he ran his fingers through his perfectly styled hair.

Marvin who had been silent for awhile couldn't help but sigh. His brother needed help yet he wasn't willing to let anyone in.

" two bottles of Tequila." Xavier passed his instructions to a waiter and immediately his orders were placed before him.

" Don't punish yourself Nick...its not your fault."Marvin felt sorry for him.

Xavier got even angrier at the mention of his Middle name.

"Don't you dare call me that!" He growled and ran his fingers in his already disheveled hair.

"I'm sorry Bro I just can't help it. You look terrible man." Marvin stood up and left the place angrily.



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