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The unruly love wife of the cold president

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She lifted her chin and looked at him cruelly: "No one can sell me to you, not even my adoptive father! I don't care what you say, I don't want to! Get out! If you bother me again, I will ... Ahhh--!" Before she finished speaking, the opponent's large hand grabbed the muzzle of her gun. This time, Bianca herself was too scared to move. Zachary ignored this dangerous gun, clutching the muzzle and steadying her trembling hand. Then he took a few steps forward and aimed the gun at his chest. Cold eyes stared at her. "Now, you can shoot." Bianca was so taken aback and looked at him blankly, and she couldn't continue. She had never shot a gun before. Even the reloading movement was only familiar after secretly practicing a few times. She just wanted to use this gun to force him to retreat so that she would have a chance to run away, but now she was in such a predicament. Seeing her not moving for a long time, her ugly face still bit her lip hesitantly. Zachary directly reached out his hand, his voice cold and cruel: "You don't dare? Then I pull the trigger for you."

Chapter 1: "What do you think I'm doing?"

As soon as Bianca opened the door, she was stunned by the scene inside the house. The entire place was in shambles, looking as if it had just gone through a terrible earthquake.

Then she saw five tall men in black suits cornering Rosa in a corner. Seeing this, Bianca yelled out, and the cake in her hand fell to the ground with a thud. But she was not scared. Instead, she bravely approached them and demanded, "Who are you?"

"Miss Bianca!" Rosa's eyes lit up as if she had seen a saviour. The little boy quickly ran into her arms, shaking and crying loudly, saying, "They all came to find my big brother..."

Bianca looked at the ferocious men in front of her, ready to pounce on the two of them, and wondered why they had to be so terrifying. She was surprised and asked, "What happened to her brother?"

One of the men in black spoke coldly, "He stole an important document from us, and now he's gone missing!"

Hearing this, Bianca couldn't help but feel angry. "Then go find him! What are you doing here bullying a little girl?"

The man in black sneered, "Aren't we looking for him?"

Rosa shook her head, tears streaming down her face. "My brother has been at work since morning, and he still hasn't come back. I don't know where he went..."

Bianca comforted her, then glared at the man in black. "Did you hear that? She doesn't know anything!"

As soon as Bianca finished speaking, with her sensitive ears, she heard a chilling mechanical sound. Just as she was pondering in her head what the sound could be, suddenly there was a loud noise, and a vase not far away suddenly made a "pop" sound and shattered into pieces. The fragments flew across her body, and Bianca gritted her teeth in pain.

A gunshot!

Bianca immediately realized, she was terrified and looked towards the direction where the voice came from. On the other side of the living room, where she had ignored, there was a man sitting cross-legged on a sofa. His demeanour was indifferent and as cold as the white wall behind him. And the gun barrel in his hand was now aimed straight at her.

Bianca was stunned and dared not move.

"How noisy," the man said.

The man had a straight nose, thin lips, and sharp eagle-like eyes. His features were as sculpted as a statue, but his entire demeanour exuded a cold and profound aura that made people shiver. Despite his icy and piercing gaze, his handsome appearance also evoked a sense of elegance that left a lasting impression.

He emitted a powerful and imposing aura that only those of high status possessed, a type of demeanour that made others bow their heads in obedience.

Unfortunately, the words that came out of his beautiful lips were far from kind.

"If you don't know, then you don't need to live."

The cold man aimed his gun at the two of them and ordered, "Take them outside and dispose of them."

Bianca's mind went numb, her braie completely empty.

She could understand that they were not joking on the other side.

A man dressed in black walked over and began to pull, causing Rosa to become so frightened that she became weak. The little girl was so scared that she could only scream and gradually lost the ability to resist.

Bianca struggled while trying her best to think of a way to save herself.

"I can compensate you and do much more! I can give you what you want if you can tell me how much the stolen information is worth," Bianca directly negotiated with the man.

Unfortunately, despite her best efforts to turn the situation around, the man showed no interest. He didn't even look up and acted as if he didn't hear anything.

Just when Bianca thought all hope was lost, the man put away his gun, calmly took out a cigarette from his box, and casually lit it. He then quietly went about his business, completely ignoring the chaotic scene in front of him.

On the other hand, the man in black who was holding Bianca's arm sneered disdainfully.

"Money? The thing that Mr. Zachary has the most of is money."

Mr. Zachary?

Bianca vaguely felt that this name sounded familiar, but in such a tense moment, she couldn't remember where she had heard it before. Now, survival was important. Seeing Rosa about to be dragged out, a sudden spark lit up in her mind and she cried out:

"Aren't you looking for Johnny? She's Jonhny's only sister. If she's kept here, Jonhny may come back!"

Bianca stared intently at the worried man, hoping that her words would have some effect, even if just a little. Thinking quickly, she added:

"But if he kills her, not only will Jonhny not come back, but he may also publicly release the stolen documents. Mr. Zachary, this is probably not the result you want!"

It was only now that the man truly took notice of her, and he looked at her with a cold and intense stare.

"Hold on."

His words carried such power that it left others in awe, even the men dressed in black stopped moving. The powerful man remained composed at first but gradually became more fierce. He glared at Bianca and asked, "Are you trying to threaten me?"

Bianca was terrified, but thinking of herself and Rosa, she swallowed hard and tried to remain calm, speaking softly, "No, please don't misunderstand me, I'm just reminding you..."

The man narrowed his eyes and scrutinized Bianca as he took a strong drag from his cigarette, exhaling a cloud of smoke. He was evaluating her through the haze. The girl had a pleasant face, with delicate and attractive features.

Her whole body exuded a gentle demeanour, and she looked angry like a pitiable, weak beauty in need of protection. But in this tense moment, she stood before him with a resolute expression, her face stern. From his gaze, it was clear that this small girl was fighting with all her might to prolong their survival.

He couldn't help but feel impressed because very few people have been able to maintain this courage and composure when facing him. This makes him somewhat interested in this girl, he really wants to see how far she can go with her boldness. Suddenly, a woman's figure appeared in his mind, completely identical to the one in front of him.

A bright flash struck his thoughts like a thunderbolt. He crushed his cigarette, strode forward, and aggressively grabbed Bianca's collar without saying a word, cruelly pulling her into the bedroom. "Bang!" The sound of the door slamming echoed, and the door was completely shut. Inside the room, Bianca collapsed onto the floor, feeling embarrassed as she quickly got up and rubbed her sore arm. She then saw a pair of shiny black leather shoes in front of her.

Bianca looked up in a hurry and saw the man with a frozen, icy expression, looking down at her like a supreme judge waiting to pass judgment, his eyes full of hatred that could crush her instantly.

"Do you know how long I've been looking for you, girl?" he asked.

Realizing the current situation, the man in front of her was the most dangerous threat. Bianca was extremely frightened, trembling as she spoke: "I...I don't know you."

The man slowly squatted down and pulled out his gun, moving the muzzle in front of her face and lifting her chin forcefully. "These aren't the same words you said to me years ago before you seduced me into bed, are they?"

Bianca heard this and couldn't control her shivers. She stared at the gun resting under her chin, afraid that any accidental movement might make it go off. "You have mistaken me for someone else...I was still in school years ago."

"I don't have time for your acting!" The man displayed his impatience by loading his gun, his actions swift and decisive. He threatened her: "Let me remind you, this is your last chance to speak."

Although Bianca was desperate and frightened, she became angry at the other's arrogant attitude and spoke out: "I said I didn't do anything! What do you want me to say? I can't not say anything, but you accuse me of seducing you? Right now, I don't even know who you are!"

The man had lost his patience and his eyes became cold. He decisively pulled the trigger. "Bang!" A loud noise echoed in the nearby distance, causing a ringing in the ears. "What's going on?"

Bianca was so scared that she held onto her head tightly, her whole body trembling with fear. She was threatened and terrified beyond measure. However, it was completely different from what she had imagined. The sound of the explosion had passed, but there was no pain. She looked up anxiously at the young man, but he had put the gun aside. The bullet that should have been aimed at her head was stuck firmly in the nearby cushion. She looked at the man, his face full of mockery and disgust.

"Your acting skills are really good, and you refused to tell the truth even when you were about to die."

The man stood up, picked her up and threw her onto the bed. Her body moved with him, and he spoke in a threatening tone, his thin lips revealing his intentions.

"I really want to see how long you can last!"

"What are you planning to do?"

A warning horn sounded in Bianca's head. She struggled with all her might, but her actions were futile against the almost absolute strength of this man. In the end, she could only lie on the bed, tears streaming down her face, and become the prey lying on the butcher's block.

The man began to unbutton her shirt, his cold and dominant eyes full of provocative intent.

"What do you think I'm doing?"

Chapter 2: Completely Provoked

Bianca was both embarrassed and angry, and she yelled out in frustration, "Stop! I said stop now!" But despite her words, the man continued to progress, gradually revealing white patches of skin like snow.

As she felt herself about to be completely stripped, Bianca cried out in pain. But the man acted as though nothing was happening, his hands moving incessantly over her body.

He was relishing in her struggles and resistance, even teasing her with his words. "You can scream louder so everyone outside knows what we're doing in here."

But outside, apart from the men in black suits guarding Rosa and the little girl, there was no one around. Desperate, Bianca clenched her teeth, knowing that no one was coming to save her at this moment.

Looking at her body, the man had unbuttoned her shirt and Bianca closed her eyes in pain, tears streaming down her face and into her hair.

"Why do you close yo


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