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The Strongest Son-in-law

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In the unpredictable journey of life, he was merely perceived as a son-in-law, dismissed as a loser by the masses. However, the enigmatic twists of fate began to unfold in his favor. In an unexpected turn of events, he unraveled the mystery of his lineage, a revelation entwined with the torment of love and vendetta. Only by rising to become the strongest could he seize control of everything. Once ridiculed and labeled a worthless son-in-law, he found himself entangled in a world where he was considered nothing more than a disappointment. Yet, he refused to succumb to this fate. As a series of discoveries unfolded, he realized that only by attaining unparalleled strength could he shape his destiny and emerge victorious in the grand game of life. In this exhilarating narrative, he would confront the trials and tribulations of love and vendetta, navigating through countless challenges that tested his mettle. His determination and courage would drive him to break through his own limitations, capturing the attention of onlookers. The story commences with the inevitability of his in-law status and the burden of being labeled a failure. However, this is merely the beginning. As the plot thickens, readers will follow the protagonist as he unveils the veiled facets of his destiny, witnessing his growth, resilience, and sagacity. In this riveting tale of dramatic reversals, how will he stage his comeback to become the ultimate victor? How will he unravel the mystery of his lineage and face the trials of love and vendetta? All shall gradually unfold in his adventurous journey, ensnaring readers in the irresistible charm of the narrative, leaving them unable to break free.

Chapter 1

Chapter Two: Uninvited Guest

Upon emerging from the restroom, Wang Hao noticed that Wan Rongrong was no longer in the living room. Presuming she had returned to her room to continue sleeping, he paid no further attention. Despite his youthfulness, he felt as though he had experienced a myriad of events in the past, displaying remarkable composure towards ordinary matters.

Slightly leaning, he changed into shorts and a tank top before leaving the villa, commencing a day of morning exercises. Having been in Laihai City for over a month, his memory showed no improvement. However, witnessing Wan Rongrong and Yuan Wenjie together last night seemed to trigger a subtle reaction deep within his soul, leading him to utter a woman's name—Li Jie.

"Who is Li Jie? What connection do I have with her?" Wang Hao contemplated while jogging.

Wan Rongrong's residence, the upscale villa area of Bibo Court, was adjacent to Laihai City's renowned Seaview Promenade—a scenic pathway stretching nearly five kilometers along the coastline, attracting numerous morning exercisers daily.

After completing a lap, Wang Hao was drenched in sweat due to the early morning sun. Although it was only around six o'clock, the stifling heat was palpable.

People were swimming in the sea, and he stood on a grassy patch, assuming a horse stance. After about fifteen minutes, his body suddenly surged forward, left hand rising, right fist striking like a snake. The movement was executed with practiced proficiency, as if it were instinctive. However, he couldn't recall the specific technique.

"Did I practice martial arts in the past?" Wang Hao wondered, shook his head, and decided to stop wasting energy on remembering the past, given his complete lack of recollection.

Leaning slightly, he began strolling back along the Seaview Promenade. A girl in shorts, white sneakers, and a black tank top with a bobbed haircut ran towards him. Wang Hao nodded in acknowledgment, considering it a casual greeting, and the girl responded with a smile.

For the past half-month, they had crossed paths daily at this hour, exchanging nods without any verbal communication.

While passing by the girl, Wang Hao couldn't help but turn his head to glance at her legs. However, the perfectly straight and slender legs displayed no curves, disappointing him. He murmured to himself, "What a shame," shook his head slightly, and continued walking at a leisurely pace.

Every time he encountered her, she was dressed like an innocent college student. Yet, Wang Hao's discerning eyes had detected a hint of worldly experience the first time they met.

At seven fifty-three, Wang Hao returned to Bibo Court. Wan Rongrong and Yuan Wenjie were still in bed. After a shower and a change into loose casual wear—oversized T-shirt, floral shorts, and sandals—Wang Hao prepared to go out, holding his phone.

Creak! At that moment, the door to the master bedroom opened, and Wan Rongrong, yawning, walked out. Observing Wang Hao's attire, her eyebrows immediately furrowed. "Hey, where are you going dressed like that?"

"To the bookstore," Wang Hao replied.

"My dad just called and invited us for lunch. Put on a suit," Wan Rongrong commanded.

Wang Hao's eyebrows slightly knitted; he didn't appreciate Wan Rongrong's tone. Nevertheless, being under someone else's roof, he had no choice but to comply. After all, he was eating someone else's food, wearing someone else's clothes, and living in someone else's house.

"It's so hot. Can't I skip the suit? We're just having a simple meal. I'll wear something more casual," Wang Hao suggested.

"No," Wan Rongrong insisted.

Wang Hao considered questioning her but eventually held back, unwilling to waste words. He turned and returned to his room, changing into the suit he wore at the wedding yesterday, along with a white shirt. Standing in front of the mirror, he examined himself—height of 1.83 meters, a robust physique, handsome features, and a determined gaze emitting a stable aura. "Who exactly was I before?" he wondered, pointing at himself in the mirror. Unfortunately, there was no one to answer.

Ding dong! Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

"Wang Hao, go and answer the door!" Wan Rongrong shouted.

Wang Hao sneered, pretending not to hear. It seemed like Wan Rongrong treated him as a live-in son-in-law, bossing him around.

Bang! Unfortunately, his wish was in vain. A few seconds later, the room's door was pushed open from the outside. Wan Rongrong walked in, saying, "Didn't you hear the doorbell?"

"I heard," Wang Hao replied nonchalantly.

"Why didn't you go and answer it?" she asked.

"I'm not a servant. I'm not obligated to do so," Wang Hao answered.

"Take back the bookstore, and starting next month, the ten thousand yuan monthly allowance is canceled," Wan Rongrong declared.

Wang Hao frowned. She was cutting off his financial support. He retaliated immediately, "We had an agreement. I helped you with the fake marriage to deal with your dad, and you provided ten thousand yuan per month. You also opened a bookstore for me on the pedestrian street. Do you want to breach the contract?"

"Breach of contract? Where's the written agreement?" Wan Rongrong asked.

"Well..." Wang Hao felt a bit silly. At that time, he only wanted to repay a favor and hadn't thought about a written agreement. "I'll tell your dad about the fake marriage," he threatened.

"Go ahead. If you want to repay kindness with malice, I'll treat it as saving a white-eyed wolf." Wan Rongrong scoffed.

Wang Hao harbored deep resentment. She frequently brought up the matter of saving his life, annoying him. He glared at her for a few seconds, then turned and walked towards the first floor. "I'll answer the door."

"Hmph!" Wan Rongrong's triumphant voice echoed from behind. "Pretend you're someone to compete with me, little guy!"

Arriving on the first floor, he opened the front door. A man with gold-rimmed glasses, around thirty years old, stood there.

"Who are you looking for?" Wang Hao inquired coldly.

"Who are you?" The man scrutinized Wang Hao, questioned, and without waiting for a response, walked straight into the living room, shouting loudly, "Rongrong, Rongrong..."

Wang Hao glanced at the man's back, narrowed his eyes, and chose not to speak. Instead, he closed the door and sat on the living room sofa, preparing to watch the show. He suspected that the bespectacled man must have an unusual relationship with Wan Rongrong.

Slightly leaning, Wang Hao watched as the man's call was answered. Wan Rongrong descended from the second floor, and upon seeing the bespectacled man, her expression became complex. She asked, "Why are you back?"

"Rongrong!" The man hurriedly approached Wan Rongrong, attempting to hug her, but she evaded the gesture.

A hint of awkwardness briefly flashed across the man's face, but it quickly disappeared.

He said, "Rongrong, I heard you're getting married, so I rushed back from the United States."

"I'm getting married. Why did you come back?" Wan Rongrong responded coldly.

"I..." The man hadn't spoken yet when Wan Rongrong suddenly walked to Wang Hao, pulled him up from the sofa, and affectionately introduced, "Let me introduce you. This is my husband, Wang Hao."

For an instant, Wang Hao felt a softness on his right arm. Unable to resist a moment of wild thoughts, he admitted that if there was any part of Wan Rongrong that could make him feel moved, it would be her well-endowed chest.

As for her appearance and figure, for some inexplicable reason, he always found them ordinary and lacked the urge to look more closely.

Chapter 2

Chapter One: Sense of Deja Vu

Wang Hao opened his eyes, feeling a parched sensation in his throat. Rising from the bed, he fumbled to turn on the light as there was no water in the room. Squinting, he made his way towards the kitchen.

After consuming half a bottle of mineral water in the kitchen, his mind cleared slightly. Today marked his wedding day with Wan Rongrong, but he couldn't summon any joy.

Suddenly, faint sounds of a woman reached his ears from the master bedroom. His brows furrowed in complex emotions.

It was his bridal night, yet was Wan Rongrong sharing the bed with someone else? Even though their marriage was a sham, he couldn't help but feel a surge of nameless anger hearing the low voice of a woman in the room.

In the next moment, Wang Hao rushed to the master bedroom, intending to kick the door open. However, his foot hesitated, and he sighed softly, lowering it.

Ah... why bother meddling in others' affairs?


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