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The Shadow of Deception

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Marvin Simpson will be 25 next month. He is shy about ladies but not Cassie, the cleaner. Unknown to Marvin, Cassie was an assassin sent to kill him by the Contractor. Cassie has a four-month contract to kill Marvin while Marvin has Six months to get a wife or lose his company.


I got a call from the contractor. It was the third time he had given me a contract this year. “I need a better deal,” I could hear myself saying so confidently.

When you are in this game and a lot of Killer Lords respect you, you tend to grow in confidence. “You have your deal,” he said with his husky voice. No one knew who the contractor was. Every Killer Lord is afraid of him, but not me.

I am not a Killer Lord, but at the right price, I will kill anyone. The contractor gave me two different contracts. Easy jobs, let me finish with Mark first.

Mark kissed me again and again. He reached for my top and tore it into pieces, exposing my nice curvy things. Poor Mark! He did not know he was my target and I had come to like him. I asked him where his wife and kids were and he told me they were in Italy.

“Nice, they will be safe,” I said as I drew my silencer out of the pillow and shot him straight at his bare chest. He held his chest and tried to move as if he wanted to say something. Another shot and he was silent.

One of his bodyguards rushed at me. Though I shot him, it looked as if it had no effect. He punched my stomach and that punch took me immediately to where the bed was. I quickly grabbed one of the burning cigars on the tray and dashed toward him.

He threw another punch but I waved it as I dashed the cigar first to his right eye and then his nostril. I closed his mouth as he wanted to shout and side-punch his neck. He fell gasping for breath.

I ran toward the gun and grabbed it from the bed. He got up, trying to figure out where I was. The moment his gaze found me, I shot him in the forehead.

I knew the other bodyguard saw me and I had to do something about it but he was downstairs. I dressed and put the killing pill in my mouth. I don’t need too much, just a little to give me time to escape without anyone noticing.

I went downstairs, he saw me coming and angrily asked me “What’s happening? I heard some noise,” I quickly got close to him, held his tie, and planted a kiss on his lips, strong enough to taste his saliva.

“Nothing big boy, but I think that your boss might need your attention,” I said, posing in a s*xy way that revealed the top of my chest. He gazed at it for some seconds, pushed me aside, and rushed upstairs.

I could hear his steps slow down and his deep breath as he gasped for air. Wow, that looked easy, I thought to myself. “Job accomplished,” I said to myself as I heard the alarm ring. How did he do that? Where did Mark get his guards? They were super strong, I thought.

I could hear the dogs barking and the men approaching my position. Through their footsteps, it looked like there were not more than five men. I put on my mask. I needed to make it to the woods where I parked my bike.

This is my world, killing, hiding, and running. I am not afraid of men, but I am not good with dogs. I put on my mask, put back my silencer, and took out my long-range pistol. I needed to slow them down to get to the woods.

Two shots and two of the men fell. It looked like that angered the dead men's dogs as they increased their speed and rushed at me.

I could see that two of the men were trying to flank me on the left side, but I had to deal with the two dogs as one of them had reached my position now. As I tried to jump into the woods, it caught my leg. I felt a sharp pain and I tried to let go. It got hold of a better chunk of my leg with its teeth.

Swiftly, my knife landed on its forehead as I shot the other guy who was already aiming at me. The other loose dog jumped on me and grabbed my left arm. It was its mistake. I punched it in the neck before slicing its throat with my knife. It yelled before it let go. I had reached where my bike was.

I reached out for the handle of the bike, started it, and with one hand I was shooting at the two guys who flanked me. They were fast, but now I am on a bike. I was heading for the river at the end of the woods.

I shot the two guys flanking me as I was approaching the river. I could see the boat. It all looked like a very good plan when the last guy threw a grenade at me. By my calculations, the blast should not get to my position. I gave him the middle finger and smiled only to see myself thrown up in the air by the blast.

I fell into the river with the bike falling on me and one of its parts hitting my head. He got me! That was not an ordinary grenade. There was another explosion as I drowned lifelessly in the river.

He continued shooting sporadically at the river at the spot where I fell into the river. I tried, amid all the chaos happening at the same time, to move my legs and arms. I could not swim as there was something stuck to my leg.

The bike kept pulling me down and I was struggling. I could see I was losing the battle between my bike and myself. It was as if the bike had determined to pull me down the river. I couldn’t fight it anymore.

I heard a different shot and I felt a sharp pain. It was all over for me as I lost consciousness and kept going down the river. Everywhere was silent and all around me had turned white. I died in the river that day.


My eyes were hurting and heavy and I could hardly open them even for a short period. Everywhere seemed white and cloudy. I tried to turn and I felt a sharp pain on the right side of my head.

"You would want to lie down a little while you need some rest," said Larry, as he tried to get a glass of water for me. He gave me some pills, I took them without hesitation and they worked like magic. In a few minutes the pain left.

"Did you get my phone?" I asked.

I wanted to be sure the Contractor could reach me or else I would lose the next job and contract. Larry was my Clean-Up guy. Whenever I finish a contract, he cleans up and I pay him. I turned and I saw his card on my table. My bill was $100,000 with a note below 'I woke you up from death.' I could see why my head ached. It was the damn bike that hit me during the blast. I stood up, the coverings slipped down and the things on my chest stood up with the tip pointing towards Larry like a


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