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The Sex Goddess

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Love me or hate me either way, I will f*ck you every night. I needed to be inside of her again so desperately that the moment she moved enough that her legs parted, I couldn’t help myself. She was already wet again, and my c*ck slipped inside of her with shocking ease. Her right heat gripped me so exquisitely I thought I would burst. In the room’s silence, I could hear her breathing pick up, but when I looked down, she still appeared asleep. Yet she now clenched her eyes shut and her lips parted in a silent moan. I let more of my weight settle on her as I pushed deeper inside of her slick p*ssy. Her body welcomed me eagerly, and I exhaled sharply at the satisfaction of filling her. F*ck*ng Rhea was the best experience of my life. I wanted to have her as much as I could. Something told me she enjoyed me as well. The way in her and how she moaned when she came on my c*ck seemed genuine. “Aleksander,” she whispered my name, and I shoved into her harder at the sound of her breathy voice. “Ah!” She gasped and her arms flew up to wrap around my ribs.




The air was bitterly cold tonight, and my mood was sour enough to match. A gust of wind ruffled my hair and I groaned with irritation as I swiped my hand through it before reaching into my front pocket and pulled out my cigarette. “No, Aleksander, we don’t have time for that. We’re already late! We’ve missed half the d*mn show”, Before l could light the cigarette, my business partner, Nikolai shoved at my shoulder and kept walking towards the theater.

God, I just wanted a cigarette. I cursed inwardly before l followed him.

“If we miss this stupid ballet, then we might miss the chance of snagging the support of the mayor and we need him for the expansion”, Nikolai stopped talking when I reached his side and his arm shot out to grab my elbow. “You do want to see the expansion succeed, don’t you?”, He asked.

“What a stupid question. Of course, I do,” I snapped, shrugging his arm off. “Don’t touch me. If you weren’t my uncle, I would have hit you for that”, l angrily went on. Nikolai laughed and rubbed his belly. “Don’t talk to me like that, boy. I got you into this company, remember?”, He turned his narrowed eyes at me.

“Whatever,” I kept walking. My Italian leather shoes clicked on the pavement as we walked past the fountain in front the building. Ignoring Nikolai , I pulled out a cigarette for a few drags before we snuck into the front of the theater. Meeting with the mayor to compete for a plot of land to expand our business against our rival had my nerves frayed. I blew out the smoke as we walked in through one door and walked through the clouds.

The mayor was a no body just a busy little man in a suit, but he was our rival…. Far too clever for his own good. We needed to land the Mayor’s approval tonight while he was at this ballet. Before anyone else could. This was our chance that was why , Nikolai my uncle wanted us to meet him.

The bright lights shone over us through the glass wall that made up the front of David H koch theater. Those lights were so bright, and everything was so pale, every surface looked like as if it was shimmering gold. It made me roll my eyes, l hated such places. “They should go to the first intermission any minute now. We should be able to catch the Mayor out here and pretend we have been here the whole time”, Nikolai rubbed his hand over his forehead, briefly enhancing the wrinkles that lined his eyes.

Nikolai and I could hear the music fading from the auditorium as the ballet ended for the first intermission. Even with the lessening noise,my head didn’t stop throbbing, I rubbed my temple and groaned. I honestly didn’t like such places. “Doing alright there, boy?” Nikolai was focused on the task at hand but there was still an underlying note of concern for the family I could pick up.

“It’s been a long week. I just want a drink and a smoke”, l retorted. “ We have been working on this plan for too long for it to fall apart , If this goes well, I will buy you a drink,” He snorted and smacked me on the back. I turned to say something else, but the door to the auditorium opened and a flood of people filled out to break for intermission.

“According to my resource, the Mayor always gets a whiskey before going back to his wife. He doesn’t like ballet anymore than you do but his nuts are in that woman’s purse”, Nikolai shook his head ruefully as if he wasn’t the same with my aunt. “Then let’s find the man and get him a whiskey, I want one too”, l spoke with a sigh at the end.

“No drinking for you yet . I need you sober and on your toes for this deal”, Nikolai careened his head around and from my height over him I could see the bald spot he was getting on the back of his head. “I think I see him on your left. Let’s go”, l nudged him on his shoulder then made a beeline for the mayor. The man was a lanky string bean in a suit with atleast five decades of life greying his hair and lining his face. The pressure of running New York was weighing him down and permanently tensing his body into a ball of stress. The whiskey in his hand was already half gone.

“Mr, mayor, fancy running into you here!”, Nikolai caught the old man by surprise and swept him unto the fantastical tale of our business proposal. I stood off to the side offering input as needed , but mostly listened as my uncle put the moves on the mayor.

It wasn’t long before the crowd thinned and made their way back inside for the second act of the ballet. I caught the eyes of several women in over the top sparkling gowns on the arm of some wrinkled old man. One even had the audacity to wink at me when her date for evening was turning away.

A smirk curled onto my lips and I winked back. I needed a drink and a woman in my bed. And soon.

“Wow, that’s a substantial offer . I would love to hear more about this, but it’s time to return to the show”, The old man looked conflicted about going inside. Nikolai was always a pro at hooking his claws in.

“We’re going in too. My nephew and I love the ballet!”, Nikolai jerked his head for me to follow and I gave the mayor a large performative smile. The two men started walking inside and continued going back and forth until we under the dimmed lights of the auditorium.

“The wife and I have a few private seats ropped off. Why don’t you and your nephew come sit with me and we can continue this conversation discreetly ?”, The mayor leaned down to whisper.

“We would be honored!”, Nikolai responded. I couldn’t help myself and I rolled my eyes at his fake enthusiasm. Hands in my pocket, I trailed behind them. This was seriously going to be a long night.

CHAPTER 2~ Buy her for a night

The already low lights went down further and before I knew it, we were introduced to the Mayor’s wife and sitting with him in his private seats for the rest of the show.

This is when I let my uncle take full control and whisper his plan to the mayor as the performance started up. My head was throbbing and the music was grating against some nerve I never knew I had. I couldn’t stop shifting around in my seat as the show lit up.

I had to admit that this view was fantastic. We were so close to the stage but I wasn’t impressed. I didn’t give a single shit about ballet.

However just as l was still staring, something immediately changed when she took the stage.

The moment she did arrive, every person in the theater held their breath. The air left the building and ice danced across my skin. The lights flashed and she moved with impossible fluidity and grace to the trill of the music. I didn’t care about ballet but I knew enough to know that this was the lead of the


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