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The Sex Doctor: Bestfriend Crush

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The S*x Doctor: Bestfriend Crush ( Book 1) This book contains Steamy mature contents, not suitable for Underage. ******** Thirty years old straight self-made billionaire playboy Roth Dimitri only has one agenda in life, that is to never fall in love with any woman irrespective of her skin colour, body shape, and never to get married. He love Women, Roth was 100% straight, he is the S*x Doctor of NYC, a pro in the game, endowed in every areas, he love the scream of pleasure from women as he takes them to that secret place, only him is capable of taking them to. But someone is around the corner, watching, wanting, Aroused, panting and lustfully desiring. He wants Roth, he would get Roth, he would taste Roth, he would change Roth. Tristan is ready to risk everything and anything he has to make Roth his, he's ready to risk even the ten years of them being Bestfriend.

Chapter 1

Thirty years old self made billionaire Roth Dimitri only has one agenda in life, that is to never fall in love with any woman irrespective of her skin colour, body shape, and never to get married.

Roth's s*x drive was what some would term as abnormal, he crave for S*x like as a junkie craves for drugs, he love to feel the skin of a woman body on his palm, the way she taste, and smell, he loves hearing them scream his name in pleasure, it gives Roth a Sense of satisfaction, knowing he was good at what he does, knowing his A-game was top notch.

No woman had ever been able to resist Roth's charm or keep up with him especially when he give them that s*xy smile of his that shows off his dimples, or when he wink at them causing dampness in their panties, he had attended a lot of parties, went to clubs, he knew when to lead women on, he loved s*x and the women who enjoys a bit of kinky stuffs, Roth was an expert in making women come with just his finger, he had them in no time making them writh beneath him in pleasure.

He is populary know for his bad boy attitude and when ever he uses any of these women who throw themselves at him for his carnal benefits he gets bored of them to the extent of not bothering asking their names while at thesame time targeting his next victim.

Roth never beings any of these women to his home, he believes they were not worthy to be on his private bed, instead he takes them to his hotel, never bother to spend the night with anyone, the moment he is done with any woman, Roth doesn't bother looking at their faces for a second glance.

Roth made his wealth from his numerous Numerous A-list five star elite hotels and software businesses, and from there he invested in properties fixing them up and in return make huge profits, another thing about Roth Dimitri that was kept a top secret except from his bestfriend Tristan was that he is the owner of the most popular radio show called " The s*x doctor" and he was always the host of that particular segment.

It gives Roth a Sense of satisfaction helping other people with their s*x life, being an A-list in the game, his segment was the hottest radio show in NYC, with millions and millions of listeners, callers, and even women who shamelessly ask him for a one night stand.

Roth flirting game was on another level, he was not just a s*x doctor for nothing, he knew the in and out of women, and on his "Yet to accomplish" list, he was determined to make sure all his female listeners experience how orgasms feels like, and to make his Male listeners, a pro in the game.

It wasn't long before he had mostly the female callers wet and horny and the male callers angry, even though his life was full, he was extremely wealthy and irresistibly handsome with all the pussies at his beck and call, yet Roth felt something was still missing.

"It is Saturday, so what are your plans for the weekend?" Tristan asked during lunch with Roth, he asked as if he didn't know well that his bestfriend has a string of women waiting for him, just one call or few messages sent across, crowd of women would be banging on his door.

"You know, same old thing" Roth shrugged, give Tristan his s*xy smile.

Tristan shook his head and smile, " Bro, don't you ever get tired of this game? I bet by now you have almost emptied the milk of that monster between your legs" he scoffed.

Roth threw his head backwards and released a heavy laughter, " this monster here can never go dry Tristan, it has been made full by whoever created it, I'm just fulfilling the purpose why it was created. And you, I haven't seen you have fun like I do, is there something you are hiding Tristan" Roth said, giving Tristan a knowing look, with his eye brow raised a little.

Tristan's eyes met with Roth, he could see the devilish glint in them, he knew Roth was teasing him, Tristan swallowed hard, his eyes travelled from Roth's eyes, down to his lip.

Roth and Tristan had been friends for over ten years, they had met in a game centre, and since that day became in separable, Tristan knew all of Roth's fling with single and married women.

Tristan was an introvert, didn't like mingling with other people, he had only open up to Roth whenever the situation arises. Roth had proposed the idea of starting a radio show, Tristan thought it was good, since Roth had his company to look after, he allowed Tristan take over the radio shows, except the s*x doctor show.

Tristan quickly cleared his throat, "I thought you said you liked Sally when I introduced her to you" he asked Roth, noticing how awkward it feels in the office, Roth had caught him starring at his lips.

Roth chuckle " Well, I think she is nice, just that I don't seem to see the connection between you both. It seems to me she is the one trying to make things work, even though your relationship with her is not up to two months yet"

Tristan smiled, " Well it's because we are busy, we have a lot of stuffs and hadn't been seeing each other for some time"

Roth stood up and walked over to Tristan, he was standing close, so close that Tristan had to move backwards a little, Tristan swallowed hard, trying to not look into Roth's eyes, avoiding it at all cost, Roth is no fool, and Tristan was not ready to be a fool either.

Roth knew his best friend was avoiding his gaze, he had not really given much thought to whatever was going on with Tristan, they are friends, more like brothers, he really wanted Tristan to be happy with his relationship, he would be selfish to have fun and his friend was not partaking in

Fun any way.

Roth held Tristan's shoulders, his breath fanning his face, Tristan could smell his aftershave, he could perceive his intoxicating cologne, he felt a tingling sensation shot through his body like an injection when Roth with one finger, lifted his face up to look at him.

Chapter 2

"Or you have someone in mind, but you're waiting for the perfect time to ditch Sally, you bad boy" Roth said, looking deep into Tristan, his mouth curved in a sexy smile that raised Tristan's temperature another 50°. Roth's thumb softly caress Tristan's chin, his left hand slid down Tristan's arm, down to his hand, Roth inserted his hand into Tristan, he could feel Tristan tremble a Little as he squeeze his hand a little tighter.

"Tristan, I want you to know I will be here for you, if it's not working with Sally, you should end it, look for someone else who you have a connection with, iam always here to support you" Roth said, his palm, slowly caress Tristan's face, he never break their eye contact.

Tristan could feel the tightening in his trouser, his cock swell as Roth's finger went close to his lip, he hope Roth would not hear the loud thumping of his heart, he could not remember when he snuggle his head clos


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